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Withdrawing funds from 1xBet

At the bookmaker's office 1xbet you can withdraw money from your betting account in various ways. An important condition is the security measure, because of which the withdrawal is available in the way that the bookmaker's account was previously funded. To make a withdrawal request, a 1xBet client needs to make at least one deposit using the same method and with the same details. Another condition for withdrawing money from the account will be their active turnover with odds from 1.1.

The available payment methods include bank cards, online wallets, EcoPayz payment system and several dozen cryptocurrencies. However, 1xBet is wary of cryptocurrencies, disabling bonuses and promotions for customers with crypto accounts. There are likely to be some difficulties with withdrawals as well.

1xBet itself does not charge a fee when withdrawing money from customers' accounts. It may be charged by the receiving financial institution. We recommend checking this possibility before making a money transfer to and from 1xbet.

The new version of 1xBet's website has also simplified the payment page, which is now clearer and more user-friendly

Withdrawing money from 1xBet

The client's cash account is available for withdrawal if wagered at odds of 1.1 or above. Bonus points in the player's cash account are subject to wagering in accordance with the terms and conditions of each specific promotion. Bonus points cannot be withdrawn until the successfully won bonuses have been converted into an account currency and credited to the player's cash account.

Ways to withdraw money from 1xbet in Russia

There are various ways to withdraw money, and the terms and conditions are the same for all 1xBet options and products
Output methods are easy to find without unnecessary scrolling, but by filtering by category

The deposit/withdrawal options available for accounts with different currencies differ from country to country. For customers from Russia, these options are as follows

The main output options are listed at the top and are the least complained about

You can make an application on the payments page, which opens with the dollar icon button, or in the private office. Withdrawals are available to clients with completed fields of personal data that have been checked by the office staff and are not questionable.

For 1xBet customers from different countries, the conditions can vary greatly, as do the available payment methods

Possible problems when withdrawing money from 1xBet

The vast majority of withdrawal requests are checked manually. This is a standard security measure aimed at preventing theft and other risks. At the same time, 1xbet staff members check that customers comply with the terms and conditions of the game. Many delays, difficulties in payments are due to suspicions of prohibited activity and rule violations.

The most popular reason for problems with 1xBet is multi-accounts. If it turns out that the customer has more than one account, it is unlikely to be quick and easy to get rid of. The best case scenario is to get your money back.

Suspicion of wagering and other illegal ways of gambling, or using an account not for betting, gambling and other services of 1xBet are also fraught with serious withdrawal problems.

Doubts about the validity of personal data and the fact that it is the account owner who orders the withdrawal are also among the most common reasons for withdrawal problems. A re-verification of identity and age is likely to be necessary, and other measures are up to the circumstances.

Frequently asked questions about withdrawals from 1xBet

Do I need verification to withdraw money from my 1xBet account?
Yes. With offshore companies this is also a necessary procedure for the safety of both parties. The bookmaker has to be sure that it is the account owner who orders the payment.

Can't withdraw bonuses from 1xBet, how can I do it?
The bonus points cannot be withdrawn immediately; they must be successfully redeemed under the terms of the promotion. Until they are converted into real account currency, they are not money at all, but their equivalent. Accordingly, it is not possible to withdraw them before they are converted into currency and credited to your main game account.

I can't withdraw money from my 1xBet account after depositing, why?
Firstly, the withdrawal is available by the payment method and to the details, from which the game account was deposited. Secondly, the money credited to your 1xBet account must be wagered to the extent of the deposit with odds of 1.1 and above. Only then they will be available for withdrawal in the same way that the bookmaker's account was once funded.

Cryptocurrencies are not yet profitable to play at 1xBet, why are there no bonuses active for them?
The bank hedges against the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. They are still being used as game account currencies in test mode. The company suspects that some currencies even on their approved list may depreciate quickly, even compared to the notional bonus point rate.

What is the best way to withdraw money from 1xBet?
International bankcards are probably the best means of payment. Large banks are less likely to charge hidden fees than online wallets and other available methods. Standard bank cards are more trusted by the parties involved in the transaction. But wallets have a high speed of payment processing, and if there are no problems, they are also well suited.

What do I need to withdraw money securely from 1xBet?
Observe the terms and conditions of the game in this company, deposit by the same means of payment with which you are going to withdraw money, and withdraw large amounts of winnings is better in small installments. It is also important that there is no doubt about the authenticity of personal data.

1xBet is an illegal office, what can cause withdrawal problems?
Many where a Curacao licence makes 1xBet legal, the problems are more often than not caused by this status. Most withdrawal problems are caused by multi-accounts, rule violations, doubts about the authenticity of personal data, not fully wagered deposits, attempts to withdraw large winnings immediately.

User comments

Holmes 14/01/2022 20:24
I withdrew money from 1xBet with great difficulty. Requested to win back part of the account with bets with odds of 1.1 or more. The bonuses were not withdrawn. Had to re-send a passport photo.
Aleksandr 10/02/2022 11:54
It's almost impossible to win back bonuses at this bookmaker's office. The conditions are brutal, unbearable, it looks like a scam. If you get anything out, it's a mere fraction of the approximate expectations!
Barbara 14/03/2022 08:47
It took a long time to get a second and more complicated verification, and the red tape with the photo ID checks was terrible. It was as if they were deliberately dragging things out.
Filipp 13/04/2022 23:26
I won some money, and I was able to withdraw it quickly to the card I used to fund my account with. I don't know how it will go in the future.
Martin 15/05/2022 03:09
1xBet have one of the toughest security services in the world! They get suspicious at the slightest thing, cut limits and odds and then torture with payouts.
David 13/06/2022 12:57
Didn't win back the bonuses, but took mine out. The support is disgusting, useless clodhoppers!!
Zephetand 12/07/2022 12:02
Before withdrawing to MoneyGo, check the deposit fees. 1xBet make up for them with bonuses, but they are exorbitant. Not all commissions are 0, check before you deposit!!
Roman 08/08/2022 17:32
1xBet are afraid that someone will invent their own cryptocurrency on purpose to get rich with their bonuses and win lots of money. As if they allowed crypto and are clamping down on accounts with it as best they can. Descrementation!
Aleksandr 09/09/2022 02:51
You have to be careful with this banned shack, they are not legal, the cops can't help you 100%.
Jaroslav 07/10/2022 21:23
If you don't kill time waiting for helpdesk answers, you can save a lot of nerves, just do things by the rules, read and remember them.

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