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How to bet on totals at 1xBet

Betting on totals is one of the most popular betting options. 1xBet and other bookmakers offer many markets with totals, which often outnumber handicaps and other betting categories.

The total is the total of anything in the game, be it points or statistics. Betting on them is possible with either "less than" or "more than" the chosen total. There are also bets on the exact number of any given total. There are markets of the "something will happen" type, which equates to a total of that figure greater than 0.5.

By default, collective totals are implied - a total for the opponents of something, a total figure, a truly totaled total. However, there are also individual totals - for an individual team or even a player. There are also Asian totals, which are derived from the Asian forwards.

Rising and falling totals in betting options offer betting odds ranging from very small to huge. Total is as subtle a forecasting tool as handicaps. They are even more suitable in the in-play, for reacting quickly to changing trends in what is going on. Comparing in your mind the profitability of betting on an outcome/ handicap, depending on one opponent's advantage over another, with betting on totals is easy enough.

On the 1xbet home screen in the hot offers and rosters windows, you will sometimes find markets with totals, mainly total scores in football or points in tennis. You can add them to your betting slip with a single click.

There are many times more markets with totals in the match playlists than in the live ones - it's hard to evaluate statistics in the course of a match, and betting on them must be thought through without haste

All betting options with totals for the match in question can be viewed in the match sheet. On the new 1xBet website, it is easiest to get there from the left-hand navigation column, the top of which conveniently switches the list between the pre-match line and the in-play line.

Along with markets where totals are hidden, the number of totals in the slates is sometimes as high as a good half

After selecting a game, the user will be taken to its spreadsheet screen with all the betting options. These are divided into categories, with "Total" usually being the most numerous of the thematic ones.

Whole and half totals

Just like regular handicaps, regular totals can be half and whole totals. Half and whole totals exclude the return of a bet if the total matches the value of the total, for this is impossible. The uncompromising half and half totals, as it were, "monetise" the lack of insurance against draws in the quotation. Whole totals have a chance of being a match for the actual event, in which case the bet will be refunded. Whole totals have odds with draw insurance included, but they are well suited for parlays and compound bets based on them.

Designating bets with totals

Briefly, totals are indicated by the letter T and the abbreviated condition M or B - under or over. After TM or TB are the totals themselves, e.g. 2 or 3.5. The short names for bets with totals are TB 2.5 or TM 3. Individual totals are followed by number 1 or 2 - home team or away team, and by the letter E - e.g. 1 ITB 1.5. Individual totals for individual players are marked with the player's name.

Where specific markets are simply called "total", this usually refers to the most obvious and popular metric - goals in football, points in basketball and so on.

Totals with an over condition are called tops, ups for short. Totals less than a certain value are called bottoms, or bottoms for short. "Tops" is colloquially punched or not, and "bottoms" are held, but this is a less common expression.

Double markets with a total

With totals, there are also combined marquets, such as "result + total", which 1xBet has its own sub-category in their extended list. It opens by clicking on the button with four horizontal bars and an arrow.

Some categories of double conditions with totals are in the submenu by the bar button, others have to be found in the totals section or by searching

Combination markers with "yes" options are an alternative to expresses consisting of two of the included ordinaries. They are more conveniently used for complex compound bets. In contrast, markets with no conditions are essentially Anti-Markets in which at least one of the two parts must fail for the bet to stand. The odds for these selections are often low.

The range of totals in dual markets is wide, as are their quotes - it is possible to find an exact match for your prediction, expectations

Asian totals at 1xBet

Double Asian totals are as common as Asian handicaps.

Double totals are indicated either by a decimal with a fraction and a quarter, as at 1xBet, or by two neighbouring totals less and greater than the Asian total - a whole and a half.

Asian totals consist of just two ordinary totals going side by side, one of which is necessarily a whole and the other a half. They are applied to two halves of the betting amount.

Double mechanics are as organic to totals as they are to forwards - you can divide the risks and swing for big profits with moderate insurance for a small miss


An Asian total for the English Premier League game Newcastle v Leeds over 2.75 is offered at odds of 1.855. A notional betting amount of 1000 roubles is divided into two equal parts of 500 roubles each. The market for the first half will be "total over 2.5", and for the second half - "total over 3". In football, the unspecified total implies goals scored by both teams.

Suppose the raw and productive Magpies dare to open up against the equally ill-prepared Peacocks, true to Bielsa's style, for the season. A fantasy 1-2 will eventually mean a total of 3.

The first half of the bet is played with the condition "TB 2.5", which fits the final total of 3. This requires multiplying half of the bet of 500 roubles by the Asian total odds of 1.855, which will give a first payment of 927.5 roubles.

A second half bet with a conditional "TB 3" also fits the real total of 3, but with a total return. A conditional counter-betting of "TM 3" would also not tip the balance in their favour. A second half bet of 500 roubles is multiplied by the return odds of 1 instead of the Asian total quote of 1.855 and entails a second payout of 500 roubles.

In total, the player will receive a payout of 1427.5 roubles (927.5 + 500) for the TB 2.75 bet of 1000 roubles, in which case his net winnings are 427.5 roubles.

The Asian total allowed claiming a payout for the "over 3.5 total" condition without the risk of losing half of the bet on the final 3 goals. Half of the wager brought the win for the fait accompli of the "TB 2.5" condition.

Individual total at 1xBet

Individual totals refer to only one opponent or even player, which is how they get their name. In the Newcastle v Leeds fixture, we can look at the home team's individual totals.

Individual totals can be reached more quickly by collapsing the sub-sections of the feature, so that you can find individual totals for halves and for the match as a whole in the headings at a glance

The bookmakers do not expect the Magpies to score much, so they are offering odds of 2.31 on the first team total over 1.5. However, in the match against Leeds, the game may come apart without excessive restraint, and 1 goal scored by Newcastle will be enough to enter the bet on the individual "top" more than 1. 5. a 2.5 aggregate total through Leeds' efforts and a 1-2 scoreline is irrelevant to the fate of a bet on Newcastle's individual total.

And Wilson to Score/Wilson TB 0.5 will play if Callum Wilson is Newcastle's only goal scorer from this imaginary result in their match against Leeds.

Asian individual totals are counted in the same way as general totals, only their condition is applied to the selected team/player.

Three-track total

1xBet for football also features markets with a three-way total, which in English is called three-way total. These are uncompromising markets without the possibility of a return, hinting at three possible outcomes - more, equal or less. And the bet is only on one of them.

Visually, the three-way total market can be confused with the regular whole, implying a probable return, but it is important to check the condition here - three-way totals require accurate hitting. Their odds are usually higher than normal.

Three-point totals were handy in paper lines where paper and ink had to be saved. With the proliferation of online betting lines, three-way totals are more likely to cause confusion for the inattentive bettor chasing surprisingly high odds. Well, as a tribute to tradition they have a right to exist.

Total betting options

1xBet has a great variety of them, depending on the sport, tournament and match. Combination markets of totals with a result, double outcome, any other market are gaining popularity as a simple and ready variant of a double/anti-match express. And totals are counted for goals, points, parts of the match, specific players, statistics like kicks, saves, touch outs, offsides, fouls, shots on the bar and crossbar, corners, substitutions, cautions, penalties, cancelled goals, anything that can be counted.

The impressive variability of markets in the giant bookmakers' shops leaves little hope of quickly navigating through them without searching, for totals it works perfectly thanks to this word from the root

You can find the full variety of total bets at 1xBet by searching for "total" or by scrolling through the "Total" section of the betting list. It is easier to do this when the sub-categories are collapsed into headers, using the arrow button.

Totals in eSports betting

Cybersport audiences are not confused by the term 'total' in the sub-menu of the spread categories at 1xBet, but there are plenty of markets with totals. These include kills, points, playing time, rounds/cards played and anything else that counts.

In the small window of the cybersports section of the new 1xBet website, it's hard to get to clear totals and double selections with them, but totals are implied in many of the marketplaces

A separate sub-category for totals is likely to emerge with the expansion of cybersport rosters, which will inevitably be influenced by the growing trend of this topic.

The standard line-up reveals a great spread of cyber sports events, where it is already much more comfortable to find markets with totals

1xbet's cybersports spreadsheet is easier to view and search for markets with totals in the "Line" section, where betting options take up all the useful space, rather than squatting in a small box. Searching for markets using the word "total" gives a relevant output on a couple of screens.

Checking betting on statistical totals

The results are literally all about totals for certain indicators, which can easily be added up in the mind, as well as comparing them against opponents

Whereas with goals it's simple - it's enough to know their number and authors, with additional indicators you have to refer to their official accounting data. 1xBet bookmaker publishes statistics in the "Results" section, which is used to calculate bets on totals of all sorts of indicators. You can find out the number of different shots, fouls and everything else involved in betting totals in the "Results" and "Statistics" sections, they are available via the "More" submenu in 1xbet's main navigation.

Checking the coupon with a bet on the total

Betting on totals is done in the same way as on any other market. The betting option you select will appear in the betting slip, and if there is more than one, other types of betting such as parlays, systems, etc. will be available. There are different types of bets available for totals, as long as the number of selections is suitable for them.

1xBet's entire line-up of betting types allows the use of marquee totals

The coupon tab from the right-hand side of the screen or the bottom of the mobile product unfolds a full coupon, where it remains to decide on the betting amount, additional options and features can be used, after which you must confirm the bet and wait for the result.

Features of total betting

Whole totals

Their ability to refund the bet amount when the total matches the result of the game makes betting on whole totals suitable for parlays and complex types of bets based on them. Bonus points can be wagered back, the deposit for withdrawal is also worthwhile with bets with insurance, including whole totals.

A long-lasting top

A wager on a higher total (goals, stats) can win early when the desired result is reached, and in general such a bet is more often than not still valid until the end of the match. Even when the chances of breaking the total become minimal, such as on statistics, there is still the possibility of an intense finish and the bet being saved. This applies to goals to a greater extent - sometimes the 2.5 total is broken from zero in the added minutes.

There are many reactions to escalating events offered by markets with totals in play, they are suitable for quick evaluation and decision making

Heads-up bets are good for recreational betting, to stir up excitement during game day, over the course of concurrent matches. Totals are more suitable for amateur expresses, which should not upset the failure of at least one event ahead of time. There is more to cheer about in a head-to-head game, as the desire for a high-scoring, entertaining match is matched by the likelihood of hitting the total.

Passive bottom

Under totals are used as a suitable tool for betting on a game with a high probability of poor quality creation.

In football, for example, it can be exacerbated by weather conditions, opponent fatigue, the low priority of this match in the current stretch of the season compared to other tournaments. When it's easier to defend than to attack, the underdog total looks like a universal choice. Clear attacking problems for one or both opponents need no special mention when it comes to the under total. Neither do cases where one opponent is particularly comfortable defending against the other, and the other is poor at attacking against such opponents.

Bottom totals have disadvantages as well, including low odds in unproductive tournaments, which is sometimes unprofitable and difficult to play against. The stereotypes of closed championships, "buses" in football are too costly in the quotation of the draw totals. The current trend towards playing as pragmatically and cautiously as possible only exacerbates this influence.

The passive nature of the low total, where nothing is needed for a bet to go in but time runs out, is also built into the "price" of the quotation. A side effect can be early betting losses and tension until the final seconds of the game. Relaxing with a serious bet on the bottom in football or hockey is not possible until the end of the match.

Individual totals

Individual totals are suitable for betting when the chosen side (rather than both opponents, as with normal totals) is more likely to be able to produce the required number of figures than to achieve a certain outcome.


Individual totals are more often applied to matches where the difference between favourites and underdogs is large. Under-quoting of the clear favourites encourages the search for other tools, including their personal totals.

When the opponent is also good, the likelihood of a double-header is high - a top individual total may suit better than a winning outcome with average odds.

The built-in insurance against the outcome in the total versus the insurance against the total in the outcome is worthy of evaluation in the mind before making a decision.

For clear favourites, the individual total over is insurance against a draw and defeat with confidence in performance, e.g. it is suitable for teams loyal to their attacking style. The overall total also implies goals from modest opponents, which are rarely scored due to the popular tendency of underdogs to fight back with all their might.


The individual underdog total is usually used in serious betting as an alternative to the underdog handicap or no-lose double. If the individual underdog of a clear favourite is quoted more attractively than the other variants of this prediction, the choice of individual underdog total is justified.

It is always a good idea to compare alternatives in search of the best tool.

As an option, the favourite's individual total is poorly suited to making a prediction of a minimum win. The score also depends on the opponent, and the underdogs can fall apart in seconds and give up before the end of the game, allowing the favourites to go wild and easily smash themselves.

The individual total of weaker opponents below is a dubious tool. It is under-quoted, because with both a minimal defeat and a defeat, the underdog can be left with zero. And a surge, the luck of a weak opponent, the failure and problems of a favorite, the undercarding and vacillation of a strong team can easily ruin such a bet. So can a number of tactical surprises from one or both sides.

Asian totals

Like double handicaps, Asian totals at 1xBet are primarily for risk diversification. Dividing the bet amount in half makes it possible to claim higher winnings in case of a better outcome, insuring against a small failure of your entire half. Both halves of the Asian total bet will play out in the favourable case, but one of the halves also gives a decent return. Keeping the returned half of the bet when the second half is lost would be a good saving of the half face value in case of a partial failure of the total.

Frequently asked questions about betting totals at 1xBet

Is total at 1xBet not just the number of goals?
Yes. The rich line-up contains hundreds and even thousands of betting options with totals - on all sorts of extras, secondary actions, stats. All of these, including the fact of some action, are evaluated with totals.

Is it better to adjust the odds at 1xBet with handicaps or totals?
Depends on the specific situation. Both of these tools are good for making accurate predictions. Both handicaps and totals are great for playing in play - on changing trends. The choice between the two also depends on the preferences and habits of each player. It is always a good idea to compare different comparable markets before confirming a coupon.

Can I bet on totals at 1xBet in play?
Yes. It's often easier than reacting to changes in the game with handicaps, so in fast, intense in-play totals are easier and help keep up with what's going on.

There are no totals in 1xBet cybersport?
The sub-sections of the spreads are sometimes absent, but totals in cyber sports are measured in a lot of ways. Even if totals are not mentioned in the name of the markets, the mechanics of the conditions are based on them. And the specifics of using totals apply to such marquees.

Are combo orders with totals at 1xBet favourable?
Both yes and no. They bribe with simplicity and speed of execution, but there are also implicit points. The totals don't mix well with the outcomes, with which, one way or another, they are often combined. The total of something depends on the successes of both opponents, while the outcome depends on the superiority of one over the other. So in anti-express such combinations are good, but the odds are small, and in the suggested doubles you need to assess each pair thoughtfully.

Why is there no total over 0.5 for many events at 1xBet?
These markets are named differently, for example as something will happen or someone will score. Sub-categories with their own names often work on totals. On the smaller side, such marques are served under the condition that something will not happen or someone will not score.

How do I bet on stats at 1xBet?
Select a suitable betting option from the list by finding it in the thematic subsections and depths of the totals category. It is more important to understand the statistics used to calculate bets on a particular bet. At 1xBet, the rules cover this in detail, as do other betting shops. Some stats are calculated not by the official statistics from the tournament organiser, but by the one used by the bookmaker. Sometimes it is their own, sometimes from specified suppliers. This is done to curb cheating in small competitions.

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I bet the tops at 1xBet and enjoy watching the games through to the end. Great for entertainment!
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Football has become so dry these days that the top has started to quote better. The totals are even more appropriate for fun betting.
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I liked wagering points on whole totals more at 1xBet. At 1 or 2 goals there was a return and the emotions ran high.
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Whole totals are less good in steam locomotives, more reliable than whole fora.
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I've tried to bet Asian totals from a distance, the pot has fluctuated less than usual. You can gain experience with them.
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At 1xBet, totals have proliferated like nothing else. Thousands already.
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1xBet dumps on winning stats, talk about their stats.
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I like smaller totals and tactical fiddling in midfield, you can get nervous after the second goal, but before that it's a pleasure.

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