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Champions League promotion at 1xBet

On the eve of the Champions League play-offs, 1xBet is running a prize draw for accurate predictions of the matches of each game day.

In the 1xbet «Champion league» promotion, you need to select your favourite club and make your predictions for the exact score of the Champions League play-offs, and then you need to confirm those predictions with a bet. You will get 3 credit points for an inaccurate prediction, 5 points for a winning prediction and 10 credit points for a correct score.

The results will be announced on 31 May 2022, when prizes ranging from a Mercedes–AMG GT 4-door Coupe and laptops to Apple mobile gadgets to substantial amounts of bonus points will be awarded to the top scorers.

1xBet's Champions League promotion

The first prize draw took place at the start of the promotion, on the last match day of the Champions League group stage. It was a short sprint and now comes a long marathon of all the rounds of the play-off stage.

Dozens of marathon runners near the top will receive smart watches, headphones and tablets

Although the bookmaker suggests choosing your favourite club, regular predictions can be made for all upcoming matches. The main thing to make a prediction count in the promotion is to confirm them in good time with bets according to the terms and conditions.

More than a hundred promotion participants who have collected a decent number of credits will qualify for serious bonus amounts from 1xBet

How can I participate in the «Champion league» promotion from 1xbet?

The green button ACCEPT PARTICIPATION in the machine icon will redirect you to the promotion page directly from the main 1xBet betting shop screen

Go to the promotion page by clicking on its tab in the slider, or via the «Promo» section.

Tickets received for confirmed predictions will be saved in the MY TICKETS tab, which is accessed by the white button in the top right corner of the promo page

On the action screen, select your favourite club and it counts as a bet on the ultimate winner of the tournament. There are top teams to choose from, while fans of «Villarreal» or «Sporting» will have to restrict themselves to a grandee.

Manchester City and PSG are added to the list of clubs in the screenshot, and many of the play-off participants cannot be selected more modestly, while the eventual victory of some of them cannot be ruled out

In the posters below you can enter your prediction on the exact score of the match. Ideally, an accurate prediction will earn 10 points. If a player only guesses the winner of a pair, he will get 5 points for that prediction. An unsuccessful prediction will still earn 3 points.

You can change the numbers on the scoreboard with the arrows, or you can enter them manually, the main thing is to make your choice and confirm your forecast on the same day with a bet on any sporting event with a value from 100 roubles at odds from 1.3

For return matches, the exact score is taken into account with extra time.

To get 10 points in extra-time play-off matches, you must guess the final score on the scoreboard after all added periods. The winner is also scored by final timing

Confirmation of predictions in 1xBet's Champions League promotion

Any confirmed prediction will earn a minimum of 3 credit points, so the number of predictions and qualifying bets can improve your chances in the draws

It is not enough to write a score in the prediction slips, you must confirm them in order to get into the standings. To confirm a prediction, a bet of at least 100 roubles on any sporting event with odds from 1.3 is required. Betting to confirm a prediction must be made on the same day as the prediction was made.

You have to confirm your forecast before midnight of the day on which it is made. Of course, you also have to be in time for the matches themselves

If after several unconfirmed predictions a single bet has been made for confirmation, it will only send the last prediction made as a confirmation bet.

The main prizes for the second phase of the campaign are macbooks and iPhones

Unconfirmed predictions will not count, they will not be awarded any points and their outcome will not matter.

Once a forecast has been confirmed, it cannot be changed

Participate in the final prize draw for Champions League predictions at 1xBet

The car will be raffled off in the third and final tally, where only those who guess the winner of the Champions League will be entered

To qualify for the car, you must guess the winner of the Champions League final by selecting that club as your favourite team on the promotion page. If the current Champions League season is won by, say, «Lille» no one will meet this condition.

It would be a shame not to make 3 confirmed predictions, guessing the winner of the trophy - a few bets of 100something rubles and odds higher than 1.3 are easy to make

In addition to an accurate bet on the winner of the main European football tournament, a minimum of 3 confirmed selections must be made over the course of the promotion. This condition is easy to fulfil.

The second draw, with a summation of the play-off course, will take place at 4pm on 31.05.22

The final draw will take place one hour after the play-off marathon - at 5pm on 31 May 2022.

As with most things, 1xBet has many rights to check participants for compliance with the rules, accuracy of personal details, question third party use of the account, etc. - read the rules carefully to the end

Frequently asked questions about 1xBet's Champions League promotion

How can I increase my chances of winning a prize in 1xBet's Champions League promotion?
Make predictions on all available matches, confirming them on the same day with a bet of 100 roubles and odds from 1.3. Even for a completely inaccurate confirmed prediction, 3 credit points will be given. Some pool of points can be accumulated by one activity when the confirmation conditions are so simple and inexpensive.

How do I win a car in the Champion league promotion from 1xBet?
You have to guess the winner of the current Champions League season, and you want the trophy to be won by one of the big names, because there are no more modest teams to choose from. You also need to accumulate a lot of credit points to make it to the top of the leaderboard. But the prizes are distributed randomly, as stated by 1xBet.

Why pick your favourite club in the 1xBet Champions League promotion?
This is a prediction for the final battle for the car. The favourite club must be the future winner of the Champions League, which must be guessed in order to qualify for the final prize draw. In the final tournament, you will have to root for the favourite if it turns out to be the chosen grand slam.

What time is the exact score counted in the Champions League promotion at 1xBet?
In the first matches of the round - the main one, with added minutes, as there are no extra halves. In the second matches of the round - with possible extra halves. The winners are also decided according to this condition from the rules of the 1xBet LigaChampionship promotion.

What can I win in 1xBet's Champions League promotion?
Laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart watches from Apple and smart watches from Samsung, and the grand prize there is a Mercedes–AMG GT 4-door Coupe. Hundreds of participants will also receive bonus points from bookmaker 1xBet as prizes. They can be spent in the company's embedded shop.

How do I confirm my predictions in the 1xBet Champions League promotion?
After indicating the exact score in the match plate, you must bet on any sporting event with odds from 1.3 before midnight of the same day and before the start of that game, if the prediction is given on a game day. The bet amount shall be from 100 roubles. If several predictions are made on the same day, you must confirm them with the same number of bets corresponding to the conditions.

My favourite team is not on 1xBet's Champions League promotion list, what should I do?
The club to be selected for the final draw is the prediction of the final winner of the Champions League season. Only one of the grandees can be selected there. Maybe closer to the final, 1xBet will add teams that have made it far from the top teams to the list. Alternatively, bet on one of the available play-off favourites straight away.

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Danila 22/02/2022 04:42
It looks like a long-distance sweepstakes.
Dmitrij 17/03/2022 00:45
The random selection of winners is embarrassing. It would have been better if they had made it transparent.
Elisej 24/04/2022 12:53
1xBet and simple wagering terms - unbelievable!
Joan 31/05/2022 03:36
For a hundred per match, you can get involved.
Nazar 25/06/2022 06:14
And the point bonuses will still make you win back 1,000 times as much.
Miron 19/07/2022 11:46
Redbull could surprise and win the LF, then no need to play the wheelbarrow!
Grigorij 10/09/2022 01:33
It's hard to guess the score when overtime is possible.
Craig 15/11/2022 12:10
3 inaccurate predictions are almost equal to 1 accurate prediction. Activity is stimulated.

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