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1xbet betting constructor

Bookmaker 1xBet has a proprietary betting constructor. It works in two modes - for an individual match and for a list of available games.

The single-game betting constructor is launched directly from the game schedule. The betting constructor with the list of available matches is called from the submenu of the LINE section.

In the constructor, it is possible to form a composite bet consisting of several markets for a single match. The result is a composite single bet that includes several conditions of the selected markets. This is an alternative to expresses from markets for one match, which simply cannot be made. This betting option also works in play, for betting during a game.

The betting constructor with the list of available matches creates a virtual match between the home and away sides. Opponents can be added to these sides from the list of available contestants. From each change on the opposing sides, the fantasy match roster changes. From it, you can select one market you like and place a single bet on it. The fantasy builder only works in pre-match, with games before they start.

Betted constructor for a separate rossi

Of the two green buttons in the top right-hand corner of the spread, the left-hand button is responsible for the constructor and the right-hand one relates to player betting

To find the button to launch the betting constructor for the selected match, you need to open its spreadsheet with a full list of betting options. You can access the slate in different ways: select a sport - a tournament in it - a specific match within the competition via the left-hand navigation column or the top navigation of the LINE and LIVE sections. It is possible to click on the number in front of the plus in the betting window, which are shown on the main screen and also on the first screens of the line and the LIVE.

How do I find the betting constructor in 1xBet's spreadsheet?

The betting constructor button for the individual drawings is coloured light green and shows the container crane symbol. Pressing this light green button will open the constructor module instead of the usual betting options sheet. There are two buttons - blue "+ add event" and light green "send to coupon".

Constructing a combined bet from a single painting

Conditions can be fine-tuned by changing the values of forwards and totals, time periods and so on

The first button "+ add event" is responsible for creating the constructed bet. Pressing it will open the market selection screen.

First the market category is selected, then the team, then there is the possibility of buying and selling conditions in totals and handicaps

First, the market categories are listed there. Selecting any market category takes you to a second screen, where you are already asked to select one of two opponents and the time interval. Additional choices depend on the market category and the sport.

1xBet's green and blue brand colours highlight the active buttons, which change betting conditions depending on the type of market

The lower green "_coefficient_ add" button shows the quotation of the selected market and offers to add the condition to the coupon.

You can also choose the interval at which the betting condition will count, this also increases the odds and lowers the probability of entry

Once the first selected market has been added, the second and subsequent markets can be selected. This takes place according to the principle of a combined market with several conditions, the coefficient being considered an internal system.

The name of the constructed market in the coupon lacks simple punctuation, at least commas, which could also be replaced by the correct transfer of connected conditions in the column, but it is not there either

The coupon lists all the selected conditions that must be played to enter the bet. The odds are shown opposite the list, not in the total odds field. It is not possible to select the type of bet, only singles are supported, albeit with a bunch of conditions included.

1xBet line betting constructor with a list of available matches

Going to the pre-match betting constructor is easier, you can open the drop-down menu of the line section on any screen

The global betting constructor with a list of available matches at 1xBet is launched from the drop-down menu of the LINE section. This limits its action to pre-match, betting on games before they start.

Clicking on the "betting constructor" subsection takes you to a specialised screen, which is very different to the betting constructor module within a single roster. There are two virtual sides of the fantasy match - the home team and the away team. On their left is a list of available games, sorted by sport.

Constructing a bet in the 1xBet pre-match constructor

A line constructor is not at all like a painting constructor, they work very differently

A list of available matches is offered with odds for the main outcomes. You can add a win for the selected side or a draw between them to the constructed match.

The numbers are arranged in columns like the opposing teams, so it's easy to remember which ones belong to which, and the association of 1 with the home team and 2 with the away team is familiar from the short names of the markets.

To add an opponent to either the home team or the away team, click on the match in the list of proposed games. The activated match will have boxes with the numbers 1 and 2 next to each opponent.

1 means adding that contestant's victory to the side of the conditional hosts, and 2 to the fantasy guest team.

If you add to the constructor on the different sides of both sides of the match, the odds will count for a draw between them instead of one of them winning. Its quotation is shown in the X column between the wins.

For the generated rosters and quotes to appear, the main thing is to have something on both sides of the virtual match, and adding only a couple of contestants to one side will not trigger the generation

After adding the second choice to the constructor on the other side, a generated roster of this fantasy match will appear below the module with the home and away sides. It offers the usual market categories, which are counted according to the total of the participants of the home and away sides. That is, when football and hockey teams are neighbours, goals and pucks are counted in the total totals, etc.

The richness of the generated inventory is impressive - there are many market categories, almost as many as there are analysts' compositions

Each time a new player is added to either the home team or the away team, the generated spread changes as well. The odds are adjusted to the changed line-up, individual market categories disappear or appear. The choice of markets depends on the sports disciplines added to one of the sides. Of course, there may be incongruities among them for certain categories of markets.

The colour indication in 1xBet's corporate colours also helps in the line constructor - green refers to the home team and blue to the away team

Examples of generated bets with virtual sides of hosts and guests

The 1xBet betting constructor can have a different number of participants on the conditional home and away sides. Their totals will constitute the score of the virtual match, its result, by which the fate of the bet from the betting constructor will be decided.

The generated virtual match must be added to the coupon with the green button under the constructor module, and the design of the ticket is not fundamentally different from conventional betting, only there are fewer options

In the example, a bet on a win for the conditional home side with odds of 3.52 is selected.

The coupon does not allow you to choose the type of bet - only a single bet on the selected market from the constructor's inventory, and the name of this market also lacks the division as the generator from the inventory

If the fantasy home side Watford and Borussia Dortmund score more than the virtual away side Brighton, Augsburg, Torino and hockey's Vanguard, this constructed bet will be considered a winner.

An example of the total total

The second example is a bet on a total of more than 8.5 at odds of 1.845. For this bet to win, a total of 9 or more goals is required on both sides. A hockey goal is equal to a football goal. A hypothetical 3-6 result in a fantasy match will win the bet (3 + 6 = 9>8.5 total).

Features of the betting constructor for 1xBet's standalone rosters

The odds for combined markets with multiple conditions are not transparent and may or may not be more favourable in comparison with regular single or double markets in this game. It doesn't hurt to compare them carefully when preparing a bet of a significant amount.

A single betting line-up helps you circumvent the restriction on making a single-match express from the markets in the line-up. The resulting single with multiple conditions can be attractive even if the odds are lower than those of a banned multi-markets.

The single-match spread betting constructor is a solution for amateur, recreational betting to have fun and stir up your emotions while watching the game. Odds can fall more heavily in a single betting odds than in a multi betting odds because you can combine markets from different categories which combine independent risks (eg outcomes and results) in these composite orders. An increase in odds does not always justify this.

Features of 1xBet's betting constructor with list of available matches

It is a fascinating fantasy game of sports betting for money. Watching the betting options and odds change as a new entrant is added to the home team or away team's side can be interesting, entertaining.

The attractiveness of the generated betting options should be evaluated, taking into account their entertainment purpose. Often, the odds of fantasy markets in a virtual match will be worse than those of regular single-player betting odds. And achieving an increase in odds like a parlay by heavily skewing in favour of one of the virtual parties is unlikely to be any better than in a regular double or treble.

A constructor with virtual sides of hosts and guests is an even more entertaining tool than a single-match betting constructor. It may produce more fun than a combined single-match market, but the odds-risk balance may also be worse.

In the fantasy betting spreadsheet, it is important to read the market categories carefully so as not to be confused by, for example, totals - individual, three-way and regular.

When adding competitors from different sports to the same virtual side, the impact of the differences between these sports on the outcome must be judged sensibly.

Frequently asked questions about the 1xBet betting constructor

Is the 1xBet betting constructor the same in the spreadsheet and line section?
No. They are different. In the rosters section, the betting constructor also works for in-play, it allows you to select terms from only one match into a bet. And in the line section there is a pre-match constructor, where there are conditional home and away sides, where you can add participants from the list of suggested matches in different sports. A modified spread is formed there, from which you can choose a betting option from the different categories.

Is the rosette betting constructor better than the 1xBet line constructor?
They are simply different, one is not better than the other. The roster builder is suitable for creating a combined order with several conditions from the markets of a single match. You can use it during games, betting in live mode. The line betting constructor is similar to a fantasy, generating a virtual spread with changing betting options and odds, depending on the addition of new players from the list of matches for the home and away sides.

Is it profitable to bet with 1xBet betting constructors?
More like fun. Multiplying margins similar to expresses spoils the profitability of such a game, especially at a distance. Quotation formation is not transparent in both versions of the constructor, surely the bookmaker's office also takes into account its commission for this extra service. But playing the constructors, especially the pre-match one - from the line subsection - is a lot of fun. It's good unusual entertainment, a way to heighten the excitement of watching games.

In 1xBet's betting constructor, can I only bet single bets?
Yes. The type of betting in these is limited to an order, a single bet. But the markets and conditions of these bets can be complex, composite, involving several conditions. In fact, generated ordinaries are not single selections, they are at least double, and often consist of multiple conditions. And fantasy betting odds from the pre-match constructor are made for a composite virtual match involving multiple opponents.

How do I calculate the outcome of a bet from the 1xBet prematch betting constructor?
You have to add up the results of all the teams that make up the conditional home and away sides. The result is the result of the fantasy match on which the bet was made. The markets are counted as with normal results, you have to imagine that this is the result of the game.

In the betting constructor from the 1xBet spreadsheet, must all betting conditions go in to win?
Yes. As in composite singles, expresses, all conditions must be met. They are listed with a hidden and, not an or. If one of the conditions is a return, the total odds of the single must change due to the replacement of the composite odds by one. If one of the conditions does not play, the composite single loses.

In 1xBet's line betting constructor, the main thing is that the final result plays out, and the non-run of individual outcomes is not important?
Yes. The individual results affect the overall result of the home and away team, and the bet is calculated on the final result of the virtual opponents of that fantasy match. As such, there are no individual outcomes in the pre-match constructor, they are put into the market quotes of this fantasy spread.

User comments

Jurij 03/01/2022 18:32
The 1xBet line constructor is really interesting. You can get hooked for a long time.
Rafael 05/02/2022 04:24
There is a lack of clear rules for 1xBet's betting constructor, exactly how the odds are calculated and how the order is calculated. There is nothing in the rules about betting constructors.
Timofej 12/03/2022 10:21
I've played a lot with constructed ordinaries, their odds are rarely worth the huge risk of not hitting 1 condition.
Maksim 06/04/2022 18:25
I hope they at 1xBet check the mutually inclusive and dependent markets, they don't let you make doomed bets in the spreadsheet.
Walton 13/05/2022 03:56
The constructor from the pre-match line is a real generator. We should rename the coupon generator and this constructor so there is no confusion.
Filipp 07/06/2022 17:44
It is possible for a big game day to put together a conditional match with a bunch of teams on both sides in the 1xBet line constructor and with involvement follow the whole round.
Vladislav 13/07/2022 15:36
I don't know why you would turn a single into a twisted maximum-risk express in the spreadsheet builder. Finding a high odds can be easier.
Fedor 12/08/2022 00:03
There are already a lot of single contracts with a couple of conditions in the rosters. You can also add your own with the constructor. Only it is not profitable.
Miron 05/09/2022 07:52
I used to spend a lot of time on the constructor in line. That in itself is great fun.
Timofej 02/10/2022 02:21
I don't like the 1xBet spreadsheet construct, it's like playing against yourself at the cost of inadequately raising the odds.

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