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How do I make a deposit at 1xBet?

1xBet has no no deposit bonuses, so you need to make a deposit in order to place your first bet and participate in most promotions. You can proceed to deposit immediately after completing the registration form, but it is recommended that you fill in your personal details first in order to verify your identity and age.

You can deposit money into your 1xbet account in a number of ways. They are listed on the financial transactions page. However, there are not so many recommended ones among them, this is due to the recent restrictions on direct payments from Russian citizens to offshore bookmakers. You can transfer money to 1xBet bookmaker from your bank card via special intermediaries - Sky Pay and MoneyGo, for the use of which the office gives a 30% bonus points cashback.

In order to simplify subsequent withdrawals from your 1xBet account, it makes sense to make a deposit in the way you intend to order a payment from the BK. Right now, the obvious options are still the same MoneyGo and Sky Pay intermediaries, which will continue to be a necessary intermediary to circumvent the regulator's restrictions for a long time to come. The Piastrix online wallet is also stable in both directions.

Withdrawing money from 1xBet is available using the same three recommended methods as advised when making a deposit, this is the most hassle-free option

Recharging 1xbet

The 1xBet bookmaker offers to fund your betting account with money as early as at the end of registration. This is necessary to claim the welcome bonus and to participate in a number of other promotions. You will not be able to place a bet without making a deposit.

Although 1xBet offers to fund your account immediately in order to get the bonus, it is better to fill in all your personal details and set up your account security first

You can also access your 1xbet account by clicking on the link from the registration deadline bar, the reminder bar at the top of your personal cabinet, the green dollar button at the top of the screen or in the relevant section of your personal cabinet.

The same lightcoloured button with a dollar symbol is also worth referring to in order to quickly access the withdrawal application, without having to wade through the personal account menu

The financial transactions page at 1xBet is divided into deposits and withdrawals. The deposits page shows the recommended deposit methods selected for the user's country. It is determined by geolocation, for which the corresponding toggle switch is responsible, or by the customer's personal details.

In light of recent developments with increased scrutiny of payments by banks and wallets, you will have to pay attention to 1xBet's advice, because the bookmaker must be aware of current ways to avoid problems with transactions

For Russia, the list of available means of payment has shrunk considerably. This is due to attempts by regulators to make it more difficult for Russian citizens to make payments to illegal bookmakers. It is now possible to transfer money from bank card details and even some wallets, such as Umani, only through special intermediaries.

You can switch between the recommended methods and categorised methods in the left-hand column of the payments menu of the page

Recommended deposit methods for 1xBet

To enter your MoneyGo wallet number, you will need to register with the payment service

Sky Pay and MoneyGo intermediaries are payment systems that accept customer payments via bank cards and available wallets and then transfer the money to the bookmaker. In this way it is possible to circumvent bans on transfers to offshore bookmakers, but you have to be careful about intermediary commissions. They change frequently, adjusting to the market, and in some cases 1xBet itself partly compensates for this trouble.

The intermediaries' form of payment is standard and there are no problems with it

The Piastrix online wallet has not fallen under the restrictions that have dropped the more familiar Russian wallets QIWI and Yumoney from the list of options suitable for direct payments to 1xBet. In fact, Piastrix also acts as an intermediary, accepting transfers from the same Youmoney, online banking, bank cards and a host of other payment instruments, and then works seamlessly with 1xBet. This wallet has apps for mobile gadgets.

Sky Pay supports many popular means of payment in the Russian Federation and the list is likely to grow

Other options for making a deposit at 1xbet

Geolocation helps to select payment services that are relevant to residents of different countries, which is especially relevant to lesser-known and unpopular options in our country

The e-wallets Astropay, MuchBetter, Sticpay and AirTM look like questionable alternatives to the recommended intermediaries. If one has an account with these payment systems, their support from 1xBet will prove to be a convenient option to fund the account. Otherwise, it is better to follow the bookmaker's advice.

EcoPayz operates in many countries around the world, but there is no certainty about the stability of recharging from Russian bank cards. And 1xBet itself does not recommend this method yet.

1xBet's openness to crypto is not absolute, it seems to be an experiment with severe restrictions if not discrimination against crypto account holders, but this is a side effect of the high volatility of such currencies

Cryptocurrency account at 1xbet bookmaker can be funded via Cryptopayments or CREX24. Cryptocurrency account holders will not be able to take part in 1xBet bonus promotions, which are not yet available to them. The potential withdrawal difficulties are also worth worrying about in advance, before deciding to use cryptocurrency for the main account and even for opening a second crypto account.

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Also available for payments at 1xBet are TelePay and Amigo terminals, which accept cash notes as well as flexepin electronic vouchers.

Setting up your 1xBet account and depositing it

You can sign up for deposit notifications in your personal 1xbet betting office. To do so, you need to activate the "Receive deposit notifications to e-mail" toggle switch.

The crediting of the account is usually quick, but in some cases it will be useful and satisfying to be notified

There you can also activate the account balance display at the top of the screen. The toggle switch "Display balance in the top bar" is for this purpose. This works for all customer accounts, from the main account to the bonus account and the additional currency account, if any.

Keeping track of your account balance is useful for controlling gambling spells, conscious betting

You can add an account in another currency in your personal cabinet settings. In the "Your accounts" window there is a line with a drop-down list of currencies in which you can open an additional account. Once you have selected the desired currency, click on the light green "Add" button. You can switch between the accounts displayed in the upper balance box with a simple selection, and they are also listed in the top left column of your personal cabinet. And in the betting slip, you can select the account from which to pay the betting amount.

The list of additional currencies is impressive, supporting African money and many more exotics

Account protection at 1xBet

Personal data

The most important page, on the correct filling of which depends the success of the verification process and the ability to easily withdraw money from the account, as well as the security of the account and the right to participate in many promotions 1xBet

First of all, in order to strengthen the protection of the money in your 1xbet betting shop account, it is necessary to fill in the fields with personal data on the "Personal data" page of your personal account. This is necessary to confirm your identity and age, and also to ensure that the withdrawal of money from the account is only available to the client, the owner of the account. If there are any difficulties with the personal data and verification, additional verification may be required, for example when withdrawing money from the account. A second or more complex verification will also be requested if it is suspected that a third party has used the account or violated some other rules of 1xBet.

Two-factor authentication

There is no better way to protect your account and betting account, including 1xBet, than two-factor authentication. You can activate it in the "Security" section of your personal cabinet. You will need to install the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. The client's gadget will become a secure second key to lock in to 1xbet and gain access to your account. Two-factor authentication is not as easy to bypass/break as SMS, email, login and password.

Frequently asked questions about depositing at 1xBet

Payments by card and wallet at 1xBet have disappeared directly, when will they return?
They have become unavailable for a reason, but because of regulatory pressure on banks and wallets to crack down on payments to offshore bookmakers. Until this situation changes, intermediary payment facilities like MoneyGo and Sky Pay should be used. Also, back payments will probably be monitored more closely, if only for the sake of tax.

Is the 30% cashback for recharging 1xBet via MoneyGo beneficial?
It's awarded in points, which must be redeemed under the terms of the promotion, but it's still a nice compensation for having to use intermediaries to fund your 1xBet account via bank cards and online wallets. You can partly offset the commission with this cashback, or even make a net profit.

Why does 1xBet not give bonuses to customers with a cryptocurrency account?
That's why cryptocurrencies as a means of payment are treated with doubt in other areas. Strong rate fluctuations make their value poorly predictable, as does the relationship to 1xBet's bonus point rate. Crypto accounts at this office are still rather in test mode, a good opportunity to stick with crypto, especially the highly volatile and questionable ones.

Why make a second account with a different currency at 1xBet?
Above all, to avoid exchange losses, on exchange rate differences. This feature is worth turning to when you have another currency, which is a good use for depositing with 1xBet. Other use cases are less obvious - diversifying your portfolio in case of exchange rate fluctuations, benefiting from a better exchange rate of another currency to 1xBet Bonus Points, etc.

How do I deposit my bonus account at 1xBet?
Points are counted in a separate, bonus account, which can also be selected in coupons for betting with it A bookmaker's bonus account is for bonus points, which are awarded for participating in various promotions and sometimes given by the office to its clients. In order to top up your bonus account, you have to follow the terms of the promotions and participate in them, but it is much more important to turn these bonuses into real currency that is available for withdrawal. This is usually done by wagering on the terms of the promotion.

What is the best way to deposit at 1xBet so that withdrawal requests are not delayed or cancelled?
Better to use the recommended 1xBet methods. It seems that the intermediaries for bank cards and wallets with offshore bookmakers are inextricably linked for a long time, so you should also make a deposit using the method recommended by the office, with which you intend to withdraw money from your account. 1xBet will give you a 30% cashback on your deposit via MoneyGo. This can compensate for the intermediary's commission and tilt your choice in favour of MG.

How do I top up my 1xBet account via Yumani?
You have to use an intermediary, Sky Pay, which supports Youmoney and other payment methods commonly used in Russia. It is no longer possible to pay directly via YUMANI at 1xBet.

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Usan 23/02/2022 07:03
Previously withdrawal requests from 1xBet to card were rejected after a while, now the intermediaries have to be contacted. This was to be expected.
Jones 21/03/2022 15:09
There are a lot more available ways out of the popular ones we have left, and you can't take advantage of them without the hassle.
Fernel 17/04/2022 09:51
I uploaded via skypay. It's easy and convenient. You have to withdraw it the same way.
Sofija 14/05/2022 22:31
The offshore bookies could not be defeated by legalisation, money flows are being cut off to them. In 2021!
Lucille 13/06/2022 00:24
It's as much of a hassle as it is with mani go, it used to be more convenient at the illegal outlets.
Nikita 09/07/2022 23:25
When 1xBet advised their manigow by luring in a cashback, it looked shitty without alternatives like skype. The second one looks better without the bonuses.
Danila 12/09/2022 02:18
It didn't get much worse when skypay has a bunch of options.
Katrin 09/11/2022 23:58
I was thinking of wagering the bonuses, I made a deposit in moneygo and the points are unbearably hard to wagering!
Kirill 01/01/2023 10:05
The no deposit bonus at 1xBet is not enough. Many would have figured it out without the frustration of mistakes.
Daniil 31/01/2023 17:17
This piastrix wallet has a pirate name, just right for an offshore bookmaker from the Caribbean island of Curacao.
Petr 01/03/2023 05:16
1xBet quickly sorted out the hurdles for banks and wallets.

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