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1xBet operates worldwide under a CuraƧao licence. This offshore island state has been handing out licences to bookmakers since the early days of online betting, attracting bettors with favourable tax conditions and a lack of strict restrictions.

Some countries that regulate betting and gambling themselves have their own laws and requirements for betting operators. Online gambling is often simply prohibited, as in Russia. And Russian law, the requirement for bookmakers to connect to a financial intermediary, serious tax rates for the offices and players withdrawing their net profits from them make offshore bookmakers illegal in Russia.

Access to the sites of illegal bookmakers in Russia is blocked by Roskomnadzor. To access the offshore 1xbet bookmaker's page, you will need one of the ways to bypass blocking. The 1xBet apps for mobile devices and Windows computers are better, as automatic blocking bypassing works well for them.

Problems accessing the 1xBet website

It will not be possible to access 1xbet from Russia and other countries that block offshore bookmakers using the main address. A regular browser user without IP swap functionality, anonymisers, traffic mediators or automatic blocking avoidance plugins will see a connection error screen or blocking notification from their communications provider/Roskomnadzor instead of 1xBet's website.

In most cases, entering the default 1xBet address will result in the usual error of opening the page

The need to access the 1xBet website

You must go to the 1xbet betting website at least once, at least to download the 1xWIN app for Windows from there, which replaces the functionality of the full bookmaker page and provides seamless access to its services.

The Android mobile app is also recommended to download from the bookmaker's official website, where it is available in the freshest version the user is insured against fakes masquerading as the real 1xBet app for Android.

However, those wishing to play 1xBet on their Apple gadget can do without having to go to the bookmaker's website. The iPhone version of the app is available in the Apple shop. However, to get an alternative in the form of full site features via the Windows app or the custom 1XBROWSER browser, you will still need to go to the 1xBet betting site and download the app for your computer.

1xBet has collected the recommended ways to bypass blockages in a special section, which can be found at the bottom of the blocked BK website

Options to avoid blocking 1xbet

In order to use the extensive functionality of the full 1xBet website and its mobile version, you will need to use one of the blocking circumvention methods. What the 1xBet app for Windows computers and this bookmaker's browser do automatically, you'll have to do manually without them. The main methods are several:

1xBet Mirror

Unwanted websites are blocked according to their address (IP) and domain (link). Mirrors are the same website as the blocked one, just with a different domain and IP.

Roskomnadzor and ISPs have to block each new mirror separately, after which it becomes impossible to access it. But 1xbet works faster than the regulator, creating new mirrors in sufficient numbers. They are often promoted in search engines by the bookmaker's partners, while 1xBet itself communicates the addresses of working mirrors to its clients through communication channels and newsletters.

How do I find the 1xbet mirror?

Search terms like "1xBet mirror", "1xBet topical mirror", "1xbet working mirror" and the like may work in Yandex and other search engines. Pages will appear in the output, which, if not immediately open the 1xBet website, then lead to it with the relevant button.

1xBet support will send a link to the current mirror upon request via email, Viber or WhatsApp.

1xBet support helps you solve access problems by suggesting valid mirrors. It's best to contact them before logging in through a mediator to avoid IP spoofing

1xBet's working mirrors can easily be found on major sports and betting portals.


VPN services act as a virtual network intermediary between the user and the destination address. By substituting a client's address, VPNs make it possible to bypass blockades. But the bookmaker also sees the address of the VPN service instead of the usual IP of his client. This can provoke a negative reaction from security services, suspicion that the account is being used by intruders.

VPN services can be free or paid, embedded in other solutions like automatic blocking plugins and stand-alone ones. The principle is the same, there is little difference in effectiveness, and the difference is in the stability and speed of the connection. Paid, high-quality VPN solutions ensure that the quality of your connection approximates that of an unmediated connection. At the same time, they reduce the risk of personal and financial data leaks, which are transmitted via the intermediary traffic.

There have been many recent problems with VPNs in Russia. A number of services are blocked by Roskomnadzor and some are forced to stop working, as a built-in solution in the Opera browser. Subscribing to a paid VPN could become useless if that service gets blocked or 1xBet gets nailed.


These are intermediary servers that are suited to circumventing 1xBet's blocking in much the same way as a VPN, when their country of physical residence does not block access to the 1xbet bookmaker's website.

Proxy server addresses usually need to be manually entered in the browser settings. Fast and relatively reliable proxy servers have to be paid for. Their addresses will be displayed instead of the usual 1xBet client IP, which is also fraught with questions from the box's security service. However, for downloading Android and Windows apps, traffic intermediaries like VPNs and Proxies are fine.

Automatic browser plug-ins and anonymisers

These solutions work on traffic intermediary technologies, only they act automatically. They get blocked too, they spoof the client's address with their own. Good plugins are available on a paid subscription basis.

Tor Browser

A browser with built-in onion technology passes the client's traffic through a chain of intermediaries, which helps bypass blocking, but the 1xBet bookmaker's employees may raise unpleasant questions for the user. For app downloads, it's good.

Advice on how to avoid blocking 1xBet

The best alternative to 1xBet for computers and laptops

The easiest way to get around blockages is to use the 1xbet app, which automatically solves the access problem.

The PC app is a cool competitive advantage for 1xBet, which brings many benefits even without blocking bypass - it is fast, consumes less traffic, and updates information automatically

For betting with the functionality of the full 1xbet website, you should use the app for Windows computers from version 7 onwards, called 1XWIN. It is available for download from the office website, which can be accessed by any means available to download the app. The app saves bandwidth, updates information in real time and is less demanding on your computer performance than the website in your browser.

If the client has a Windows operating system older than 7 or a Linux kernel based operating system in general, the custom bookmaker browser - 1XBROWSER - is an excellent solution. It can be downloaded from the 1XWIN PC application page.

1xBet browser will help Linux users and users of older versions of Windows

The best mobile version of 1xbet for mobile gadgets

1xBet apps for Android and iOS give you uninterrupted access to the BK's services. They are faster than the mobile version and save bandwidth and battery life. The apps are also more secure than a tab in the mobile browser.

By accessing 1xBet's mobile app page in any way you can find out key information about them and proceed to download

The Android version of the 1xBet app requires manual download and installation, preferably from the bookmaker's website or other reliable sources like major sports media. There are no bookmaker apps in the Google Play Market app shop due to the total ban of google gambling themes for money.

The iOS version can be found in the built-in search for Apple's app shop. It is installed in the same way as any other app.

Registration, verification and deposit

Filling in the registration form, personal data lines and depositing with 1xBet is best done in the apps - 1xWIN, mobile apps or the customised 1XBROWSER browser.

If this is done using a blocking bypass method on the website, the betting shop's security service may have questions about spoofing the client's address. Risks of leaks of valuable personal and financial data via a traffic intermediary cannot be ruled out either.

Registering, verifying and depositing via mirrors also involves certain risks, above all stumbling upon a phishing page that masquerades as the 1xBet website to steal personal and financial details of the customer, as well as his login and password to access his account.

Frequently asked questions about accessing the 1xBet website

What is the best way to access the 1xBet website?
The only time is via a mirror, VPN or an anonymiser to download the Android mobile app and the Windows/browser app from 1xBet. Further actions and playing in the bookmaker's office is better done in the app for your device. It solves the problem with access to the service automatically.

Why is 1xBet bookmaker's website blocked?
To enforce local law and to clear the local market for legal bookmakers. 1xBet receives taxes from Curacao. 1xBet has many gambling games, which are banned in many countries, including Russia.

1xWin app and 1xBet browser better than full site bookmaker?
In many ways, yes, they provide uninterrupted access to its full capabilities. The Windows app is well optimised, it runs faster and smoother than the tabs in the browser, saving traffic and laptop battery life. And 1xBet's custom browser is specifically tailored to the site only.

Are 1xBet apps for Android and iPhone better than the mobile version of the bookmaker's website?
Yes, much, much more, they automatically bypass blocking and work much better than tabs in the mobile browser. Apps consume less gadget performance resources, making them more responsive, faster. They save bandwidth and battery life. They offer fingerprint authorisation and other security enhancements. And to access the mobile version of the 1xBet website you need a mirror or another way to bypass blocking.

Is circumventing 1xBet's blocking unsafe, risky?
Manually using traffic intermediaries to bypass the blocking of 1xBet and its mobile version is, yes, a solution of questionable security. And automatic blocking bypass in 1xBet's apps is handled by the bookmaker's resources, which already have access to personal and financial data of the client. 1xBet will not pick on its anonymisers as they do third-party ones.

VPNs, proxies and anonymisers for registration, verification and deposit at 1xBet not suitable?
Technically suitable, but there is a high risk of problems. Passing valuable data, such as payment details and personal data, through intermediary traffic is not recommended. The probability of leakage is never zero, even with reputable paid solutions, and security staff at the betting shop will have to be alerted to address spoofing. Traffic intermediaries are therefore rather good for downloading 1xBet apps, which solve the blocking problem automatically.

A 1xBet mirror is not safe, is it a risky way to get to the site?
Sometimes, yes. Fraudulent phishing sites often disguise themselves as mirrors. The username and password you enter to access your personal account, financial information and personal data will fall into the hands of cybercriminals. And the button to go to the mirror site from the intermediary page can lead to a malicious link, or require you to agree to a fraudulent condition.

User comments

Kirill 16/01/2022 21:48
I've been using the 1XWIN web app for a long time, it works even better than the browser site.
Nikolaj 14/02/2022 02:19
I like that 1xBet is developing an app for computers. Going to the website has become unnecessary.
Igor 14/03/2022 20:23
On my laptop, 1xBet for Windows is faster than the website and automatically loads changed odds. On a weak wifi, it works fine.
Michael 15/04/2022 04:01
Apple people are lucky - you don't have to go to 1xBet at all, apple love money too much to fiddle with banning gambling like google.
Mihail 14/05/2022 06:29
1xBet's security people will make you repeatedly check your address when you change it. You can only access via anonymisers if you are not logged in.
Stanislav 13/06/2022 15:28
No one else has as many working mirrors as 1xBet. Finding them is not a problem at all.
Wheeler 12/07/2022 05:54
I downloaded the android app through a mirror and signed up for it already. No problems with blocking.
Nikita 10/08/2022 11:36
1xBet are already too suspicious of customers to give them an excuse for a change of address.
Denis 06/09/2022 09:20
I used to be able to go to the main 1xBet website with the usual address, it somehow managed to bypass the blockage itself. Six months ago it stopped working.
Georgij 08/10/2022 13:13
1xBet has taught people how to circumvent blockages in time. Comes in handy in every way.

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