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Bookmaker 1xBet has a full-featured app for Android gadgets. It is not available on the Google Play market due to Google's total ban on gambling for money in most countries. You need to download the .apk installation file from the 1xBet website, which can be accessed using a mirror or other blocking method. The app is installed manually by running the file and permitting installation from unknown sources.

You can do everything on the Android app just as you can on the full bookmaker's website, but in a gadget-friendly format. The app works smoother and faster than the full page in the browser, and it is also faster than the mobile page. Optimisation also saves traffic and battery life. And users won't have any problems accessing 1xBet's services because of the built-in automatic blocking bypass.

Downloading and installing the 1xBet app for Android

For regular mobile betting and for the sake of better optimisation for the gadget platform, the app should be installed on your smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system from version 5 onwards.

To download the installation file, you need to log in to the 1xBet website, which you can't simply do due to the blocking of offshore bookmakers. There are a number of ways around it.

Bypassing the blocking of the 1xBet website to download the app from it

Mirrors are great for accessing 1xBet's website and downloading the app, even without logging in. You can find the actual mirror by searching for «1xBet»/«1xBet»/«1xBet mirror» and other similar variations in Yandex. Typically, the first or second link in the output will lead to a portal with a button to go to the mirror site 1xBet. It is identical to the BK's page with the regular URL, differing only in the address in the browser bar.

Anonymiser plug-ins for browsers, such as mobile Firefox, most often solve the blocking problem. Even with a slow connection, it is easy to download a small application installer file, which takes about 40 megabytes.

VPN services and Proxy-servers in suitable countries are usually suitable for accessing the 1xBet website and downloading the app distribution. There is no need to fear the costs of traffic intermediaries in this case, because the client does not even log in to the page and does not transfer any valuable data through an intermediary, but simply downloads the app's installation file.

Downloading the 1xBet Android app installation file

A banner inviting you to download the Android version of the appkit will cover the bottom of the screen until the player decides whether to download the distribution or continue using the mobile site

When accessing the mobile version of the BK 1xBet website in the browser of the gadget, the client will be immediately prompted to download the installation file of the Android application. A white «Download 1xBet app» banner with a green «Install» button will appear at the bottom of the screen when it is positioned vertically. Directly below your thumb will be an installation button which will lead to the download of the distribution.

Instead of an item in the main me column, the 1xBet mobile apps section has a separate, highly visible button at the bottom of the screen

You can also start downloading the installation file of the 1xBet Android app from the apps section. The easiest way to access it is from the bottom of 1xBet's mobile page, where there will be a big «Mobile apps» button with a smartphone symbol. It leads to the mobile apps section of the bookmaker, where the green button with the word «Android» will direct the player to the appropriate version and its download button.

The 1xBet mobile apps section and its sub-section on the Android version of the app has not only a download button, but also clear instructions on how to install it

You can also access the mobile apps section from the bottom menu of the full 1xBet website, where you should select Android in the apps column.

Installing the 1xBet app on an Android gadget

The distribution downloaded to your mobile device, the 1xBet.apk installation file, initiates the installation of the 1xBet for Android app on launch.

1xBet's distribution file is not heavy, its name is independent of the current version number

The Google security barrier is removed by allowing the installation of applications from unknown sources, i.e. any app not from Google Play market. This permission is set in the «Security» section of OS settings, but in different branded Android shells there may be changes in the location and name of the setting.

Different Android versions and shells may have different names for this security setting, but you won't have a problem with it in any case

The installation itself is as standard as any other app in the shop, only the user sees the process differently. A shortcut to the app will appear on one of the gadget's desktops, featuring the 1xBet logo in the brand colours.

As with the installation from the shop, you can open a fresh app after completing the installation without bothering to look for the shortcut

Advantages of the 1xBet app compared to the mobile and full site

Speed, responsiveness. On smartphones and tablets with the Android version 5 operating system, the minimum suitable for installing the 1xBet app, even the gadget-adapted version of the page will probably slow down in the browser. 1xBet doesn't have the lightest website, even the mobile version is crammed with modules, graphics and other heavy elements. And the app, thanks to maximum optimization for the platform, will run faster, which is especially relevant on older gadgets. The difference in smoothness and speed will also be noticeable on other, more powerful and newer devices.

1xBet can also watch full-screen video streams on their mobile site, but the app will use fewer resources and the picture may be of higher quality due to this

Saving traffic and battery power. Mobile betting sometimes takes place outdoors, in other places with no power outlets. The low battery consumption due to the reduced system requirements of the application will prolong the gadget's operation without recharging. Network optimisation makes it comfortable to play even on slow internet connections. If you're on a pay-per-play basis, it's the app that will save you the most money.

Improved security. The apps work without a browser, are independent of browser bugs and vulnerabilities, and 1xBet's own bugs are fixed in quick updates. It is also in the apps that it is possible to use hardware-based gadget security options, such as biometric authorisation. And in general, the Android app is better protected than the regular browser's tabbed site. And the app doesn't use third-party traffic mediators like VPNs, Proxies and blockchain-based solutions.

The app ensures uninterrupted access to 1xBet by automatically selecting working mirrors and other in-built solutions to bypass blocking. Playing at offshore 1xBet through the app is much safer than accessing its website or mobile version through traffic intermediaries, who can steal customer data and substitute their own address and geolocation with their own, provoking 1xBet security to become suspicious and check.

Push notifications are also a particular advantage of the 1xBet app compared to the website pages in the browser

Special bonuses. For mobile app users, 1xBet sometimes distributes special promo codes and runs promotions designed for them. Bookmakers benefit from stimulating mobile betting amid the growth of this trend. Such offers appear not only for new customers, but for active players too.

The interface and navigation in the app is generally the same as on the mobile website, and compared to the full 1xBet page, the difference is obvious - you can use the main menu, scroll through the line and spreads and make a coupon in the app with one finger, holding the smartphone vertically. Only for some actions you will need to use your other hand.

Frequently asked questions about the 1xBet app for Android

What can I do in the 1xBet Android app?
The new versions of the 1xBet app have the same functionality as the bookmaker's website, and in terms of security, account security features even surpass it. In the app you can register, including 1-click, use all the functions of your personal account with all the fields filled in, make deposits, get bonuses, bet before and during matches, withdraw money from your account, contact online chat support, watch video broadcasts and infographics with useful data, play other games and do everything else that is possible on the full 1xBet website.

Is it better to sign up on the website or in the 1xBet Android app?
There are no promotions or bonuses available for new customers for registering with 1xBet, but if a potential newcomer has a special promo code for registering with the app, you should fill in the form there. In general, it's better to start working with 1xBet services in the product you are going to use in the future.

The 1xBet Android app is not available on the Russian Google Play market, what can I do?
For Russia and most other countries, Google has introduced a total ban on all gambling-related content in its branded shop. Therefore, you have to download the installation file of the 1xBet Android app manually from the bookmaker's website. You can get there through a mirror, an automatic anonymizer, VPN or Proxy. Once you have downloaded the 1xBet.apk installation file, you must give permission to install apps from unknown sources and run it, then the installation will take place.

Why install the 1xBet app for Android when my mobile site is fast and good?
The 1xBet app for Android bypasses the blocking of this offshore bookmaker automatically and as securely as possible - client data does not go to traffic mediators like VPN and Proxy, but stays on the 1xBet side. The player doesn't have to worry about finding new mirrors, suitable anonymisers. More importantly, the app doesn't change the client's address as intermediaries like proxies and virtual networks do. This means you don't have to worry about 1xBet's security staff being suspicious about third parties using your account.

How do I access the 1xBet website to download the Android app?
You can download the installation file of the 1xBet app for Android without logging into the bookmaker's office and transferring valuable data, so any working method to bypass blocking will do. You can find the 1xBet mirror by typing the bookmaker's name into a Yandex search. Most working VPN services with capacity in different countries, automatic anonymisers, proxy servers in countries where 1xBet is not blocked will also work.

What is the best way to bypass blocking 1xBet for mobile betting with Android?
The best option is to bypass it once by any means to download the installation file of the Android mobile app, and then use the automatic blocking bypass in the 1xBet app. It is the safest, not being a third-party traffic mediator like VPN solutions and Proxy servers. The app doesn't replace the client's location and IP address with its own, as traffic mediators do, which means that the bookmaker's security service won't react to it.

What is the best way to withdraw money from 1xBet on an Android phone?
The important operation of withdrawing money from your 1xBet account should be done in the mobile app of this bookmaker for Android, even if you play mostly on the gadget adapted version of the site. The thing is that when you apply for a withdrawal there is a mandatory check, which also draws attention to the client's IP address and geolocation. And VPNs and Proxies, which sometimes bypass blockers, change them to their own. Mirrors, on the other hand, are fraught with a small risk of running into a phishing site and leaking valuable data when requesting a withdrawal.

User comments

Pavel 07/04/2022 09:44
Tired of having to navigate to the 1xBet website every time from Yandex, the app really makes it easier to get in and saves time.
Serafim 04/06/2022 16:22
It is possible to get the hang of it once to play comfortably afterwards.
Walker 23/07/2022 11:21
Previously the 1xBet app didn't have all the stats, you had to look on the website for them.
Adam 22/09/2022 14:35
The app is more conveniently linked to Google authentificator to strengthen the security of the account.
Emin 11/11/2022 15:49
1xBet releases new versions of the app all too often.
Evgenij 11/01/2023 08:50
The hassle of accessing offshore 1xBet is solved by the app.
Doris 12/03/2023 03:15
Soon it will be possible to use 1xBet's Android app on Windows 11.
Binel 17/05/2023 13:00
1xBet's android app is slow on the old smartphone, but the mobile site is even worse.
Stanislav 15/06/2023 13:26
Registered in 1xBet app with a promo code that increased the welcome bonus. Still didn't win it back.

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