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Logging in to 1xBet

The security and convenience of the client depends on the way and settings for logging in to the private betting office of 1xBet. You can log in to 1xbet in several ways - using your personal id/email address/phone number as your login, or by logging in using a QR code. 1xBet has secure two-factor authentication available, which will make your account more resistant to hacking and theft of your username and password. And the apps have fingerprint authentication, if the user's gadget supports it.

How do I log in to my personal 1xBet account?

To log into your personal account, you need to know your username, or all of them, as well as your 1xbet account password. New customers receive them after registering, so filling in a short registration form is essential to obtain an account and log in.

The registration button is highlighted in green and opens a quick questionnaire for a new customer, which can be completed in one click

Registering for 1xbet

Registering with the 1xBet bookmaker is quick and easy. You can do it in several ways - in 1 click, with linking your phone number, with linking your email address, via one of the accounts in popular social networks, among which Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Yandex,, Telegram and Google are available for Russia.

The method of registration only determines how quickly you get to your personal account, where you will need to complete and link everything else

These options don't differ much from each other, because you still have to link and then confirm your email address and phone number. Instant authorisation via a social network account is as fast as the branded 1-click registration procedure. The automatically generated password can and should be changed in your personal account to a tamper-proof version made up of capital and small letters, numbers and symbols.

The password offered by the office can easily be changed to your own in your personal cabinet; it is generally advisable to change the password every six months to a year.

Right when you sign up, you can choose the welcome bonus option - a sports bonus, which gives a surcharge of up to 120% on your first deposit with a limit of 25000 roubles, or a casino bonus package. The choice can also be deferred for later.

After registering by any means other than phone number, the bookmaker's office will strongly recommend linking and confirming the phone number immediately. This is a really important aspect of security, protecting the user's account. It also strengthens 1xBet's credibility with the new client.

Tie your phone number to your account to protect it with SMS verification codes, a QR-code, and for betting shop client verification in general

Login to 1xBet

After successful registration, logging in to your personal account is automatic. Once you have logged out of your account, the betting client will need to log in again when they want to return to 1xbet. You will also need to log in again in new browsers, on other devices, when changing the IP address and in other cases.

In the personal account settings, there is an option to log out from a specific device or from all devices. It is needed for those customers who open 1xBet on other devices, in public places or at offline betting shops. After this procedure, the user will need to log back into their personal account.

Attention! Going out to register a new account for the same user is pointless. Multi-accounts are strictly forbidden by 1xBet rules, they can be easily identified. The penalties for such a violation are varied - in the best case it will be extremely painful and time-consuming to withdraw the money credited to your account, but it will work out. At worst, account blocking, banning and lengthy proceedings will follow in an attempt to rectify the situation.

Ways to log in to 1xbet

To log in, use the LOG IN button on the top right of the screen. It opens a login form in which you can select one of 3 login options. A personal ID given in the final registration, an e-mail address or a telephone number are suitable. The email and phone number must be linked to the account and confirmed to be used as a login.

The login screen in the new version of the website is almost unchanged from the old one, the login options are changed by the same button with the method symbol

By default, you can log in with an id or an e-mail address. To log in via telephone number, press the button with the handset symbol to the right of the login field.

Under the login line, you must enter your password or copy it into this field.

The "Remember me" checkbox will be used to save your username and password for logging in to 1xBet in the future. It is not necessary to activate this checkbox on other people's/guest's/public devices.

Authorising on the website via one of the social networks is suitable after registering in the same way.

Text-based authorisation may seem more convenient than logging in with a phone number as a login.

SMS code login verification is a great protection for your account, an intruder will not be able to log in without access to the 1xBet account owner's SMS

After logging in to your personal 1xBet account using any of the available methods, the player will see the top-up, message and personal account buttons with a drop-down menu instead of the login and registration button. The menu items are identical to the sub-sections of the personal cabinet, which can be accessed from the left-hand column directly on its page.

The account menu on the new site is now more user-friendly than on the old one, with a drop-down contextual list that allows you to navigate to the relevant section of the personal account without much movement

Two-factor authentication 1xBet

The most secure way to log in to 1xbet is through two-factor authentication using a special Google Authenticator app. It processes a QR code on your phone, which looks like a more reliable alternative to a verification text message.

The google app for two-factor authentication doesn't even need to be found in shops, buttons with links to it are built into 1xBet's security settings bar

To enable two-factor authentication, you need to go to the settings section in your personal cabinet of 1xBet and allow authorisation by QR-code. In the Security section there is a two-factor authentication tab, which requires you to download and install the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. It is available in all app shops. You then need to confirm the second factor of authentication after entering the usual password and login.

Many people have this app to strengthen the protection of other accounts, not just for 1xBet.

When requesting a withdrawal from your account, especially in the case of large payouts, it is strongly recommended that you log in with two-factor authentication. This will reduce the suspicion of 1xBet's security service about the possibility of a customer's account being hacked or used by third parties.

QR code authorisation

In the old version of the 1xBet bookmaker's website, normal authorisation by reading the cursor code with your phone without the Google Authenticator app, but with the 1xbet app, is also available. The reliability of this method is roughly comparable to logging in via SMS. The main security risk is the loss/theft of the phone and its unlocking.

The button with the recognisable QR code symbol is located almost in the middle of the screen

To use it, enable QR code authorisation in the settings of your personal account and confirm your phone number or email address.

The instructions on the picture speak for themselves - the QR codes have an expiry date, after which they need to be renewed if they were not read in the last session

The QR code entry button with the QR code symbol is located to the left of the top-up button and the funds display on the account.

Password recovery

If you lose your password or have other problems entering it, a password reset option is available to the linked email address or phone number.

Password recovery at 1xBet works as standard as with most other services; the bookmaker's office has not invented anything of its own here

To recover your password, click on "Forgot your password?" in the login form. There you are prompted to choose the means of contact where the temporary password will be sent - email or phone. If either of these is linked and confirmed, the choice is removed.

Ban email authorisation in 1xbet

Account settings and the security tab are best accessed immediately after registration, as is linking your phone number, these are important things to protect your account

Authorisation with an email address as a login is one of the most insecure ways of logging in to your personal account. You can disable this authorisation option in the settings of your personal account by activating the "Deny authorisation by email" tick box or on the same action in the "Security" section, where a separate tile is dedicated to this.

Frequently asked questions about logging in to 1xBet

What is the best way to log in to 1xBet?
On a personal device, preferably by setting up two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator smartphone app. It is best to use the phone number or personal id of 1xBet as your login. Logging in with a login as an email address is recommended to be disabled in the settings.

How do I log in to 1xBet on someone else's computer?
It is better to avoid this, as it is impossible to reduce subsequent risks to zero. If absolutely necessary, you should use a login using SMS or two-factor authentication, so that it is not possible to reauthenticate without your phone. Also, on other people's or shared or public computers, you should not activate the checkbox to remember the password with the login form.

How do I protect my login to 1xBet?
Make up and save a complex password made up of a combination of different-case letters, numbers and symbols, and then change it to a new one after six months. Set up two-factor authentication and use it, especially for withdrawal requests. Disable logging in with an email address as a login. The smartphone app should use fingerprint authentication, but it does not protect against bandits and torture.

Does logging in to my personal 1xBet depend on how I sign up?
In the beginning, yes, but this will not last long, because you will still need to specify the other means of communication. Authorisation through a social network will be available after such registration, but it is not the most secure option for logging in to your personal account.

Is it better to replace the system-generated password with your own to log in to your personal 1xBet account?
This won't be out of place, especially if your own password proves to be better protected against being picked. Not having to worry about numerous reports of spontaneous losing bets will be easier with a change of password than with the one offered by the office.

For two-factor authentication can 1xBet scan the QR-code with a camera?
The Google Authenticator app is designed for this purpose. You need to install it from the Apple or Google shop, depending on your device's operating system.

Can I activate the remember my username and password checkbox to log in to my personal 1xBet account?
On your own personal or home device, of course, yes. On office and shared computers it is no longer recommended, and on other people's and public computers it is not secure at all. However, the SMS verification code and two-factor authentication protect the account of clients using them, even if the username and password are leaked.

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Demid 09/02/2022 03:00
I still filled in my email, linked my phone, entered personal details and even my registration address - 1-click login doesn't really speed things up.
Lev 15/03/2022 14:48
At 1xBet, only 1-click bets are quicker than a normal coupon, but in myAlpari you have to fill everything in one way or another.
Grigorij 16/04/2022 12:31
How will the bookmaker justify spontaneous betting with two-factor identification? Don't be lazy to set it up. It's all about money and personal data.
Rodion 11/05/2022 10:55
It is not for nothing that they ask you to confirm your phone as soon as you sign up. The text code verification only gives the owner of the smartphone access to the battery.
Vincent 15/06/2022 06:41
I had to do a second verification after logging in from different IPs. 1xBet is picky about everything.
Ruslan 17/07/2022 05:20
I doubt the 1xBet ID is reliable. Why can't they be disabled as an email?
Aleksej 22/11/2022 17:58
Many bonuses aren't given until you link your email and phone number. It makes no difference how you sign up. It's safer to sign in via your phone.

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