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How do I download 1xbet to my computer?

The 1xbet betting site is blocked in many countries, including Russia. An offshore Curacao licence is not enough to operate legally in countries that regulate betting and gambling themselves. To get to the 1xbet website and use all the features of its full version, you can only use universal blocking circumvention methods or specially developed 1xbet solutions. You can download them to your computer and get uninterrupted access to the services of 1xbet. In addition to automatic blocking circumvention, some software for computers has other advantages.

1Xbet's range of products for computers includes a full site analogue for Windows called 1XWIN, a similar application for Mac OS devices, specially optimised browsers for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and a smart bookmark for normal browsers and its analogue in the form of the 1XBetAccess utility. The bookmaker's functionality also includes a Telegram messenger bot, which can also be downloaded to your computer and used for betting.

Download 1xbet on your computer

The monitor symbol on the button better reflects the essence of the button than the outdated caption - it's not just the Windows version of the app

All desktop and laptop solutions are now collected in a section with two paths: the Windows app button at the top of the screen and the "Windows" bottom navigation item. The adjacent "Access problems" item is still not working, which is where blocking products like the 1XBetAccess utility used to be offered, which automatically leads to active mirror bookmarks for popular browsers, recommended VPNs and channels for receiving fresh mirrors by email and text message.

Smart bookmarking, a utility to show a fresh mirror, all other blockchain-only products should be returned to the access problems section, which leads to an invalid link

In the Windows apps section, which will be the name until this is tweaked in 1xbet, there is a choice between two filters - "All apps" and "Windows apps".

The height of the columns allows two other operating systems to be added there, but for now this item leads to Windows solutions, and the others have to be scrolled to manually

1xbet apps for Windows

This sub-section contains everything that is suitable for Windows computers.

In addition to 1XWIN itself, the browser, smart bookmarking and a utility to find the current mirror are also suitable for Windows

This is primarily the 1XWIN app, which opens the full bookmaker's website, automatically updates data and saves traffic. The optimisation makes it run smoother and faster than the tabs on the 1Xbet website in the browser, which makes a big difference when you're using the full version of the page.

It also offers the 1XBROWSER custom browser for Windows from older versions that are not supported by the app.

Other 1xbet solutions to bypass blocking on the computer are shown with all apps filtered or scrolling in the output for Windows

The smart bookmark works with popular Windows browsers. Like its counterpart, the simple program 1XBetAccess, which, when opened, shows the address of the current BK 1Xbet website mirror.

Download 1xbet app for computer


It is not a difficult task at all, and the result is that the player will get the best full-format betting solution on his computer or laptop. The 1XWIN application can be downloaded from its page by clicking on the "Download" button, selecting the installation address or agreeing to the default one, then confirm the installation and run the software via its shortcut.

Apple computers have their own version of the app, an analogue of the full site, which 1xbet has not been as successful in naming as the Windows version

1xBet app for Mac OS

The Mac OS version of the 1xbet app is also downloaded and installed in the standard way for that operating system.

Browsers from 1xbet for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

1XBROWSER browsers for different operating systems can also be downloaded from the 1XBET applications page for computer and installed like any other software for that operating system.

The smart bookmark is one of the simplest and most convenient all-in-one solutions to avoid blocking the BK website, and 1xbet even tells you how to add it to different browsers

1xBet smart bookmark for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browsers

The smart bookmark for your browser, which automatically goes to the currently working 1xBet mirror, can simply be dragged to the bookmarks panel or added as a context menu item. It depends on each browser.

1xBet's smart bookmark looks like this in the Opera browser's bookmark bar and can be renamed and moved around

Quick search tool to find a working mirror for 1xBet

The 1XBetAccess utility simply downloads, follows the standard installation instructions and then launches it in any way you like. It will show a small window with the 1xBet website mirror working right now.

1xBet shows an example of how the mirror finder works - click on its link to open the mirror in your browser

Betting on 1xBet via Telegram

The Telegram messenger for 1xBet betting via the bookmaker bot can be downloaded from your operating system's app shop or directly from the project's official website. The bot @bot1xbetbot works for betting directly via Telegram.

Maybe Durov will disable the 1xBet bot as well, citing the illegal status of the bank in Russia, but as long as the bot works

Recommended VPNs

1xBet also offers downloadable third-party VPN solutions to access their site. This is a dubious alternative to official mirrors and specially designed products from the bookmaker. VPN service blocking is becoming more and more frequent, a trend that is sure to intensify in the near future. And the reliability of access to a site with important personal data and money in your account via a traffic intermediary is a priori lower than via mirrors from 1xBet itself and products developed by the bookmaker.

Advantages of 1xBet products for the computer

The main advantage they have in common is the automatic bypass of the 1xbet website blocking. The bookmaker has taken care to ensure uninterrupted access to its services for customers wishing to gamble. The choice of solutions in the lineup is impressive - applications, browsers, live mirror display utility, bookmarks for popular browsers. Anyone can find the most convenient, suitable one.

Apps - analogues of the full 1xbet website

Apps for Windows and Mac OS are optimised to the full 1xBet website, which gives better performance in terms of speed and laptop traffic/ battery economy.

The convenience aspect there is also worked out - instead of manually refreshing the page in browsers, updated data, up-to-date information will simply be loaded.

Smart bookmarking for browsers and the 1XBetAccess utility

These simple solutions perform their function extremely conveniently and quickly. Added to your browser's bookmark bar, the 1xBet smart bookmark will be a guaranteed link to the bookmaker's website. And the 1XBetAccess utility performs the same function of launching a shortcut from the desktop, taskbar or start menu.

1XBROWSER browser

It would be a suitable alternative to applications for computers and laptops whose operating systems are not suitable for installing fresh versions of 1XWIN and MacOS software. And the Linux version of 1xBet browser may seem like a more convenient solution than switching to a mirror one way or the other.

Optimisation in a custom browser for a betting site is inferior to the efficiency of apps, but should still give a significant advantage over a normal 1xBet website tab in a normal browser.

Frequently asked questions about 1xBet products for the computer

What is the best way to play 1xBet on the computer?
1XWIN for Windows or the Mac OS version. If your version of the operating system allows them to be installed, these applications will be faster than other solutions, and they are likely to be more convenient for most users.

Are smart bookmarks from 1xBet and 1xBetAccess better than finding mirrors manually?
Yes. These products provide an up-to-date mirror in a second, saving players time. More importantly, the smart bookmark and its counterpart utility only provide official mirrors from 1xBet itself. Such insurance against phishing and other fraudulent fakes is very useful. The ease of operation of these solutions will be an additional argument in their favour against manually searching for mirrors.

Are 1xBet products using mirrors better than VPN services?
Yes, especially in recent times when VPNs have also been persecuted and blocked. More importantly, 1xBet mirrors are not traffic intermediaries or third-party services like VPNs. The bookmaker's customer data is better protected when using official mirrors and the apps, browsers, bookmarks and utilities from 1xBet itself that use them. The client's address is not spoofed by the address and geolocation of the anonymiser, which is sometimes poorly handled by the security service of the office.

1xBet still offers Russian customers the Opera browser and says it has a built-in VPN, does it work?
Not anymore in Russia. The built-in VPN has been removed from Opera for Russian users at the request of the regulator. betting company 1xBet is working on a new website, not having time to update much on the old one. The app sections are likely to be called Windows for that reason.

Should I download the Mac OS version of the 1xBet app for Apple computers from the Windows section?
So far, yes. The company did not change the name of the PC apps section after transferring there solutions from the blockchain circumvention and appka versions for other operating systems. The Windows version has long been the only one and remains basic, probably due to the overlap in naming - 1XWIN and Windows. Download any product for different computers from this section.

Is the 1xBetAccess app better than 1xBet's smart browser bookmark?
They all work in the same way, offering a link to the currently working 1xBet website mirror. The only difference is the implementation - a regular bookmark for popular browsers or a simple utility. The choice between them is a matter of convenience for each individual player.

Can't install 1xBet for Windows/Mac OS, what can I do?
Use a special browser called 1XBROWSER, which is suitable for older versions of Windows, Mac OS and is available for Linux, for which 1xBet does not have an app. An alternative would be a smart bookmark or a utility to go to a working 1xBet website mirror. You can bet via 1xBet's Telegram bot or receive the official mirror by text or email. VPNs and other anonymisers are worse for betting.

User comments

Sergej 02/01/2022 12:17
1xBet hid everything except the Windows app, took a long time to get into the bypass section, it leads to an error page.
Marjam 24/01/2022 10:44
Smart bookmarking is good for a powerful computer - in a simple browser it will take you 100% to 1xBet's website in a second.
Albert 24/02/2022 08:32
I like the 1xBet app for Windows, it's like an improved version of the site, a pumped up shell.
Konstantin 24/03/2022 10:17
1xBet are the best at circumventing blockages, they have taken advantage of every possible way. Others can learn from them.
Nazar 01/05/2022 06:02
I hope 1xBet has no employees in Russia who can be threatened with criminal charges after unsuccessful attempts to block them.
Aleksandr 07/07/2022 06:05
Why do we need a branded browser when we have 1xBet's smart bookmark? Is it for tying customers in?
Inal 06/09/2022 12:28
You don't need to download the 1xBet smart bookmark, just add it to your browser. You don't have to search for book mirrors manually.
Jan 01/10/2022 19:24
The 1xWin app is good for laptops on the go, as good as the mobile version for saving traffic and battery.
Demjan 29/11/2022 05:04
The office is well prepared for a likely increase in blocking.
Vasja 05/01/2023 22:54
I use the 1xBet smart bookmark - what could be more convenient?

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