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How to delete a 1xBet account

There are a number of reasons why you might want to delete your 1xBet betting account. Unfortunately, there is no such option in 1xbet's functionality, you will have to use alternative solutions. The problem is that deleting an account is excluded by the rules of the office, and the customer data will somehow remain in the betting databases, which are exchanged between different companies to counteract infringers.

The reason must be well articulated, which may include voluntarily withdrawing yourself from the game, dealing with an attack of addiction, or taking a long term break. You can use these as an argument to contact 1xBet support and ask for your account to be deleted. At best, the bookmaker's office will "freeze" the player's account so that the client can return later if desired. You can also freeze your account yourself.

Deleting an account at 1xBet

An alternative to completely deleting a client's account and personal data from 1xbet, which is not possible under the terms of the player's cooperation with the office, would be several ways of deactivating the account.

Before you deactivate your account, you should withdraw the rest of the money from your account, you can finish wagering the bonuses - in case you succeed at least partially.

Contacting technical support

It is best to contact 1xBet's support team in writing (email, chat or feedback form).

A's can freeze an account, but you have to get the right person to do it.

A well-formulated reason, which does not appear to be an emotional/spontaneous decision, but rather a considered, considered and even unavoidable choice, is essential.

The aforementioned attempts to voluntarily withdraw from gambling, to overcome a worsening gambling addiction or to take a long break are therefore more suitable than other motives.

Scandals in audio calls, emoticon-laden angry messages and any kind of over-the-top emotion will not do. It should be understood that this is not a request based on a contract and a player's rights, but rather a request.

Maybe if you give feedback directly from within the cabinet, the request will be taken more seriously - the form is in the support section of the left-hand column of your personal cabinet

As specific channels of communication, we can recommend the feedback form in the personal cabinet, the 1xBet security email address or online chat.

Don't overload the message with unnecessary text and passions, brevity and correctness will help

A probable account freeze will make sure that the account is deactivated and can only be accessed again through a similar application to 1xBet betting shop support.

A letter addressed to the security service may be more likely to be understood

Changing the password in 1xBet's private office

Once the password has been changed, it is advisable not to recall the option to restore it, so as not to throw away the SIM of the linked phone or get rid of the email address

There is a form to change your password in the "Security" section of 1xbet's personal account. To deactivate your account in a peculiar way, you can change your password to a super-complex password that cannot be remembered. Without writing it down anywhere, without saving this password, the client will not be able to quickly return to their account after logging out.

Logging out of 1xBet in any way to make it difficult to access your account would be useful, you can do so directly from the left-hand column of your personal account

You can log out of your 1xBet account using the bottom item from the left column of your personal cabinet or the exit button at the top of the screen, which has an open door arrow symbol on it.

The arrow button duplicates the logout point, it will also ask for confirmation

The option of resetting the password to the linked and verified phone number and email address will remain, but this is a more complicated and time-consuming procedure than simply logging into the account.

Confirming the action will help you to recognise it and take it more easily as a thoughtful, confident decision

Automatic account blocking at 1xBet for inaction

1xBet has a policy of automatically freezing accounts that have been inactive for several months. The exact period varies from time to time, usually 3-4 months. This measure is needed to prevent inactive accounts from being sold or misused, and to prevent the betting company from having problems with inactive accounts.

Simply doing nothing in your account is enough for this blocking to work itself out after a few months.

Extreme, not recommended methods

A blocked 1xBet account can easily be triggered by breaking the rules, but the side effect will be the probable inability to return to 1xbet and possibly play at other betting shops. betting shops exchange customer databases with each other, especially those who break the rules, to cut them off from service. However, if you need to abandon betting altogether, you can "burn your bridges" by using a second account or any other gross violation of the rules.

It is absolutely forbidden to transfer/sell the account to anyone at all, as the personal details of the person who registered it are used in the account. The original owner of the account will be responsible for any illegal actions and violations of the rules. And the bookmaker is quick to spot and nip in the bud the change of clients, often even without additional verification.

Attempts to change the entered information to "trash" or to delete the data will be futile. They are stored in BC's databases, not in your personal cabinet, and verified approved data is not simply changed.

Frequently asked questions about deleting an account at 1xBet

Is it possible to delete an account from 1xBet?
On their own, no. The bookmaker probably won't do it either. The betting company leaves the possibility of the client returning in the future, at best deactivating the account for a while. Customer data, personal information is not irretrievably deleted either.

The easiest way to get a 1xBet account deactivated is by inaction?
Yes. You don't have to do anything to do it. And it becomes a condition, a path to the intended goal. A few months of inactivity will result in an automatic freezing of the account.

1xBet doesn't have the functionality to play responsibly?
In its full modern sense, no. Voluntary account blocking should be part of it, as should limiting account and coupon maximums and other measures. Selling bets by cashout should no longer be regarded as an option for responsible gambling.

Asking to delete an account at 1xBet should be polite?
Yes. The bookmaker is more willing to do this favour if he is aware of the prospect of a loyal customer returning in the future. Under the terms of the game, the bookmaker's office is not obliged to delete customer accounts and data, it will be a request whose chances of being at least partially satisfied will be increased by politeness.

Can't I remove my details from 1xBet?
Yes. Bookmakers value this valuable information, use it to counteract perpetrators and share it with each other. Of course, such valuable data cannot be irretrievably deleted from betting databases. This is regulated by the rules.

Can't delete a 1xBet account with the wrong details to create a new one?
It is strictly forbidden to create another account, even if the old one has an error that is difficult to correct, which makes it impossible to verify and for any other reason. Contact support to correct the data error, rather than face a total ban for multi-accounts.

User comments

Jan 03/01/2022 23:34
If you control yourself, 1xBet has the easiest time waiting for a block for inaction.
Porter 03/02/2022 00:11
Offshore offices lack measures to deal with gambling addiction, painful attacks. On the contrary, they encourage gambling and profit from addicts.
Leon 10/03/2022 22:01
1xBet and other illegal bookmakers rely on self-control, they don't work in a responsible game.
John 21/03/2022 03:22
The communication with 1xBet's support in itself encourages me to score on this office without going back to my account. They help as much as they can.
Denis 06/04/2022 23:02
Yeah, change your password at 1xBet, abandon your email account, throw away your phone - that's how you isolate yourself from the game.
Ibragim 21/04/2022 01:49
I try not to miss the first signs of uncontrollable excitement, it's best not to go to the beeches with them.
Davis 20/05/2022 11:45
1xBet is just waiting for you to fly off into a gambling addiction, what account deletion and responsible gambling...
Sanchez 20/06/2022 17:55
Delete something from the internet, even personal data - wouldn't dream of it.
Platon 19/07/2022 03:59
It's easier to switch to something else, replace an out-of-control game at 1xBet with something else. Treat cancellation syndrome with safe substitution.
Svjatoslav 15/08/2022 20:31
They won't delete the account permanently, even if they lie about it!

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