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How to bet on an express

A parlay is a compound bet consisting of 2 or more single events, also known as a 'parlay'. 1xBet encourages players to bet in parlays, runs promotions related to parlays and requires players to redeem bonus points in some promotions by betting in parlays.

The essence of a parlay is to multiply the odds of the events that are included in a composite bet. At the same time, the bookmaker's margin of the markets included in the parlay is multiplied.

In order for the parlay to play, all of the events in the parlay must be entered. If at least one market in the parlay loses, then the entire bet will not play. The attractiveness of the total odds of a parlay from the multiplied quotations of the composite events is balanced by the multiplication of their margins.

How to bet a multi-fold at 1xbet betting company

Registered 1xBet customers with money in their account can place bets, including quick bets.

To place an express bet, you will need to register using one of the following methods: 1-click, phone number linking, email confirmation or an account on one of the popular social networks. In reality, these options do not differ much from each other, you will still have to fill in the rest of the details afterwards.

It is better to enter personal details and information about yourself on the personal details page in your profile before funding your account. If any problems arise, at least the client will not be faced with a hanging amount of money at the BK. This is how 1xBet verifies your identity and age of majority, which is also required for offshore bookmakers.

You can top up your account using any of the methods offered on the corresponding page. The green button with the dollar symbol at the top of the screen or directly from your personal account.

1xbet express betting

You can access your betting options from the left-hand navigation, the LINE section with pre-match betting, the LIVE section with live events, the eSports section, from the hot match tiles, or directly from the home screen

Because a parlay must consist of at least 2 single bets, you must select the first market from the pre-match line or from the LIVE events. At 1xBet, the easiest way to access the list of available tournaments and matches is via the left-hand column, where the LINE and LIVE top is easily switched with the same-name buttons.

A parlay can be made up of both prematch events and live markets at the same time. You cannot add markers from the same schedule to a single bet, from which only one betting option can be selected.

The selected betting option at 1xBet turns blue and the number (1) appears opposite the coupon

Once the first market has been selected for the parlay, move on to the second market. Once the second betting option has been found and activated, the player will see the number 2 in front of the betting slip. It means that the potential bet ticket contains two selected events, which are sufficient for a Parlay.

The second event is selected from the office's recommended likely markets, which are quoted by the average odds and are highlighted in yellow

Selecting a betting type at 1xBet

When you open the betting tab, the player will see "Parlay" automatically selected in the bet type field. If instead of a parlay they offer an exotic variation, of which 1xBet has many, you can manually select the express option from the drop-down menu.

Coupons of two or more events are suitable for express betting, which will be selected as the default bet type

Total factor

Below the final odds of the parlay will be the exact odds option, which you can set and wait for as the odds gradually change under the influence of different events and slippage

The odds of a parlay are already shown as a total, the sum of the multiplied odds of the composite events. Even for pre-match, 1xBet offers the option of exact odds, at which the intended bet will be automatically placed. Once you have entered the exact odds you might expect the odds of the events you are interested in to change and rise. However, the bet will not be placed if the odds do not increase in the end. This function is much more useful for betting on the course of matches.

Setting the betting amount at 1xBet

To simplify and speed up the betting process, 1xBet has many options relating to the betting amount and its increments

The 1xbet bookmaker has the option of setting the betting increments and a quick betting function with a predetermined denomination for quick coupons. These settings are available directly in the coupon, indicated by their buttons with a gear symbol opposite the relevant fields.

Confirmation of a coupon at 1xbet

Above the confirmation button there are useful options for reacting to changes in odds and a line for entering a promo code, if the player has one

The green "DO BET" button, when clicked on, will place the bet contained in the betting slip, which will be moved to the active betting tab next to the slip tab. Waiting for the development of the events included in the express. If at least one of them loses, it is not necessary to wait for the completion of the others - the bet will not come in. Of course, this condition does not apply to promotional expresses with insurance against the failure of one event or other variants of insurance bets.

1xBet promotions with expresses

LIVE express of the day and express of the day

Unlike the fast trains in the picture, the express trains of the day are only likely to lose out, so assess the events included thoughtfully

1xbet compiles daily ready-to-win betting odds from pre-match events and live matches. The final odds of these promotional doubles are increased by 10% by adding an unconditioned market to their event list, but with a quotation of 1.1.

Having finished scrolling through the main events, the line or the list of live events, the player stumbles upon the 1xBet staff's daily expresses for pre-match and live events, which, for obvious reasons, are not always available

You can view the currently available Daypacks and Live Daypacks at the bottom of the main screen, in the LINE and LIVE sections. You can scroll through the variants of the Daypacks by using the left and right arrows in their module headers.

Disabling the multi day windows in the general settings will make the 1xBet page easier, and you can bring them back if needed

The Express of the Day and LIVE Express of the Day modules can finally be disabled in the settings. These options can be opened using the gear symbol button at the top of the screen.

Winning 1xBet bonus points in expresses

Perhaps most of the bonus points will have to be converted into real currency just in expresses, such are the harsh terms and conditions of the promotion, which must be read carefully

A lot of 1xbet promotions, starting with the welcome bonus on your first deposit for sports betting, require you to wager the bonus points just by betting the parlay type. The terms and conditions of the promotion specify their minimum odds and the number of times the bonus amount needs to be rolled for it to be converted into real money and credited to your main betting account.

To successfully withdraw your bonus from 1xBet, it is important to be good at multi betting and understand the special features of this type of betting.


The jackpot for fans of titanic parlays may be less than the winnings of such a 45-event parlay

EFFECT M is a competition amongst players who wager giant jackpots of 45 or more events. 1xBet is giving away an impressive jackpot and a personalised gold ring to customers who place bets of 200 roubles or more. The prize pool grows with the length of each new promotion.

Score a nine

A useful promotion for entertaining steam trainers, with a dozen matches on a game day rich in them no problem

This promotion involves expresses of 10 events with odds from 1.6 for each event. If 9 out of 10 events are played and the parlay ends up losing, 1xBet will compensate 9% of the winnings with the total multiplication of the odds of the 9 events entered.

Battle of the Expresses

This promotion is rather designed to encourage betting large sums on expresses, which usually feature just a modest denomination because of the high odds and chances of losing

This is a competition for the biggest jackpot amongst 1xBet customers. Every month, attractive prizes like Apple gadgets, freespins and impressive bonus points are raffled off amongst them.

Promo codes for Expresses in the promo code showcase

Points that can be spent in the promo code shop can also be converted into freebies with singles, which are easier to win back than promotional spreads with 3 events and quotes from 1.6

Some 1xBet bonus promotions can be used to buy promo codes in the bookmaker's promo code shop. There, promo codes are available for general and discipline-specific betting odds. The winnings for bets placed using coupons from the shop will be credited to your betting account in full, with the par value of the betting amount.

Betting insurance of up to 100%

Expresses can also be insured, which can be a better compromise than a cashout.

Features of express bets

The deceptive appeal of the Express

1xBet, like many other bookmakers, likes expresses very much for their multiplied margins and low odds of going in. Bookmakers make a lot of money on express bets, which totals up to cover the rare big winnings of the going in parlays. An impressive volume of parlay bets, thanks to a mass of bets from newcomers, overly gamblers and high odds fans, is replenished by the parlay bets placed in 1xBet promotions. And bonus points from deposit bonuses and other promotions require wagering in parlays precisely because of the complexity of these conditions.

Serious expresses are difficult to make

A quality express with a good chance of going in is extremely difficult to make. Even two good singles are difficult to choose, let alone more.

Express bets have many alternatives, and there are other types of bets built on expresses. These can be used to fine-tune your prediction, but it is far more likely for a beginner to get confused than to really benefit. At 1xBet, almost all variations of express bets are available, including exotic ones.

As a rule, a well-designed and well-prepared express consists of a small number of events, with odds also rarely exceeding two.

Serious expresses are often used as a substitute for under-quoted singles, but the multiplied margin at the office is maximum, a factor that must be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Expresses are good for recreational betting

When you want to get some excitement out of following several events around the same time on a busy evening, expresses are a great substitute for multiple singles.

Expression bets are usually small, so there is no shame in losing them, and you can have just as much fun as a series of single bets on each match. Watching these games, getting involved in them, and experiencing the action with a parlay can be just as interesting, but at a lower cost. If you win, you can also enjoy the high odds. It's like a sports lottery, quite exciting if you take it lightly.

For amateur, fast recreational betting, some 1xBet Day Matches are well suited. Some of these are made up of Champions League games, national team tournaments and other events that you want to follow, for example. These bets can be placed in a matter of seconds.

One of the disadvantages of parlays as entertainment is the high chance of early failure, when it is clear that one of the events in a parlay will fail. The whole bet is then lost, making it impossible to follow the rest of the matches with the same pleasure. Parlay insurance and the "Score to the Nine" promotion helps in such cases, to prolong the engagement. Like betting on totals greater than different figures, on a fait accompli of an action, a player's appearance on the field.

Frequently asked questions about parlay betting at 1xBet

Why do I have to wager my 1xBet bonuses as expresses?
Because it is difficult to do. The temptation is great to put together a lot of selections, so that the multiplier is high. But the more choices in a Parlay, and the higher the odds, the lower the chance of winning. And the lower the odds of the events in a Parlay, the higher the multiplied margin of the bookmaker in that Parlay.

Is it profitable to bet in 1xBet multi-folds?
No rather than yes. Parlays are primarily profitable for bookmakers because of their deceptive appeal to punters. Multiplied parlay odds entice newcomers and gamblers, who make many mistakes when making a parlay. But 1xBet's low margin is generally good for playing serious expresses of a couple of events with relatively low odds there. And in general, expresses are good as entertainment.

At 1xBet, is it better to bet long expresses or short ones?
It depends on their purpose. For fun, emotion-boosting purposes, long expressions of a bunch of events on the same day are good. Rarely do they win, surprising the player with impressive winnings. But more often it is the failure of 1-2 events that makes the whole train lose. And short odds are better suited to serious betting.

Are systems and other multi-fold bets at 1xBet better than regular multi-folds?
It depends. Betting on a combination of or on the basis of a multi-fold is even more difficult than a normal parlay. But they mostly don't get derailed by a single unplayed event either. If you like to wager thoughtfully, exotic parlay betting is a good bet. For serious betting, it's a specialised tool for rare occasions.

Is the 1xBet Score to Nine promotion good for expresses?
It is well suited to entertaining parlays, as the promotion requires them to consist of 10 events. Serious odds and ends are rarely this long at all. And picking up a dozen interesting games that you want to follow with a buzz of excitement is nice and easy. A consolation insurance of 9% for 9 events played can offset the betting amount and even bring a small winnings.

Should I wager my deposit from my 1xBet account in expresses to withdraw it?
This is highly discouraged, as you only need to spin at odds of 1.1 to withdraw your own money. Expresses are very vulnerable, they are not well suited to low return games due to their unreliability. A Parlay with a total odds of 1.1 or more is likely to be very much inferior to a well-chosen order with such a quote.

If one of the events in a 1xBet parlay fails, how will the bet be calculated?
According to 1xBet betting rules, such an event will receive odds of 1, which will not affect the multiplication of the odds of the other composite events of the express. If the other markets play, the parlay will win slightly less than it originally would have, but it will not depend on the outcome of the cancelled event.

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Martha 08/01/2022 16:07
I don't like wagering bonuses with marching jackets with odds of 1.6 and over. 1xBet makes wagering so difficult instead of a big wager.
Danil 27/02/2022 02:45
Charge into the steamroller for fun markets with no, less than, 0, events cannot happen, they can lose quickly in advance.
Viktor 01/04/2022 00:09
1xBet calculates some stats differently - don't put them in expresses to avoid screwing up the whole train!
Salazar 05/05/2022 16:27
1xBet isn't shy about flaunting the bookmaker's love of expresses, no one else has so many promotions for them.
Miroslav 09/06/2022 03:25
Steamers are a popanian pastime, try to make a good express of a pair of singles that will turn out better than a single bet.
Richard 03/07/2022 19:11
I've been chasing giant parlay odds in a fit of ludomania, but at least it doesn't hurt to lose small amounts.
Egor 01/08/2022 01:51
Expression of the day at 1xBet is similar to what you would do for the evening. The quick bet and the tithe premium are pleasing.
Jaromir 30/08/2022 04:29
The whole 1xBet bonus thing is a dick move because of the parlay. They should have a decent odds election with 3 or more events, good luck!
Vjacheslav 28/10/2022 11:20
Expresses on the tops will not lose before the end of matches. On game day, you can charge them up and are guaranteed to stay in tone until the final whistle.
Sofija 31/12/2022 23:30
I've been betting on more cards, goals, stats to get them to the end of simultaneous matches. 1xBet has a bunch of markets with totals in the spreads.

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