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Olympics 2022 promotion at 1xBet

1xBet has launched an "ICE-WINS" themed promotion for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, with prizes for actively betting on the Olympics.

For every 1xbet Winter Olympics 2022 bet worth 300 roubles or more, players are given promotional tickets. The number of tickets depends on the face value of the bet - the bigger it is, the more tickets are given for that bet.

Prizes will be randomly drawn among all participants in the promotion and the entire mass of tickets they received on 22 February, the main one being 5 laptops. There are also ultrabooks, smartphones, tablets, smart watches and speakers, headphones and 1xBet bonus points in the prize pool.

How can I enter the 1xBet betting odds draw for betting on the Beijing 2022 Olympics?

A simplified process for entering the prize draw is shown in this picture, but you need to be well aware of the rules of the promotion and confirm your entry to ensure that you don't go without tickets

Any registered 1xbet user with a positive gaming account balance can participate in the "ICE-WINS" promotion for the 2022 Winter Olympics from 1 to 20 February. To do so, you must find the promotional button in the hot offers slider and click on the green "Participate" button, which is not a confirmation of participation, but simply opens the themed page.

You can also get to 1xBet's Olympic Promotions section via the PROMO top menu item, its "Promotions" sub-item and the "ICE-WINS" offer in the drop-down list.

The condition for clicking on the ENTER PARTICIPATE button on the promotion page is specifically mentioned in the summary of the entry guide

Confirm your participation in the 2022 Winter Olympics by clicking on the ICE-WINS button on the ICE-WINS page and a notification will appear with a green tick and the words "Participation confirmed". You must click on "OK" in the notification.

After clicking on the ACCEPT TO BOOK button at the top or bottom of the ICE-WINS promotion page you should see this notice and the green button will change to CREATE BID

Accumulation of "ICE-WINS" promotional tickets for betting on the Olympics 2022 at 1xBet betting house

The 1xbet Olympic promotion page and its rules specify the number of valid tickets for betting on the Olympics in different denominations. For example, for a bet of 300 roubles or more you get 1 ticket, while for 500+ you get 3 and for 1000+ you get as many as 10. The higher the value of the bet, the "cheaper" the tickets are. Tickets are awarded automatically when bets are calculated.

Because of the not-so-accurate interpretation of the condition with denominations, when the word "exceed" the specified number is used in one place, it is better to bet on 301, 501, etc. rubles.

Here is a graphical representation of the number of tickets awarded in relation to the face value of a bet on an Olympic event at 1xBet

There is no limit to the number of promotional bets on Olympic events, the main thing is not to miss out on the suitable markets, which are best selected in 1xBet's special Olympic section "BEIJING-2022". View your accumulated tickets by clicking on the white "My Tickets" button in the top right-hand corner of the promotion page.

Prizes in the 1xBet "ICE-WINS" Olympic bookmaker promotion

Bookmaker 1xbet is raffling off Chinese gadgets from major manufacturers Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi and TWS in a promotion for the Beijing Olympics.

Lenovo inherited a lot in the notebook segment from the IBM division, they still make good devices at reasonable prices

The grand prize is five Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Gen 5 laptops. These will go to the owners of the five winning tickets, which will be randomly selected from the mass of tickets received, as stated in the rules of the promotion.

Five runner-up tickets will bring their owners a Huawei Matebook X Pro ultrabook, and there will be more prizes starting from 3rd place.

Since the Olympics are taking place in Beijing, no American Apple gadgets are being raffled off from factories in China, only authentic Chinese laptops, tablets, smartphones, speakers and headphones

The 10 tickets drawn for the 3rd place prize will win participants the Xiaomi Mi 11 256Gb smartphone.

More smartwatches are raffled off than smartphones and more expensive gadgets - there are many losers of the main prizes to be claimed for modest prizes

Other Chinese gadgets will be distributed amongst the large number of winners of the ICE-WINS promotion, places 4 to 10, a full list of which can be found on the promotion page and in the rules.

More 1xBet participants in the 1xBet Beijing Olympics promotion will receive prizes with bonuses from this BK. Over 700 tickets and their holders will draw bonuses between 50 and 5000 points.

1xBet bookmaker 1xBet's "ICE-WINS" rules for participating in the Olympic promotion

Go to the full rules by clicking on the white word RULES under the campaign logo and the green button, and the simplified/abbreviated rules unfold in the drop-down menu below on the same page

Apart from the already mentioned need to confirm your participation, like in most other 1xbet promotions, the "ICE-WINS" rules contain many important conditions.

It was mentioned above that the winnings are distributed randomly, but the number of tickets accumulated matters in terms of increasing the chances of winning something. However, participants who have accumulated a few promo tickets also keep their chances of winning a big prize. It is not possible to win more than one of the main prizes - the main winners are excluded from the draw for the secondary prizes under point no. 9.

The dependence of the number of tickets on the value of the bet is described in the rules, which follow the 5th clause. However, it is clarified that no tickets are awarded for bets from the bonus account, for bets calculated with refunds and for bets on cancelled events, as well as for coupons sold through the cachet.

The rights of 1xBet bookmaker to view the user's transactions and data on site visits, assess gaming activity for legality and compliance with the rules are stipulated in clauses 14-16. It also states the right of 1xbet to require proof of identity in one of the possible ways. The bookmaker has the right to deny the customer a bonus programme, cancel bonuses and even block the account for suspected fraud without giving a reason.

Betting on the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at 1xBet betting house

The Olympic section of 1xbet's top menu is highlighted here in blue and hard to miss, as is the promotions bar in the slider

Bookmaker 1xbet has a special section dedicated to the Olympic Games. The top menu button "BEIJING-2022" opens a page with a selection of competitions from the 2022 Olympics grid.

Specific matches in different disciplines can be expanded with a down arrow, and initially in the left-hand column everything is collapsed to subheadings so as not to stretch the list

In the left-hand column of the 1xBet line navigation, there is an "Olympics" item, it leads to the Olympic line.

In the 1xbet "LIVE" section, the Olympic Games are so far represented by the general discipline "Olympics".

Search for Olympic events at 1xBet

Bookmaker 1xbet events at the Beijing 2022 Olympics are labelled as 'discipline name'. Winter Olympics 2022. clarification". Therefore, in the built-in search, which is available on the home page and in the internal sections, you should enter the query "Olympic Winter Games 2022" and specify it by sport, gender of participants, countries or names of athletes.

Betting section for the 2022 Olympics "BEIJING-2022" at 1xBet

The Beijing Olympics page shows showcases of the live and pre-match rosters for the 2022 Olympics.

1xBet makes it easy to customise the site with a bunch of filters, which make the page feel cluttered at first

The top menu is similar to the interface of the "LINE" and "LIVE" sections, with refinement filters. The "Recommended to you" will sort only the recommended events. Clicking on "Events close to you" will only show you the tournaments which are about to start. Other filters are responsible for showing the markets in the showcases and sorting the showcases according to different criteria, including date and time intervals.

The list of sports in the OLYMPIA category has a built-in search facility, but it is unlikely to be needed at the Winter Olympics with a couple of dozen disciplines

Directly above the windows with the Olympic matches, you are asked to select a sport or opt for the "All" option. Disciplines that do not fit in the ribbon are listed in a drop-down menu of buttons with four horizontal bars. The leftmost button in the ribbon is "LIVE", leaving only the matches already in progress with live betting on them at the bottom.

Olympic match showcases at 1xBet betting house

The competition for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing has the same window display as the rest of the matches at 1xbet. They show a planet icon with the signature "World", characteristic of international tournaments. The icon next to it denotes the sport.

The participants of the match are indicated on the left-hand side of the showcase. The intermediate score and the current game time for the live games are also shown there. To the right are the popular markets of main outcomes, probable totals and forwards, which can be added to the betting slip with a single click without accessing the full slip. And the total number of available betting options for that match is shown at the bottom of the showcase, next to the "+" sign.

Below the match poster and market listings there are also buttons for the video broadcast, the graphic representation of the game, statistics and adding to favourites.

The button with the downward pointing triangular arrow allows you to expand the match schedule directly on this screen without going into its screen. Additional markets in the categories included in the showcase will appear there. You can only view all betting options in the full spread screen.

If you need to find other options for the main market categories, it's easier to expand part of the list directly on the section screen - suitable choices are sure to appear below

1xBet's Olympic slate of bookmakers

The full competition rosters pages for the 2022 Beijing Olympics look about the same in 1xbet as the other tournaments.

From the 1xBet match showcases and their full rosters, you can access the statistics screen by pressing the button with five vertical columns. There is a lot of clearly presented data, comparisons of opponents by various indicators, tables and grids, statistical selections, graphs of changes in various parameters

The header shows the pre-game time or the current game time for live matches. Team logos are represented by national flags or emblems with rings, as for the Russian national team, which is referred to by the abbreviation ROC. Above the kick-off time, the venue of the match and the name of the arena are shown. And below the kick-off time, the stage of the competition and the group are specified.

The ribbon below the header lists the market categories. On the left, they are represented by playing time, and on the right by category symbols like totals, forwards, goals and intervals. The markets search is available on the right, which is very useful for rich 1xBet spreads. In the right hand corner, you can set up a 1 or 2 column spread, and also collapse all market sub-categories down to the headers to roll out specific selections with odds only for interesting ones.

Each market sub-category can be minimised and maximised separately with the arrow button in the header. The recommended selections in the pre-match draws are highlighted in yellow, usually the average odds for the likely outcomes. And in play, the indication of changes in odds works - increasing quotations are highlighted in green, and decreasing quotations - in red.

Place a bet on the Olympics 2022 at 1xBet to participate in the "ICE-WINS" promotion

By selecting any market from the "BEIJING-2022" Olympic section or by finding his own betting option for the Beijing Olympics via the alternative navigation, the player will see the betting condition with its odds in the coupon. The coupon module is located in the right-hand column of the full website and at the bottom of the mobile products screen of the 1xbet bookmaker.

From a single event added to the coupon, a single bet can be made with a face value of 300 roubles or more, which will earn the participant the appropriate number of entry tickets for the prize draw.

Any bet can be placed on a suitable denomination from 300 roubles, the type of bet can be selected from the coupon drop-down menu just above the bet denomination selection.

If the market description in the coupon says WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES 2022, such events are suitable for betting from 300 roubles, for which promotional tickets are credited

At the 1xBet betting shop, you can take advantage of options to simplify betting, such as the auto-execute tumbler, real-time odds reaction settings and fixed betting amounts, which can be set to the desired number of tickets.

Confirmation of the bet is done with the green "Place Bet" button. If the event is deemed to have taken place and the bet is calculated as a win, loss or partial gain, the player will be given a number of tickets corresponding to the par value of the bet.

Frequently asked questions about 1xBet's "ICE-WINS" promotion for the Olympics 2022

Is the prize draw for betting on the 2022 Olympics at 1xBet the same as for the Champions League?
In general, yes, the Champions League and the Beijing 2022 Olympics are similar for the 1xBet bookmaker. The prizes and some other details differ, the distribution of tickets, in the Champions League you still have to guess the winner of the trophy. The Olympic promotion lasts only 20 days, an opportunity for fans of the Olympics not to compete with the huge audience of the Champions League, whose promotion lasts for over six months.

How do I keep track of how many tickets I have accumulated in 1xBet's 2022 Olympics promotion?
The promotion page has a "My tickets" button, clicking on it will show the number of valid tickets collected.

What do I need to bet on to accumulate tickets in 1xBet's ICE-WINS promotion?
On any Olympic event during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The main thing is that the par value of the bet must be at least 300 roubles for the event to take place and the bet calculated with any outcome other than a return. The easiest way to see the entire 1xBetet Olympic offer is under BEIJING-2022.

What is the best betting amount to accumulate ICE-WINS tickets at 1xBet?
For minimum denominations of 300, 500, etc. they give little tickets, they cost 1 ticket at the rate of a few hundred roubles. For bets of 3000 and 10000 roubles the tickets cost 50 roubles. As the denomination increases, the tickets get "cheaper" further, but not as much as at the beginning of the scale. Bets of 3000 or more look good when you want to accumulate more tickets.

Are the places and prizes in the ICE-WINS promotion distributed at 1xBet according to the number of accumulated tickets?
No, every ticket is entered into the draw for every possible prize, and a large number of tickets collected increases a participant's chances of winning something. It is not a competition between players, whoever collects the most tickets wins the top prize.

If I win a small prize in 1xBet's ICE-WINS promotion, do I still stand a chance of winning the big or grand prize?
Yes. Paragraph 9 of the promotion rules says the opposite, that the main winners are excluded from the minor prize draw. They will probably have a huge mass of promotion tickets, which they want to exclude from the distribution of modest rewards and points so that they go to the less active entrants.

How not to get kicked out of 1xBet's 2022 Olympics promotion without getting rejected or banned?
The rules describe the standard bans on multi-accounts and various illegal activities, to which 1xBet reacts by blocking the account, requiring proof of identity or cancelling bonuses. The terms and conditions of the promotion specify that it is available for one family, one account, one IP address and one PC. They probably track device IDs too, so it's best to play from one device.

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Donna 04/02/2022 20:20
No matter how many tickets you buy, you can't win more than one big prize!
Asija 06/02/2022 05:34
One place specifies the betting amount from xxx to get tickets. In another, what should be exceeded. It's better to bet +1 ruble just in case.
Gladys 07/02/2022 16:06
Charging 5000 to the Olympics at 1xBet is unprofitable, tickets are more expensive than at 3000 betting denomination.
Mclaughlin 09/02/2022 04:10
For the Olympics, many times fewer tickets will be accumulated than for the BCL - the chances of winning are higher.
Kirill 10/02/2022 06:57
This random selection of tickets in the draw at 1xBet is embarrassing.
Dmitrij 11/02/2022 15:38
Three hundred acres is not much to participate in, but it's a shame to load up the Olympics with kosaks.
Vitalij 13/02/2022 02:55
OK Lenovo and Huawei, but Xiaomi being raffled off as one of the top prizes is so lame for a giant like 1xBet.
David 15/02/2022 23:10
These points from the ice-wins draw can be spent on freebies in the promo code shop.
Lev 17/02/2022 09:01
It will be funny if someone wins a laptop "at random" and is charged with breaking the rules.
Ivan 18/02/2022 15:53
For a grand, 10 tickets are OK, 3k is nothing to bet on at the Olympics if you're not interested in winter sports.

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