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Coupon at 1xBet

A bookmaker's coupon is called a betting form in betting shops. The module in which a bet is placed is called a paper receipt from an offline betting shop. The slot in the betting history with active and played bets is also called a coupon. And it's also sometimes called promo codes, in the context of a discount coupon or points. It will be covered in order in this article.

The location of the coupon tab on the right-hand side of the screen is more convenient than the last option

On the updated 1xbet betting site, the coupon opens when you move your cursor over the COUPON tab on the right-hand side. When active, the OPEN BETS tab also appears, where you can quickly view your previous bets.

The coupon should be opened when you have finished selecting markets, whether it is a single market for a single bet as an order or a number of markets for an express or other composite bet.

Once you have decided on a betting amount, you can confirm your choice. The bet will then be considered made, and the bet will go to the bookmark of open bets. The bets played will be saved in the history available in your personal cabinet.

Checking out a coupon at 1xBet

1xBet's coupon looks standard and is easy for customers of other bookmakers to understand

Betting is available to registered bookmaker customers who have confirmed their identity and have made their first deposit into their betting account. There are no no deposit bonuses at this office yet, so 3 steps are required to make the first coupon - registration, verification and deposit.

To register with 1xBet, click on the green REGISTRATION button at the top of the page or on the right, in the tabs area.

You can confirm your identity and age of majority in your personal account by completing the procedure by sending photos of the required pages of the document.

You can make a deposit there, or via the payments page, which opens with the dollar symbol button from the top of the screen. Before making your first deposit into a game account, think about ways to withdraw the money, they must match the means of payment and the details.

Selecting a betting option at 1xbet

The list of sports, tournaments in them and individual matches in each competition is the line. At 1xBet, the line after a website update is available in the same kind of tab, only on the left-hand side of the screen. Hovering your mouse over it reveals the main navigation with a list of sports disciplines, from which tournaments and specific matches are available as branches.

By selecting a particular event, suitable for betting on the match, the player enters its betting list. The list is a list of all available betting options. In it one can choose a suitable market - a betting condition. For single bets, which are called ordinaries, one market is enough. After activating the selected betting option, you can proceed to placing a bet by unfolding it from the tab on the right.

In order to place a parlay or other compound bet, you must activate the relevant number of markets and then go to the betting slip and select the appropriate type of bet there. By default, a single bet is active for the selected option - the single bet.

Coupon confirmation at 1xbet

The number of markets selected is shown in brackets next to the word COUPON. One is enough for a single bet, so you can place a single bet immediately after selecting the single market from the wide 1xBet line with the rich individual event listings.

Once the coupon has been unfolded, the customer has to choose a betting amount. It can be entered manually, or it can be adjusted in steps. This step can be set in the cogwheel button.

Before betting on matches, it will be useful to adjust the action when the quotes change

The additional options of selecting the type of bet, adjusting to the desired odds, auto-accepting changes in odds and resetting the application when the score changes refer more to betting on the course of matches - live betting. Real-time betting is important, because the events in the competition unfold quickly, changing the odds in the spread.

Pre-match betting - betting before an event - most often refers to the maximum bet limit. You can limit yourself to such an attribute of responsible betting.

The betting amount step setting can replace the standard betting amounts by switching between them by adding and subtracting

You can enter a promo code in any coupon, if available. You can buy a promo code with the selected action in 1xBet's promo code showcase. And you can find promo codes from 1xbet partners, advertisements, social media, betting sites, themed media and messenger channels.

Saving and downloading coupons in 1xbet

At 1xBet, every coupon has an ID, thanks to which it can be saved, downloaded, shared with other people and checked in a special service. Sharing a bet with friends can be handy when there is no time to explain all the details and tell them about all the events in the bet, instead it is easier to pass the ID and download the ready-made coupon.

Selling a coupon at 1xbet

Cashout, early betting termination is available at 1xBet as a coupon sale. At the compromise odds, which depend on current price changes, it is possible to calculate the bet made in advance and thus save at least some money.

The cashout option is useful as part of a responsible gambling function, when money must be redirected to another bet even at a partial loss, if growing doubts about the success of a bet prompt the sale of a coupon and in other suitable cases.

Coupon insurance at 1xBet

The rate insurance offer is flexible, allowing you to choose a reasonable price for it

One of the bookmaker's regular promotions, 100% betting insurance, allows you to fully or partially insure your bet, i.e. the betting slip. This is a good alternative to a cashout, the sale of a coupon. Of course, such insurance is not free, and its cost depends on the current fluctuations of the quotations. Partial betting insurance is as good as an incomplete keshout, and 100% insurance of the coupon against failure is as close as possible to selling it.

Checking coupons at 1xBet

Similar to checking paper receipts, you can check other people's and your own online coupons

This bookmaker's office has a special coupon verification form, which is used in Russia not for paper receipts from offline betting shops, but for those very coupon identification numbers. You can use this module to check someone else's slip or quickly find out the fate of your bet, which you don't want to search through the list of other bets. To check it, just go through a simple captcha for humanity with a tick and enter the coupon ID in the form.

Coupon promotions at 1xbet

Among the regular promos and bonus promotions at 1xBet, there are several coupon-related offers. These include the occasional Coupon Battle, where contestants compete by the number of bets placed and their odds. More often the battle of the expresses is active, where express bet writers compete in such an extramural customer competition.

The Lucky of the Day promotion involves coupon numbers matching the lottery terms and conditions. At the end of the promotion, promo codes are drawn.

Coupon number competitions at 1xBet are plentiful, but not always many of them are active

And the Trusted Bet promotion allows some players to use funds from coupons that have not yet been redeemed to make new bets. The advance available to each customer depends on compliance with the rules and other aspects of the customer's relationship with the bookmaker.

An advance on a trust bet can be a better alternative to a cashout and betting insurance

Discount coupons and bonuses - 1xBet promo codes

Promo codes are also sometimes called coupons. At 1xbet, the use of promo codes is widespread. They are even sold in a special shop of promo codes, where they can also be exchanged for bonus points. It is possible to enter promo codes both in your personal account and in each betting coupon.

Promo codes from the promo code showcase usually need to be entered in the coupons of eligible bets

Frequently asked questions about 1xBet coupons

Is a 1xBet coupon like a paper at a bookmaker's counter?
Both yes and no. At 1xBet and many other online betting sites, coupons are a form of betting that has many extra features and useful options that are not available at offline betting sites.

For in-play betting at 1xBet, can I speed up the coupon process?
Yes. Selecting betting amount increments, auto-accepting odds changes, cancelling on account changes, waiting for a set odds are all options aimed at simplifying betting in real time.

The coupon at 1xBet does not appear after selecting a betting option. Where is it?
The 1xBet betting slip must be unfolded after selecting the betting options you want to bet. The bookmaker does not know whether the client is going to place an order or a composite bet. That is why the betting slip does not open by itself after selecting one or more markets, but the number of events added to the slip on the right side of the screen simply changes.

How do I share a bet made at 1xBet with a friend so that he can quickly place the same bet?
You need to save your coupon, copy its ID and send it to another 1xBet customer. He can download the slip by ID and quickly place a bet with or without any changes.

How do I set up coupons at 1xBet?
The settings are opened via the buttons with a gear symbol. In front of each item, the corresponding button leads to the settings for that option.

Do I have to enter promo codes in 1xBet coupons?
Some relating to certain bets, yes. General promotional codes can be entered in your personal account, but for welcome bonuses, they can be entered at registration, on the new customer form.

Where can I view coupons made at 1xBet?
On the OPEN BET tab and in the betting history. In the new version of the 1xBet website, active betting unfolds when the tab adjacent to the coupon is activated.

User comments

Oliver 16/01/2022 11:07
The 1xBet coupon has been moved from the bottom to the right-hand side, where, similar to the line on the left, it is easy to find and unfold. A good update to the site.
Emir 14/04/2022 02:54
The chip with saving and downloading the 1x coupon helps to share bets. It takes too long to collect a long locomotive coupon, but here one time and you've downloaded a ready-made one by the number.
Tanne 14/07/2022 03:02
1xBet's new betting coupon is missing an instant bet! when will it be returned?
Tigran 10/10/2022 21:17
Watching bets placed has become easier, but I can't find the coupon checker in the new 1xBet website design, I have to switch it on in the old one.
Gleb 04/02/2023 21:23
You can't set fixed betting amounts in coupons? But you can set the pitch, so it would be easy to switch between a couple of standard amounts.

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