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1xbet event generator

The 1xBet bookmaker has a special function called "event generator". It works more like a quotation search engine for lines and spreads, selecting betting options for a given criteria for the player. With the 1xbet event generator you need to enter the stake amount, the desired payout, the sports, the market category and the time period. Based on these parameters, the search engine will suggest a betting option, which you can cycle through by repeatedly pressing the "generate events" button.

The event generator module is located directly underneath the coupon. You don't have to go far when placing a bet ticket. The event generator is not active by default, but must be switched on in the main settings via the menu item of the same name.

You can argue with the name of the option, because the betting options are not generated, but rather selected from the huge number of available slots. In other words, the module works like a coupon finder-configurator. This is useful for quickly selecting the right markets according to the given criteria.

Switching on the event generator at the 1xbet bookmaker's office

The third item in the second column of settings is responsible for adding an event generator to the right-hand column

The event generator module must be enabled in 1xBet's main settings. On the classic site this is done by pressing the gear symbol button, which will open the settings menu. The same-named item "event generator" with a toggle switch should be switched from inactive to active. When the switch turns green, the event generator will appear in the right-hand column just below the coupon.

An event generator button will appear underneath the save and load coupons button, which expands the module itself downwards

To expand the event generator, click on its header directly below the coupon.

1xBet event generator module

The advanced module looks like a search form with several parameters that need to be entered in order to optimise the search for suitable betting options.

Initially in the 1xBet event generator all possible choices are active, the time interval is set to 4 hours and the type of bet is a 5-event express - remember to change all the required criteria

The first thing you have to do is specify the bet amount and the winnings you want to win. With "winnings" again there are quibbles, because it is used here in the sense of total winnings, not net winnings, "payout". It is not possible to generate a betting option if the bet amount is less than "winnings" for this reason.

You can even select betting options within the next hour, which is very close to, or even is

You are then asked to select the time interval in which the betting option will be found. These are the next 1, 2, 4, 6, 12 and 24 hours.

The default 5-event express is too adventurous a bet that can quickly disappoint with an early loss - doubles and trebles are optimal

Then choose whether you want to place a single bet or a parlay of 2, 3, 4 or 5 events.

Sports are represented by the schematic symbol of their equipment, here we should distinguish between footballs and futsal balls, tennis rackets for table tennis and balls for thumbtacks

You can then deactivate unnecessary sports symbols from the available ones. The green activity bars of the selected sports are lit by default, and this bar becomes grey when the symbol is clicked on - i.e. deactivated. Deactivated disciplines will not be considered when searching for betting options.

The other types of betting item is responsible for an almost limitless range of markets, up to and including the fanciest, most exotic

You can furthermore deactivate unsuitable marker categories. Selection from main and interval outcomes, totals, individual totals, forwards and the all-encompassing "other" item is active by default. Unnecessary categories must be deactivated by unchecking the box next to them.

Once you have ensured that your chosen criteria are correct, you can press the "generate event" button. It will add the suggested betting option to the coupon directly above the generator. It is easy to see the other one - you just have to click once more on the event generation button. You can do so many times, until you are satisfied with the proposed bet.

Examples of generated bets at 1xBet

Express of 2 events

The other criteria are as follows:

The generator could not match the double press to an accurate ratio of 1.7, it allows for a small variation in the quotes

The generator offered a double steamer with odds very close to 1.7 on markets from table tennis and basketball.


In sport selection, it is easier to remove all highlighted sport disciplines and re-include the ones you want
The 1xBet event generator cannot yet cut out just the main outcomes from the advanced criteria, but such an option would be useful

The generator has found an adequate market for the second division of the Israeli championship at odds of exactly 1.7.

Assigning an event generator to 1xBet

As an advisor for serious betting, this module is certainly not suitable. It selects markets according to given criteria, but does not evaluate them according to other parameters.

As a search engine for suitable betting options, it works fine. You can go through the proposed betting options at the touch of a button in a second.

The event generator helps to find a betting variant of a given type as quickly as possible, in case you do not want to search for a specific market but do have a clear bet amount, winnings, sports and market categories.

As an alternative to the long and tedious browsing of multiple rosters in search of the right market, the generator is fine. But this soulless search engine cannot be seen as a betting adviser. It simply searches for suitable quotes for the markets it is interested in.

Frequently asked questions about the 1xBet event generator

Does the 1xBet event generator generate new markets or look in existing ones?
1xBet's event generator does not create any new markets, it selects suitable markets from the current rosters. Virtual, new variants of bets from regular markets are generated in another module of 1xBet - the betting constructor.

I don't have an event generator at 1xBet, where is it located?
In many 1xBet products it is not active by default. You need to enable it in the main settings and it will appear next to the coupon. In some services, like the new version of this bookmaker's website, the event generator is not yet available, or it will not be added there at all.

Как лучше пользоваться генератором событий в 1xBet?
As an alternative search engine for the right markets under the right conditions. That is, the normal search searches by market names, while the event generator selects markets according to quotes, sports, market categories, time interval, and betting type.

Why are there no other types of bets in the 1xBet event generator apart from single bets and parlays?
Probably because the markets for them are more difficult to select, and not all composite bets have a set odds. 1xBet's event generator works on the desired payout from the desired bet amount, based on the odds of the selected bet. In bets with allowable partial wins and losses, this will not work as intended.

The event generator offers me bets in unnecessary sports and market categories, what should I do?
This is because all possible choices in the 1xBet event generator are active by default. You need to switch them off to filter out unnecessary sports disciplines and market categories. And the time interval and betting type already need to be simply selected in the drop-down submenu.

How do you exclude all the unusual markets it offers from the event generator?
Unusual betting options, non-standard markers in 1xBet's event generator are included in the "Other" category. Turning it off will leave only the classic market categories. However, in the outcomes there are also implied combined outcomes, interval - they are not just the main ones.

Why does 1xBet's event generator not offer low winnings bets, saying that no winnings less than the bet amount are accepted?
Because, in all likelihood, there is confusion about the meaning of "payout" and "winnings" in the sense of "net". In the 1xBet event generator, it is the total winnings - that is, the payout. The net winnings must be calculated by subtracting the face value of the bet from the payout.

User comments

Tucker 10/01/2022 16:55
This generator at 1xBet often slips all sorts of amateur surrogates from futsal and table tennis.
Denis 03/02/2022 09:05
A lot depends on the time interval. Finding a good bet in the next few hours when nothing serious is being played will not work.
Tate 28/02/2022 01:06
I use this generator as a market search through the odds. It's a handy thing, you don't have to put it away.
Maksim 23/03/2022 06:12
The sports inons in this generator are not easy to deal with. You'll have to get used to them.
Ralph 24/04/2022 13:41
I like the 1xBet generator steamrolls, they can be funnier than those offered in the expressions of the day. It's possible to dispel the boredom.
Ali 11/06/2022 01:34
In the 1xBet generator, it's best to look for high odds, scrolling through them until something sensible comes up.
Marjam 12/08/2022 19:38
1xBet's spreads have grown to an obscene amount, and without searching, you can waste a lot of time on the selection. When you don't want to be distracted from the match, a generator will do.
Leslie 15/10/2022 05:06
Instead of betting and winnings amounts, it would be better to make one field with odds as an alternative. 1xBet bookmaker, heed some sound advice.
Luka 07/12/2022 01:52
So what does it generate if it is a search engine. The coupon configurator would have been more accurately named.
Nikita 10/02/2023 18:45
Odd that there are no time periods beyond twenty-four hours. Wouldn't hurt.

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