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New or old 1xBet website

Bookmaker 1xbet has once again updated its website, adding a new version of the page to choose from. By default the classic site opens, but the NEW button in its header prominently features a light green button, which offers a link to the upgraded page. The main thing that 1xBet have worked on is speed and getting rid of the clutter of elements. This is partly why a number of the company's services are missing from the new site, and some of them are only available on the inner pages instead of the main menu items.

The old 1xBet page will probably be long sought after as a familiar classic with a full range of features, its design not resembling the template sites of many other bookmakers

The updated 1xbet betting site has become an intermediate version between the full page and the one adapted to mobile gadgets. The new 1xBet page follows the trend towards minimalism and simplicity, showing the direction in which the design of the betting office's products will continue to evolve. Only the classic old version can be called a truly full site, so the focus of the article will be on its differences from the new one.

New 1xBet website

The first screen of the new 1xBet website looks fresh, with the central workspace expanding to its full width and the top menu getting rid of large elements and fitting into a single line

You can access the new 1xbet page by clicking on the green NEW button next to the bookmaker logo or from the bottom navigation menu. You may not need to log in again, but it depends on the method of circumventing blockages and the user's browser. You will need to log in with the same username and password as on the old website.

The central work area takes up almost all the space on the new 1xBet website. The coolly updated left-hand column still peeks out from the edge of the screen as a tab, having been initially minimised, while the right-hand column has been abolished altogether. The coupon and active betting modules unfold from the tabs in the same way as the left column.

The design of the new version of the 1xBet betting site has become much more modern, but so far this page is still inferior in terms of minimalism to the leaders in this field among bookmakers. However, due to the huge number of functions and subsections, 1xBet had the task of simplifying the site much more difficult than at not so gigantic bookmakers. The intention to follow fashion and the demands of the public has been outlined by the company, we should expect them to further develop this concept.

Choice of species

The new 1xBet website has no choice between European, Asian or Italian views. This option is available in the main settings of the classic site, which are opened by the button with the gear symbol.

The European look is the familiar old 1xBet design, with a standard layout of modules and buttons. It's tailored to the European odds system and the preferences of players from European countries, including the CIS. Even the arrangement of sports in the left-hand column, the slots categories and filters have been adapted to the habits of the vast majority of 1xBet's audience.

The company is in no hurry to bring the Asian look to the new site, it is not as easy as it may seem

The Asian view was added to the menu when 1xBet expanded into Asia. The Asian view has been added to the menu, with sports sub-sections like line and play combined into SPORTS, a redesign of the workspace to suit local customer preferences and the addition of orange to the colour scheme.

The Italian view has been on the menu for a while and the differences from the European view are seemingly insignificant. They mainly concern the sub-categories of the lists, the arrangement of the columns in them and the sorting of the sports disciplines in the lists.

The Italian view brings fewer changes, but it will make it easier for some players to navigate to the right sections of the rosters from their in-line showcases

Other main settings options

In the old version of the website, the indication of changes in odds is disabled in the settings, but in the new version it works by default. This useful feature is not annoying at all and is not seen as redundant, so approving it on a permanent basis was desirable.

"Crutches" like tumblers in a compact view (which removes the left-hand column on small screens or at low resolution), a light version of the page (which simply removes some of the elements from the site), switching off opponents' logos in the rosters, the game line numbers and the slider for the top games are not relevant for the new site - it has already been developed with an emphasis on lightness, simplification.

The ability to change the font size and to switch the theme from light to dark are also missing from the settings of the new 1xBet page version. The former was unnecessary due to better font adjustments for different screen resolutions and page scaling of the new version, while the latter only slightly changed the look of the site, with the headlines of the line displays becoming bluish instead of light. It did not really have the effect one would expect from a dark theme.

The dark theme may not be noticeable unless you specifically look at the change when switching from the light theme - the colour of the headers in the line has changed and the background is a little more bluish

The dynamic moving of the video window to the corner when it is opened in the working area of the painting is now automatic in the new version, and the option that regulates this is no longer necessary. In general, many automation solutions have made the new page more user-friendly and clearer, saving the client the time-consuming adjustment.

Changes to the left-hand column of the 1xBet website

One of the main improvements in the new version is the ability to switch the left-hand navigation column from line to live in a second - this is done using the buttons of the same name at the top of the column. The old version has a LIVE button at the top of the left-hand column, but it leads to the live section instead of the handy list of live events in the left-hand column.

You could have made the old version switch from the live section button to it in the column, and shown it initially minimised, but the differences between the versions remain for players who are used to them

The column design has also changed, as have the fonts and additional information in the lines of specific games. These changes look cosmetic at first glance, but after a while they seem quite effective. Thanks to this, the new column is much more convenient to start navigating through the rosters than alternatives like the line and play sections. It takes a lot less time to find the right tournament and match in it than it did before. This is a credit to the redesigned column.

Classic 1xBet's right-hand column - Event Generator

The right-hand column in a classic website gives ample space for vertical modules like an event generator

In the settings of the old 1xbet page you can enable the event generator module, it will appear at the top of the right column. This function allows you to set the desired bet amount, winnings, time interval, bet type, sports and market categories to generate suitable events.

Distinctions of the LINE section

As well as the differences in design, the changes are also evident in the functionality of the line sections of the new and old website. In the sub-menu of the classic page, betting poker (Wise odds), weather betting, UFC betting, politics betting and a quick switch to the betting constructor via this drop-down menu remain. On the new betting page, the betting constructor is available via a special button in the spreadsheets.

Quick access to UFC betting from the drop-down menu and a fight-friendly section - not yet available on the new 1xBet website

The UFC betting section deserves special consideration. The arrangement of its elements has been designed to match the simplified wrestling matches. The headers of the section, the top match showcases and the betting slates have also been styled to look like the martial arts.

Weather betting is not as much in demand as martial arts betting, their sub-menu item under LINE can just about be sacrificed

The weather betting section is also worthy of special mention. On the zoomable map, there are labels showing the availability of weather betting in that location. Selecting a marker leads to a list of weather bets for that location, as in the example of Sheremetyevo Airport.

The politics betting sheets look conventional, but the main screen of the politics subsection is more interestingly designed

The third thematic subsection is betting on politics. Betting on the Russian State Duma elections and regional elections, which are taking place at the time of writing, is not available at 1xBet, even for customers from Russia. But they do offer bets on elections in Australia, Canada and a number of other faraway countries. An example of the German election screen shows a sparse spread without any additional markets, just betting on the winners.

Dedicated in-play announcements page at 1xBet

Live match announcements should definitely be added to the right page for quick access, as live betting is becoming more and more popular, including with newcomers

A quick look at the calendar of upcoming matches, for which in-play play is planned at 1xbet, can be found in the LIVE section submenu. The LIVE announcements item opens a handy page sorted by time and day, sport and even tournament rank. Without any hassle with complicated navigation, you can decide on your betting plans for the matches and even plan to watch the video broadcasts available at the bookmaker's office.

Cybersports sections of the old and new 1xBet website

The cybersports section of the classic 1xBet website does not look too complicated to simplify it at the expense of usability and functionality - the new site is not without fashion influences

The most noticeable differences can be seen between the cyber sports pages of the classic site and the new version. The desire to follow fashion trends has influenced the twitchiness of the cyber sports page on the new 1xBet website. This is an unavoidable measure to ensure the comfort of newcomers and young bettors. But the specific execution needs tweaking - scrolling through the spreads in a tiny slit of a window is not at all comfortable. Of course, most people may be satisfied with the top markets, but it's still an obvious flaw in the current usability.

Large panels of other matches, a small window of coverage with a huge cap - these decisions are highly questionable

On the classic 1xBet page, the eSports line-up and spreads are similar to the usual ones. The streaming window can be placed almost anywhere on the screen, which raises the question of the meaning of its fixed size and location on the new page. And using filters, searching, and browsing the markets in the rossi are much more comfortable on the old site than on the current version of the new one. Over time, working on the updated page can make it better.

1xBet's old website has optional add-ons for a new kind of cyber sports roster, which makes it more convenient for some customers

Even the combination of the cyber-bonus calendar and the cyber-sports screen is perceived organically in the old version of the site. All available space is used in a practical way, even the streaming window in its canonical place - at the top left. Some of the old solutions don't need a radical overhaul, but rather a subtle upgrade.

Computer applications page

The section with 1xBet products for desktop computers and laptops on Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems has disappeared from the new version of the website. All this is available from the bottom navigation of the classic page, an item named Windows after the operating system for which the first counterpart application of the full version of the website was developed, called 1XWIN.

All solutions for the not-so-mobile computers with relatively large screens are collected in this section, they give full capabilities for maximum performance

The client app for MacOS is now also only available in the old version of the website. As is the customised 1XBROWSER browser for these operating systems and for Linux.

All these solutions for computers not only speed up 1xBet on them, automatically update information, save traffic and laptop battery power. Their main feature is automatic blockage avoidance, providing uninterrupted access to 1xbet. Therefore, downloading and installing a suitable version becomes a justified necessity.

In the same app section for computers, there is also a smart bookmark for the browser, which leads to the current 1xBet mirror.


In its current form, the new version of the 1xBet website is well suited to regular betting, the usual betting routine, playing without using some of the secondary options. The new 1xbet betting site does run a lot faster than the old one, it's much easier for a newcomer to understand, and the simplified design is better suited to a younger audience. It was aimed at rethinking the design of the eSports section, which still needs some tweaking, at least in the display of the spreads.

Most of the subsections and functions missing from the main navigation of the new site are easier to find on the old page than in the depths of the internal sections of the new one. A number of features are not yet available on the new 1xBet website and must be navigated to the old page, which is quickly done from the bottom navigation.

The updated left-hand column with easy switching between line and live shows the effectiveness of simple solutions that do not depend on current fashions. 1xBet has improved a lot with these seemingly inconspicuous changes, the benefits of which are fully felt over time, as you get used to the revamped site.

Switching between the old and new pages without having to log in again is quick and easy. The company doesn't push the updated website too hard, let alone make it optional. On the contrary, it opens the classic version by default, which is very pragmatic given the inertia of habits and the early availability of the new site. Switching from the old version to the new one and back again can increase your comfort in the game and consistently adapt to the trends of the times. Many of them are really useful.

Frequently asked questions about the old and new 1xBet website

Do you need a mirror to access the old and new 1xBet betting site?
Yes, or another way around blocking. It's not the versions of the 1xBet websites that are blocked, but their general addresses. Mirrors are universal - they can be used to access the classic site, its mobile version or the new page of the office. There is no need to look for a separate mirror. Traffic mediators also help you to go to 1xBet's website, where you can already choose a version.

Are registration, verification, deposit and withdrawal different on the old and new 1xBet websites?
No. These key aspects are the same on both pages, the only difference is the design implementation. The new site and the old site are in many ways different shells of the same core. Some features of the classic site are completely absent from the new one, but there are no significant differences between the operation of any important features.

Is the new 1xBet website better suited to laptops, older and weaker computers?
Yes. Speed is its key advantage. Along with simplifying the page, it has managed to make it lighter, so that it requires less performance to work comfortably and less traffic to load heavy items. Therefore, on any computers where the old 1xBet website is slowing down, it is better to switch to the new version.

What is the old 1xBet website better for and what is the new one better for?
The old one is for modern, reasonably productive computers with large monitors and good internet connection, and for experienced bettors. The older players will have no trouble understanding and using the extensive functionality of the full 1xBet website. The new website of this betting company is suitable for laptops and weak computers, for betting newbies, for fans of live betting and quick bets. The site is well grounded for regular betting and most popular tasks, but the extra features are poorer and fewer in volume.

What exactly are the main advantages of the new 1xBet website, apart from being fast?
The navigation to the most popular destinations has been honed to perfection. Switching from the left column to the pre-match and playlists is done with a single button. The coupon does not take up space in the right-hand column, it has been removed altogether, and the ticket and active betting tabs unfold as needed. Together with getting rid of the secondary elements, this allows you to concentrate better on the main activities, regular betting, quickly finding the right markets and betting.

How do I bet comfortably on the new 1xBet website?
Move from the 1xCyber sub-section to another sub-section - Cybersport Line or Cybersport LIVE. They allocate more space to the betting options, something the default common cybersport screen has big problems with so far. On larger monitors or even TVs, it's more convenient to open the classic site, where useful space is given to the line and betting windows, and other tournaments and games are offered as a list rather than as placeholders.

Is it more profitable to play at 1xBet - on the old site or on the new one?
The quotes are the same, as are the methods of financial transactions. All the basic mechanics of these sites are the same, the differences lie more in design and usability. If a quick surfing of lines and rosters helps you bet better, the new site will fit better than the old one. However, the classic page has more secondary features in quick access, and these too can help other customers play more successfully.

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