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Freebets at 1xBet

The term freebet is derived from the English words free bet. At the 1xBet bookmaker, freebets are used to win back deposit bonuses. Freebets are also sold in the promo code shop, and free bet promo codes are also given out as prizes in many promotions.

The money won on freebets is credited to the player's main account in different ways. Whereas wagering points with bets from a bonus account only gives the player net winnings on such freibbets, freibets purchased in the promotional code showcase are entitled to a full payout with the wager face value.

You can also get freebets as a gift - for your birthday, 1xBet bookmaker now offers a promo code for free betting. Also freibet promo codes are often offered in advertisements, at 1xbet's betting partners and in betting-related information resources.

Freebets can be placed in coupons in two ways - by selecting a bonus account for the bet amount or by entering a promotional code for the freebet in the special field

1xBet freebies for registering

Bonuses for first and subsequent deposits on Fridays and Wednesdays go in a row in the PROMO section of the BC website

The welcome bonus in its sports betting variant is paid out in bonus points of up to 120% of the first deposit, with a limit of RUB 25,000. These bonuses must be wagered in accordance with the terms of the promotion; in essence, these free bets are freebies.

Freebies on subsequent deposits

1xBet has a deposit promotion on Fridays with a 100% deposit bonus and a limit of €100 equivalent. The bonus points received must also be redeemed with freebies, subject to the terms and conditions of the promotion.

On Wednesdays, you can take part in a similar promotion, if the previous Friday's conditions were met in full, then the 100% bonus with a limit of €100 for a Wednesday deposit must be wagered with free bets from the bonus account according to the conditions of the promotion.

Birthday with 1xBet!

1xbet gives freebet promo codes not only for birthdays, but also for anniversaries and often on major holidays

The birthday boy will receive a gift code for a free bet by text message and in his personal account. This can be used by entering a promo code in the line for the betting coupon.

Freebies in the promo code showcase

1xBet promotional code shop sells freebies on sports disciplines and betting types. There are tennis single, volleyball single, hockey single, football single, 3+ event express with odds from 1.8, tennis express, basketball express, event single with odds from 1.8, hockey single, basketball single, football express, volleyball express and even a virtual match created in the betting constructor with several real teams or athletes.

With the advent of the pomocode shop, points for many promotions are now easier and more enjoyable to redeem

The price of most freibet promo codes starts at 50 points, equivalent to roubles. The price of a promotional code can be increased in multiple increments to get the right amount of freebies.

Freibet promo codes as prizes in a number of promotions

An intramural race between promotion participants promo codes for freebies in the form of prizes for the winners

The promotions Race, No Goal Football, Bet No Risk - Win for All and Bet No Risk - Cyber Era all involve promotional codes for freebies as prizes. Instead of the complicated wagering of bonus points, winners of these promotions are given the opportunity to place a free bet with much more lenient conditions.

Wagering the cashback with freebies

If the cashback is not paid in cash, then at least it should be wagering with pleasure, just like with freebies

The bonuses credited as part of the cashback require wagering, which in the 30% cashback offer for top-ups via MoneyGo can now be wagered with freebets. Of course, not all bets can be placed on these points, but only those corresponding to the terms and conditions of the promotion, which sometimes change and need to be clarified on the specific promo page.

Frequently asked questions about 1xBet freebets

Are there many freebies at 1xBet?
Compared to many other bookmakers, yes. At 1xBet, freebets are widely used in promotions, customer engagement with new types of betting. Also freibet promo codes are sold for bonus points in the promo code showcase.

If the bonus points at 1xBet can be used to buy a freebet, should I do so?
Freebies from the promo code shop have become one of the best and easiest ways to quickly turn at least some of your bonus points into real money and have fun at the same time. In those promotions where points can be spent in the shop, it makes sense to buy freebies with bonuses.

Freebets at 1xBet are almost all not real, apart from giveaways and promotions?
Freebets placed on bonus points are essentially free bets too. And gift, found somewhere promo codes - completely pulling on the definition of a freebet. The winnings for free bets under a promotional code are paid in full, with the par value of the bet.

At 1xBet, do I have to top up my account with cash to get the freebet?
Yes. There are no no deposit bonuses at 1xBet bookmaker now, much less freebies. You must fund your account with any available currency, except cryptocurrencies, with which bonuses become unavailable, including freebets. And another condition for receiving and using freibbets is that you fill in your personal details.

How do I bet in 1xBet freebets?
If you have bonus points or a promotional code for freebies, you must place your free bet in the first case according to the terms of the promotion, selecting a bonus account in the coupon instead of the main account, and in the second case, simply enter the promotional code in the coupon field.

At 1xBet, can I get and bet freebets on my phone?
Yes, in any 1xBet betting product you can get bonuses, including freebets, and you can bet them the same way - by selecting a bonus account instead of the main one in the points coupon and entering a promo code for the freebet code.

Do I need a mirror to get freebies at 1xBet?
Offshore bookmaker 1xBet, licensed by Curacao, is blocked in many countries. It is possible to play using 1xBet's apps, which automatically bypass the blockages, or manually bypass them using any available method, including mirrors. Through an up-to-date mirror you can get and bet a freebet.

User comments

Jakov 12/01/2022 12:45
I got a lot of freebies at 1xBet, lost almost all of them, but it didn't hurt.
Sergej 17/03/2022 17:42
I like wagering freibet much more than the red tape of deposit points.
Bilal 17/04/2022 06:21
At 1xBet, you can use your useless freebies points to your advantage, not many bookies have that.
Bogdan 14/06/2022 04:12
I was withdrawing a won freebet with cash winnings - 1xBet asked me to confirm that another person wasn't using the account. Their simple verification is not enough!
Coleman 10/07/2022 16:48
It's a nightmare when you have to pay a big vaguer to get the cashes, but freebies are OK, 1xBet is better at it.
Matvej 11/09/2022 01:13
Anniversary freebies this office is trying to reinvigorate abandoned betting customers!
Semen 12/10/2022 17:11
I don't think all freebies can be called free bets. You pay for almost all of them one way or another.
Emil 11/12/2022 23:19
Freebet at 1xBet straight up, slogan. They've done a good job with promo codes for points, you can run ads like that.

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