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Betting on outcomes at 1xBet

The most popular betting option at most bookmakers is on the main outcomes of matches. bookmaker 1xBet is no exception, they have placed markets with outcomes at the top of the "Popular" category of their spreads. Guessing the winner of a competition, predicting a draw, betting on a double outcome - a simple and versatile betting option, great for both recreational betting and serious betting.

What is a double outcome? What are the intermediate outcomes? Why are major outcomes so popular? These questions are explored in this article.

Betting on the main outcomes

On the 1xBet bookmaker's home screen you can find solid main outcomes in the line windows, e.g. football and hockey matches.

The Chinese League Two Live Line showcase consists entirely of the main outcomes

The top lines of those sports where a draw is possible before overtime include a net win for each opponent, a draw, double outcomes with one team winning or a draw, and a double chance of either team winning, equivalent to a "no draw" market (in regulation time).

Showcases of the lines of sports where draws do not occur, such as tennis, for lack of double odds and draw markets contain totals. However, victories of one of the opponents are just the main outcomes.

Finding betting options for major outcomes at 1xbet

All markets with the main outcomes are available in the match listings. All betting options for a particular game can be accessed by navigating there from the left-hand column, from the LIVE, LINE and CIBERSPORT sections, or by opening the full spread by clicking on the plus number in the right-hand corner of the line-up tops. This number shows how many marks are contained in the match list.

All Markets" and "Popular" categories in 1xBet's slates

In the most prominent place of many screens, sections and categories, just the main outcomes are offered

By default, the spreadsheet opens on the "All markets" tab, which includes the full set of marquee bets for that match. At the top of the spread with this tab are the betting options for the main outcomes.

Because of their popularity, the main outcomes occupy the top "Popular" tabs in the 1xbet bookmaker's spreads.

Designating markets with major outcomes

A net win for one and the other opponent is marked as P1 and P2. In matches with a possible draw in regulation time, "clean" implies "in regulation time/in matches without extra halves" and a hidden -0.5 handicap, i.e. in case of a draw, the bet is lost. Returns for draws are made for bets with zero handicaps, which just removes those hidden -0.5.

A draw is indicated as X or H. A draw bet will only be played if there are no extra halves planned/played in these matches, only after a draw in regulation time. The main thing is that the match must end in a draw before possible overtime.

In rosters, draws are referred to as X, and as an element of some composite ordinaries as H

Double outcomes "win or draw" are labelled 1X and X2, while "either opponent wins = no draw" is labelled 12. The number 12 is made up of the numbers 1 and 2 in a row for the home team and the away team, one opponent and the other.

Intermediate main outcomes

All markets are intermediate outcomes in any given game, except the final outcome. The final, final outcome is one or two teams in a play-off competition, the final winner of a hockey match, the home team's win/draw/away win in football matches, NOT a tie, no extra time and no penalty shootout.

An intermediate outcome can be a win for one or the other opponent in a half/period/quarter/set, or in regular time of the game with added segments after a draw, and also in one or the other (and following both) added segments and other similar variations.

The options for intermediate outcomes are bets on specific time slots, of which 1xBet has quite a few in its rosters. A win or draw between the 50th and 75th minutes of play, for example, is also an intermediate outcome.

Variation of the main outcomes - halftime/match

In addition to markets with the result of the main time, there are markets with the condition of halves/periods and the whole match. These doubles are the same as a double combination of "half time ends like this" and "match ends like this".

In football, the main outcomes of a half/match are 9 in total. These are P1P1, P1N, P1P2, NP1, NP2, HH, P2P2, P2N and P2P1. That is, all possible combinations of half-time and match outcomes (up to and including possible extra halves/penalty series).

In addition they offer time/match markets with double chance markers, e.g. P2/P1X.

Variations of the main outcomes with additional halves

For matches where the regulation calls for overtimes/extras after a draw in regulation time, there are betting options for extra time or penalty kicks and the final victory of one of the opponents, regardless of when and how it is won.

Such markets with overtimes and penalty shoot-outs are easiest to find via a search query or by browsing the collapsed subcategories of the spread

A win by team 1 or 2 in extra time or specifically in the first/second half, a win by team 1 or 2 in a penalty/bullet shoot-out - such marquee games are considered as outcomes in extra time matches. Exactly the same as a final victory of one of the opponents by any means in any period of the game.

Examples of major outcome bets at 1xbet

The main outcome is a draw

In an NHL hockey match between the Tampa Bay Lightnings and the Pittsburgh Penguins, a draw is priced at 4.48. A bet of 1,000 rubles on this market will be settled as a win with a payout of 4,480 rubles if the score is tied after the third period.

Winning the match - any final victory

Winning the match combines a clean win, an overtime win and a shootout win

The 'win of the match' market from the same Lightnings game with the Penguins implies a net win for either team by any means at any time. The odds for a Tampa Bay Lightnings win are 1.652, which is far less than this team's net win (P1) at 2.064 (between the two scrimmages, the home team managed to load up at 2.072). However, any win is quoted more attractively than a double outcome on a Tampa win or draw at 1.39, for which a win will also pay out on a regulation time draw.

Double outcome with a win or draw

A bet on the Tampa Bay Lightnings with 1X market (home team not to lose = home team win or draw) will be settled with a win if the Lightnings win or draw in regulation time. If the Penguins are outscored after the third period, the 1X bet will be lost.

The main outcome is a clean win

A 3 over par bet on a clean win for the Pittsburgh Penguins will only win if the Penguins win in regulation time when there is no overtime/shootout series after the win. The Penguins' total/either win is quoted as 2.435.

Victory in the play-off round

Even the team that lost the return game and won the first game more convincingly can qualify for the next stage of the play-offs

The second round play-off rosters suggest "passing on = final round win" for one or the other team. This is NOT the same as the markets for a match win, any final win, as the outcome of a two-round play-off is influenced by the result of the first match.

With the return leg of the Libertadores Cup between Atl├ętico Mineiro and Palmeiras, let's take a look at the odds on which team will make it to the next stage. Palmeiras' passage to the final is priced at 2.06, as they drew 0-0 at home, failing to take home advantage. On the Mineirao field, Palmeiras will have a tougher time securing a final win. A Palmeiras pass bet will be settled with a win if the visitors win in regulation time (P2), if Palmeiras win in extra time and if Palmeiras win in the penalty shoot-out.


In halftime and full-match pairings, it can be interesting to price the odds, especially on unexpected combinations

A Time/Match bet on this Atletico Mineiro vs Palmeiras game with a P1P2 outcome is quoted at odds of 46. The winnings will come if Atletico Mineiro wins the first half and Palmeiras is the winner at the end of regular time. Such a win, squeezed into the half-time interval, is highly unlikely, which is why the odds are relatively high. Any other Palmeiras volitional victory is quoted lower, as are the other 8 Time/Match outcomes in this game. The Time/Match markets apply to the MAIN TIME of the game, with the results of extra halves and penalty kicks not affecting them.

Double outcome - there will be no draw

The return leg of the play-offs is usually more uncompromising than the first leg, which might explain the low odds of a clean sweep for either team after 0-0 in the first meeting

A double outcome 12 bet on this match between Atletico Mineiro and Palmeiras with one or the other team winning (in regulation time) is offered at odds of 1.36. It will be settled with a win in case there is no extra time and either Atletico Mineiro or Palmeiras win at the end of regulation time. If they draw in regulation time, the bet on market 12 will lose.

Features of betting on major outcomes

The simplicity and relatively good predictability of the main outcomes has made them extremely popular with casual players and serious punters. The main outcomes clearly depend on the motivation of the opponents, they are also the main outcome of the competition, what is being fought for and what the outside viewer is rooting for. This is why both amateur and novice players and experienced punters alike like the main outcomes.

A special mention should be made of the double markets of the main outcomes, which is a valid option for betting on several conditions from the same line-up, for one match. Express and other component types of betting cannot be made out of selections for a single match, but dual markets involving major outcomes make this possible. This applies to markets like "outcome + something", "part-match/all-match" and basic double odds.

Chasing high odds through will-win mechanics can be both exciting and lucrative, especially in live action. A complicated option like the Time/Match markets is not always worth the increased risk of missing out on time slots. Individual markets like "Willing 1/2 win" are also attractive at odds, although they are the gentlest variant of the Willing win marquets.

Refined variations on key outcomes like extra time wins and penalty shoot-out wins for play-off football are becoming more and more interesting, especially at national team level. The levelling of most opponents and the imbalance in favour of destruction over creation increases the chances of the underdogs, let alone the mediators, reaching extra time and penalty shoot-outs.

For clubs in the top leagues, this becomes irrelevant in pandemic seasons, when the giants only get stronger and the problems of weaker clubs are exacerbated. In the case of teams from the big six championships, their fatigue, their tendency to save energy and to over-insure themselves on the chances of overtimes and penalties in the play-offs.

Frequently asked questions about main event betting at 1xBet

Which win is implied in the main outcomes of P1 and P2 at 1xBet?
Only wins in regular time matches where a draw is allowed. This is a universal criterion when no market and sub-markets are otherwise specified in the market designation. For competitions without a draw, P1 and P2 are essentially any win.

Can I only bet on the main outcomes at 1xBet in ordinaries?
No, different types of bets can be formed from the selection of these markets. You cannot add more than one market, including the main outcomes, from the same schedule to compound bets. Ordinaries - normal single bets - can be placed on single majors, doubles or any other type of outcome.

If a team wins in extra time or on penalties, does the bet on a clean win lose?
Yes, in such a case, a draw is considered the winning main outcome. For any play-off win, the markets of the same name are offered, they are also indicated as the winner of the match. And going through to the next round for hockey might be a different market.

If a team wins in the added minutes, does the bet on its clean win win?
Yes, because the added minutes are part of the main time. This also applies to halftime betting, where the added minutes are also part of that half time.

What is the difference between a zero win and a win or draw at 1xBet?
A net win with a zero handicap is a bet to win, subject to a return in the event of a draw. A draw in such a bet tilts the balance either in the player's favour or in the bookmaker's favour. A bet on win or draw, i.e. on the condition that the team will not lose, is calculated as a win both in case of victory of this team and in case of a draw, because a draw is an equal market condition along with the victory of the selected team.

Are intermediate outcomes suitable for serious betting at 1xBet?
For live play, yes. Intermediate outcomes can be used to react to changes in the game, to trends. In the pre-match, intermediate outcomes are more suitable for recreational betting with higher odds. To bet on intermediate outcomes, especially in the specified time slots, you need a good reason, which can be obtained in the course of the match.

Are double outcomes suitable for serious betting at 1xBet?
In two cases. 1 - When both double odds clearly suit that team, which is most often the case in the play-offs and the end of group stages. 2 - When an undervalued market odds double outcome justifies the risks. In other cases, double outcomes suffer from the disadvantages of two-event expresses, i.e. multiplying high margins and combining the risks of the two conditions. As insurance against a draw in regular competitions, it is better to use a zero handicap.

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Vsevolod 09/01/2022 01:39
The single main outcome order is the ideal bet.
Danil 19/01/2022 20:12
1xBet could have separated out the outcomes into a separate category for convenience.
Egor 04/02/2022 07:44
The single odds are the best of the other controlled, thought out, with obvious odds of 2 bookmakers and margins. I only bet big on them.
Erik 15/02/2022 02:34
All variations of the main outcomes of the norms are suitable for the live game.
Egor 02/03/2022 03:19
I don't like betting on a draw even when it's imminent. Anything happens and it's a bit scary right away. Emotionally, it's hard when the sticky, draughty quagmire ends.
Mihail 20/03/2022 02:46
1xBet could do with clarifying the terms of different wins. Not all newbies will get the hang of it.
Carter 01/04/2022 20:13
When the underdog has barely made it to the over and the favourite is not long enough, you can bet on a particular added half to win. Against the chance of a penalty shoot-out, it can be advantageous.
Jones 18/04/2022 01:24
I'm liking the final passes more and more in the play-offs in general, too much anti-football.
Vitalij 05/05/2022 13:54
I've been hesitant to bet twin totals and outcomes, the risk increases too much there.
Boris 23/05/2022 14:13
1xBet's search for the words outcome and additional drops out too much. You need a special filter.

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