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Betting on goals at 1xBet

At 1xBet, the betting variants are usually divided into 3 key categories - handicaps, totals and goals. The goals section includes goal/points/score related markets. For football and hockey matches there are plenty of them, with goal marquets being offered there in a bunch of variations. In basketball, the goals section most often includes the difference in points, and in tennis and volleyball the exact score for the match and individual sets. In cybersport, goals refer to the exact score for the whole game and by rounds/maps.

Goal markets can be added to the 1xBet bet just like any other, and you don't need to get used to their shortcuts

Betting on goals can be used to stir up emotions when watching a match, as these betting options are associated with result-oriented action. Goal markets, especially for hockey and football, are becoming a specialized tool for serious betting. In the in-play tennis game, for instance, you can aim for high odds on the exact score by reacting to trends.

For betting on games, markets from the goals category are generally well suited. And in the pre-match on the eve of an event, the maximum number of them for each competition is available. And different types of betting for selected goal markers are available from the 1xbet bookmaker.

The high quotes of many attractive goal markets hint at the use of compound betting types

In order to go to the goal betting options, you have to search for the match in the specific tournament for the desired sport. In this way, the player will get to the markets for the game, where the third highlighted category is goals. In 1xbet, you can open the spread from the left column of the root navigation, by switching to it from the line top, as well as in the section betting on the course of the match - LIVE.

The cyber sports rosters are opened from the main menu section of the same name, or from the same left-hand column where the cabersports item reveals the list of cyber sports disciplines, branching further into tournaments for them and individual matches within them.

The goals category can be selected from the top of the feature, usually at 1xBet it comes after the filters for all markets, popular markets, forwards and totals. Sometimes the goals section can be accessed from the full list of categories, which can be opened by a button with four horizontal bars and a down arrow.

To easily find a subcategory of interest, you can collapse the list before the subcategory headers, which will make it easier to find and target the desired subcategory. The subcategories are collapsed using the two up-arrow buttons in the top right corner of the dropdown window.

Betting on football goals at 1xBet

A week or more before the match, even in Champions League football, they offer a basic set of markets for goals, which grow in depth and become variations closer to the date of the game

The betting options with goal markets in football are many. This example does not cover all sub-categories, many of which appear closer to the start of the game and are only present for popular matches.

The classic two-goal split includes not only the basic "yes" and "no" outcomes, but is also scaled to the "2 or more goals" condition.

The "Next goal" sub-category offers betting on the order of goals scored in the match.

The goal in-between section contains markets with specific playing time intervals in which the teams may or may not score goals. Below are the individual versions of such markets for each team. Also with the time slots are the bets for the first goal of each of the teams. Alternative markets with "yes" and "no" to this condition are available under them, i.e. whether the team will score the first goal in the given interval or not.

The name of the "Exact Score" sub-category speaks for itself. Rare scores tend to be quoted very highly, becoming an attractive market for recreational betting and, with good reason, for serious betting.

The goal in both halves subsection implies markets with the condition that either team scores or not in each half of the match.

In the sub-category "Race to N goals" markets are denoted as "figure - P1/2", which means the number of goals and the team scoring them. The "figure - none" markets imply that the specified number of goals will not be scored by either team.

The sub-section "Goal after the minute" offers markets for goals after a certain minute of the match, which usually falls in the middle of the second half, for example in the 72nd minute. In popular matches, many options are given for reporting time, including goals in the final minutes and added time. The outcomes are usually indicated as "no" and "yes", i.e. a goal will or will not be scored after the specified minute of game time.

The "No goal conceded" sub-category is equivalent to the "Opponent will not score" markets. It contains the variants "Declined goal/Invalid goal" etc.

Individual player totals greater than 0.5 equals the "Player to Score" market. There are bizarre variations like "Goalkeeper to score" or "Goalie to score - yes/no". Double and hat-trick variations refer to players as well as to teams. The chances of a penalty being awarded and converted are also found in this subcategory.

Combination markets involving goals are available at the bottom of the goals category. For example, "both scores + total", which is equivalent to a double round of identical singles.

A day or two before the big football matches it will be difficult to understand the goals category of their rosters without searching through the markets, let alone select the right betting option from the range

The corrections and additions to the betting options with goals appear in the pre-match slates on the eve of the game.

Betting on hockey goals at 1xbet

Hockey goal markets at 1xBet are full of potential, with the most popular events on match days

Similarly to football, hockey spreadsheets have subcategories like "Both goals scored", "Exact score", "Next goal", "Goal in each period", "Team 1/2 to score in all periods", "Goalie goal" and other similar subcategories.

Shortly before the start of the match, these categories are available:

Hockey's performance arguably makes it an even better betting sport for high goal odds than football

In hockey, much more often than in football, teams find themselves in unequal line-ups, so majority and minority related markets are present in hockey rosters on a regular basis. For example "First scored format" with variants like "5, 4, 3", "On power plays by any team with 5x4, 5x3, etc.", "On penalty shots by any team with similar power imbalance, goals from free throw or no goals scored in regulation time.

The spread offers variations on the final scores, with popular scores at relatively low odds, while unexpectedly high scores can be quoted highly. In hockey, this spread is even wider than in football.

Under the categories of markets with goals for the whole match, there are usually sub-categories available for specific periods, from first to third. At times there are betting options there for possible overtime periods.

1xBet bets on exact scores in tennis and volleyball

1xBet's goal category live draw for tennis matches may be richer than the pre-match draw if there is an exact score for the games in the sets

In set-piece games, the basic category of markets for goals is the exact score by set, and sometimes the score by game in each set.

The exact score in specific sets in volleyball as a pre-match bet is not of serious interest, but it will do for adventurous fun

Basketball point difference betting at 1xBet

Such markets are an interesting alternative to handicaps in pre-match basketball rosters, as the odds will be higher due to a two-sided interval instead of a one-sided forward

For basketball games, the main sub-category of goal betting has been the markets for the exact score difference in the final result. Where a particular exact score is difficult to predict, the difference between the opponents becomes an alternative. These markets are referred to as "P1/2 in a specific number of points or in a range of points".

Betting on goals in eSports at 1xBet

The score of an entire match and the exact score of individual maps - the basic markets of Counter-strike Global offensive

In eSports disciplines such as CS:GO, Dota2 and LoL, the Goal sub-categories include markets for the exact score of an entire match and individual cards or rounds.

The final score in Dota 2 can be considered the main market, a good alternative to the outcomes due to the increased odds
In League of Legends the exact score is less predictable, it's more likely to be caught up in play

Checking 1xbet betting on goals

You can track the fate of goal betting, especially if there is some fancy market there, on the "LIVE results" page and in the regular results section. This information is useful when preparing for new bets on goals.

On the results page you can find secondary indicators on which 1xBet bookmakers accept bets using goals

Goal betting features at 1xBet

Betting on specific players' goals

The goal markets for individual players in football and hockey deserve special attention. The top scorers, the well established goal scorers in the rosters can be overrated and their totals greater than 0.5 under-quoted.

In betting on individual goals, it is advantageous to be ahead of the game when a potentially scoring player is just joining the squad, showing the first signs of future performance. His appearance in the list of likely goalscorers already means there is a certain likelihood of him making a difference, so it's a good place to start. Fans of smaller, regional teams, who often know as much about their players as the writers or betting odds providers, are particularly good at this kind of betting.

Betting on markets like "Ronaldo to score" can be lucrative, but it is often unprofitable over the distance. Margins on the top scorers are inflated to the limit and their goals are the hardest to beat by other bettors. Against their opponents' top scorers, teams often organize individual pressure, shutting them down and preventing them from scoring at all costs. Betting on goals is good for promising youngsters - newcomers to the base, "dark horses", effective penalty shooters, coming in at the standards of prolific defenders.

Betting on interval goals

These markets are good primarily for in-play, when a suitable trend in one team's tactics is identified. Or when a lowly team/outsider gradually builds up pressure on the opponent in an attempt to win/level the score, not wanting to increase the risks up front and expose themselves to more missed goals. When a weaker team is desperate and has 'nothing to lose', they are more likely to score again and maybe even score.

For high probability of a productive climax to the game, last minute intervals are suitable. For problematic/surprising starting line-ups and teams inclined to start intensively/spoil the first minutes - the opening intervals. The contrast between the opponents in these parameters also contributes to the attractiveness of such markets in their head-to-head encounters.

Alternatives to standard totals

Both goals with Yes are popular with opponents whose game promises to be a double-header, but can close quickly after 1-1 and fail to break the standard total.

The "No" outcome is appropriate as a substitute for a less than standard total in meetings between a well-prepared clear favourite and an underdog whose performance against the grands, readiness in the moment and priority of this round over neighbouring ones are questionable.

Betting on the tennis score

In in-play tennis, markets for the score of a set by games and the whole match by sets can be attractive. Reacting to the growing advantage of one player over another, or even the uncompetitiveness of one to the other in this way is appropriate. Often a player who is losing almost hopelessly will sacrifice a missed set to perform better in the next. And the demoralisation/destruction factors of the inferior player contrasting with the elation/excitement of the winning player regularly push for live betting on the score by games of the current game and sets in the end.

The quirky markers in most sub-categories of the Goal section are more suitable for recreational betting, having fun with heightened emotions while watching a match. They are hardly considered as serious tools for the mouthguards, but for exceptional cases they will be a great option for in-play reactions or the realisation of pre-match expectations.

Frequently asked questions about goal betting at 1xBet

At the 1xBet bookmaker you can bet on more than just goal totals?
Yes, this bookmaker has a wide spread, in which a lot of betting options with goals appear. Most of them appear in the pre-match draws just before the game, in the draws of ranked and popular games, and in the in-demand in-play events.

Does 1xBet have many rare goal and interval betting options?
Yes. This office works out the spreads in detail, making goal markers a separate category on a par with handicaps and totals. Binding goals with time slots is served with a wide choice of time slots. The variety of variations also applies to other goal markets. At 1xBet, you can often find goal markets for the first time, which will be available at other bookmakers in the future.

Is 1xBet goal betting better suited to in-play than pre-match?
In many ways, yes. With the development of match betting, there are many times more markets with goals, which are relevant for in-play, even though they were mostly unnecessary in pre-match. As a way of reacting to changing scenarios and surprises in matches, markets with goals (points, etc.) may be the best option.

Is betting on the exact score of football matches at 1xBet unprofitable?
With the exception of "catch-up" options to close to the current result or holding an intermediate score, rather, yes. A rare chance of guessing a big and unusual score can happen, but systematically and over a distance it is doomed to loss. For recreational betting, however, the exact score markets in team sports are well suited.

Betting on goals at 1xBet is the scorer's probability of scoring?
Not only that. All betting options relating to goals, probabilities of goals being scored in a specific way or at a specific time interval belong to the goals sub-category of 1xBet's spreads. They apply to both opponents together, separately for each team, and are also allocated to parts of the game, be they halves, periods, quarters or sets.

Is betting on the next goal good for in-play at 1xBet?
They may be suitable for situations where a goal by one of the opponents is literally looming, if it is far more likely than a goal by the other team. When the clear favourites finish off a collapsed underdog, when one team's quality of play in the moment far exceeds the opponent's efficiency, as well as their willingness to attack decisively, yes. But mostly it's markets for fun, for betting for fun.

Is betting on goals at 1xBet based on statistics and calculations profitable?
More likely no than yes. Performance in team sports is largely irrational and depends on many small aspects, including chance. Deriving probabilities of goals from data sets is not a good use of time, especially in contrast to the professional statistics, probabilities, indices and data from specialist suppliers used by bookmakers.

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Savva 25/01/2022 20:23
I like to bet on goals in 1xBet's live betting. You can spot who to expect surprises from with high odds and which opponent is capable of what.
Konstantin 05/03/2022 00:58
I like to catch up with the exact score in the in-play if the game splits and the scoreboard can light up all sorts of things.
David 31/03/2022 23:37
I've been betting on goals from attacking middles, it's a strategy with good potential over the distance.
Ibragim 21/04/2022 20:06
When creative newcomers and youngsters try to establish themselves in the squad and score goals, this is what they are aiming for. High odds on these players can justify themselves in a lot of bets.
Nikita 14/05/2022 21:42
I bet at 1xBet on goalie goals in hockey, the odds are under a thousand, and they can also shoot from one goal to the other at the end of a match.
David 19/06/2022 01:50
It's even more pointless to bet on goals against underdogs than it is to bet on top scorers. The margins are even worse and the slips suffer more.
Chect 10/07/2022 09:03
I used to get a plus balance at 1xBet for a lot of high stakes goal betting in all sorts of breakdown tournaments like the Brazilian Cup.
Andrej 03/08/2022 15:19
I like to bet on set point difference in basketball, it's the best thing there for live betting.
Stepan 27/08/2022 03:43
Table tennis with an exact score is very different from regular tennis, stay out of it, especially the sham tournaments.
Timur 19/10/2022 00:19
Betting a goal with a penalty will be in matches with likely simulations, dives, it doesn't even stop working with a var.

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