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1xBet's Express of the Day promotion

1xbet bookmaker has a regular "Parlay of the Day" promotion. It includes picks prepared by the bookmaker's staff for both live and in-play events, with the total odds increased by 10%. At any one time there are over a dozen multi-folds of the day, which you can switch between using the arrow buttons. Find the multi of the day by sliding down to the 1xBet Homepage or to the Lines and Live pages. Day Groups can easily be added to a Coupon with a single click.

The numbered expresses of the day have become so numerous that scrolling through the 3 dozen steam trains available at a time can be tedious

1xBet Daily Expresses of the Day

Find 1xBet's Expresses of the Day in the same places at the bottom of the home page, line and in-play

The easiest way to find out the odds of the day available right now is by simply scrolling down to the 1xbet home screen. Ready-to-folds from the staff, with odds increased by 10%, can be found below the extracts from the line. On the left hand side you will find the odds on the events that haven't started yet, which are usually a couple of dozens a day. On the right hand side, you will find the odds of the day's matches. Of course, odds for the live betting odds change frequently and the assortment of bets of the day is gradually updated with new odds to replace the old ones that have run out of steam.

The Express of the day in the Live section is also under the main area

The line and live betting sections of the day's expresses are located in the same way as on the 1xBet home page, below the main working area.

It usually takes longer to scroll to the odds of the day in the line section than it does in the homepage and in the live section

1xBet's Expression of the Day betting

The main advantage of a parlay of the day, apart from the 10% premium on the odds, is that it can be added to a one-click bet - making a parlay yourself takes a lot of time

Betting with 1xBet's Ready Day Parlay is as easy as possible. Select your favourite parlay from the range by scrolling through the options using the arrows and then add your favourite parlay to the betting slip. All you have to do is enter the betting amount and confirm the betting.

Find the promotional page with the expressions of the day under PROMO, it has a picture of a train

If all events in a Parlay play out, the client will win at the total odds for the Parlay of the day. If at least one of the components of the parlay fails, the entire parlay is forfeited.

For details of the promotion with the expressions of the day, see the promotion page

1xBet's success rate statistics for the Day's Expresses

To manually check the quality of the day's expresses, go to 1xBet's results section from the main navigation

There are no such statistics publicly available, nor does the bookmaker itself keep them. The parlay odds of the day have gradually become more and more numerous; keeping track of many dozens of parlays every 24 hours is not an easy task.

If you wish, you can check the results of the day's expresses yourself on the 1xBet results page. You will have to check each composite event of a parlay until one of them loses for some parlay or the parlay is played completely.

On the results page, you will have to check each event until each parlay has been fouled or played - there are no statistics collected on them

Frequently Asked Questions about 1xBet's Expression of the Day

How does 1xBet apply a 10% surcharge to the odds of the day?
An additional event with odds 1.1 is added to 1xBet's odds list of the day's express events. When multiplying the odds of composite orders, this unconditional bonus event increases the total odds of the parlay by 10% with its odds of 1.1.

Because of the bonus event at odds of 1.1 in 1xBet's Dayposts, you can't apply promo codes and insurance?
More often than not, yes. The conditions of these promotions are that the minimum odds of the composite events are much higher than 1.1, and the odds of the day because of an extra single without a condition and with odds of 1.1 do not fall under most coupons and promotions for parlays.

Why does 1xBet bookmaker make so many of the day's expresses and increase their odds by 10%?
A large selection of ready-made parlays allows customers to find a suitable option. And the very incentive to bet in parlays is profitable for any bookmaker, who earns a lot from parlays in general because of the multiplication of the margins of composite events together with their odds. Expresses rarely go in, especially those consisting of multiple events.

How do I find the 1xBet Day Expresses other than the ones shown right now?
You can use the left and right arrows to scroll through the variants of the Dayposts. You can only look forward to the new live betting odds when a new batch of live events is about to start. The selections in the live betting odds of the day are published in portions from one time period to the next. They depend on the start and end times of the events.

Can I bet in 1xBet's Daypacks in the app and mobile version?
Yes. It's just as easy to find them, and they are still added to the coupon at the push of a green button.

Is it profitable to bet in 1xBet Daypacks?
Hard to say, more likely not. A 10% surcharge does not cover all the disadvantages of multiplying the margins of composite events, given that it is the bookmaker, not the player, who chooses these events. Daypacks are good for quick fun.

User comments

Kristen 13/02/2022 12:32
I think the bookies are deliberately adding bad choices to their day expresses so that with the overall appeal, one thing for sure won't go in.
Igor 17/04/2022 06:21
I rarely find the Express of the Day interesting, it's a strange selection of events that are difficult to follow.
Oleg 10/07/2022 16:48
There didn't used to be many expressions of the day at 1xBet. Now you can get tired of scrolling through them, just like with the bonuses at this office.
Georgij 11/09/2022 01:13
I like the express of the day for its simplicity. Often bet them, mostly lose, but the process is fun.
Sandoval 15/11/2022 10:46
How do you get these expresses of the day off the line? I'm sick of it!
Stepan 11/12/2022 23:19
Even more seriously betting with other people's steam engines now, it's a lure.
Valerij 07/01/2023 17:47
Does anyone even check 1xBet's odds of the day?
Michael 07/02/2023 23:16
I got maxed out, had to bet in expresses, but they won't sell me the imposed expresses of the day!
Pavel 11/03/2023 20:58
I don't want to bet my money on expresses specially drawn up by a bookmaker's employee.
Dmitrij 09/04/2023 20:58
Live expressions of the day are good when you want to follow something here and now.

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