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Offshore betting company 1xbet has a very simple registration process, which can be completed in four ways - in 1 click, by linking your phone number, email address or social network account. You will need this to get an account and a personal cabinet, where you will have to fill in your personal details. Verification is also as easy as possible at first - the bookmaker will check the details entered, compare them with the database and, if there are no problems, you can fully play.

You can register with 1xBet on the bank's website, on its mobile version and in its apps for gadgets. The process will be the same everywhere.

How do I register with 1xBet?

1xBet's new design now has two registration buttons

To start registering, click on the button of the same name, which in the full version of the site is coloured light green and is located in the top right corner. After the redesign of the page, a duplicate registration button has appeared on the right-hand side of the site, amongst the pop-up bookmarks. It is also possible to register when trying to claim a welcome bonus in the targeted button with the gift box symbol. Regardless of how you open the form, it will be the same.

1-click registration at 1xBet

One click only gives you an account with a personal account that requires you to fill in the rest of the information

The easiest and fastest way to get a 1xbet account and access to your personal cabinet is simply to accept the automatically determined country, account currency and click the REGISTER button. At the same time, you can enter a promo code if the new customer has one. It is helpful to actually read the rules and user agreement with the privacy policy, rather than defaulting to them by clicking the green button.

As a result of registering in this way, the new customer will receive a login ID and password, which can then be changed in the private office. You will still need to fill in the missing fields with your personal data and contact details. One-click registration is the quickest way to get into the office, but the real time savings are questionable.

Registering with 1xbet by phone

Phone is good as the main login and contact for tethering

This method involves linking the phone number as the main contact for communication and an alternative login for logging into your personal account. In addition to selecting the account currency, you need to enter your phone number, request a verification code and enter the code in the text message field below the phone number. A promo code can also be used in this registration option. It is also advisable to read the rules with the agreement carefully. The generated password can also be changed to your own in your personal account.

Registering with 1xBet by E-mail

Don't be intimidated by the large email form, you'll need fewer fields to fill in later

In this option, many of the fields you have put aside for later will be right on the start form. In addition to your e-mail address, you will need to enter your country, region, city and currency. Under the fields with e-mail address and telephone number you have to enter your name and surname correctly, which you will have to confirm with a document in the future. The password for this variant of registration should be created by yourself, it should consist of letters of different register, figures and symbols for strengthening the safety. You can enter a promo code here as well, and you have to read and agree with the user agreement and rules.

Registering with 1xbet via social networks and messengers

Signing in via a social network is also available in the login window; this is a quick and convenient option to get a personal account

You can get a 1xBet account and access to your personal cabinet by linking your account to one of the popular social networks - for Russia it is Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Yandex,, Telegram and Google. Also, just like with the one-click option, you need to check the auto-detection of the country, currency and agree with the privacy policy, game rules and user agreement. The system-generated password can be changed to your own at any time in your personal cabinet.

The rules section is an important one, essential for informed consent, and confidentiality and other things can already be glanced at

Choosing the 1xbet welcome sign-up bonus

Right when you fill out the form in any of the four ways in any 1xBet product, you can choose a starter bonus. These are two welcome packages - for sports betting and for casino betting. The third option is the bonus waiver, which postpones a possible choice for later.

In the case of the 1xBet bookmaker's office, a sports bonus will be in demand, which is a bonus on your first deposit of up to 120% of your deposit amount, with a limit of 25,000 roubles. The bonus points will have to be wagered with freebies according to the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Verification at 1xBet

For new clients whose details do not match previous 1xbet clients and other verification databases, the initial verification will be quick and even discreet. The information provided will be verified, and if there are no problems, the client can move on to receiving bonuses, depositing and active betting.

It is important to understand that without filling in your personal details in your personal cabinet, 1xBet will not allow you to withdraw money from your account. Partially incomplete information will increase the risk of suspicion and the likelihood of a complicated verification via video link. It is not enough to prove that you are of legal age with a tick in the registration form.

Logging in to 1xbet

The Login button is located in the top right corner of the screen. There are 3 login options available in the login form - by ID number, email address or phone number. Not all of them are immediately available to new customers, it depends on how you fill in the initial form. Of course, the phone number or email must be confirmed in order to use it as a login.

The login options change with the button to the right of the login box, and password retrieval is available below

To log in with your ID or e-mail address as your login, simply enter them in the login field. To log in with a telephone number, click on the button with the handset symbol to the right of the login field.

Logging in via text message is a good alternative in case you have problems with your password. A text message will be sent to the phone number linked to your account with the code you need to log in to your personal account.

Other ways to solve password problems are to recover your password via a linked email address and phone number. Just follow the simple standard instructions and then change the password to a more secure/easy to remember one.

Frequently asked questions about registering with 1xBet

To bet at 1xBet, just fill out the short registration form?
No, you need the form to access your personal account and obtain an account. Then you need to fill in the fields with your personal details, protecting your account and confirming to the bookmaker that you are of legal age and that this is your first and only account with 1xBet.

Which of the four best ways to fill in the form at 1xBet?
The difference between the two is insignificant, but you will still need to fill in the missing fields later. Registration with an email link may be quicker because you can set your password immediately and fill in part of the personal account form.

Is it better to register with 1xBet on the website or in the app?
When the app doesn't have a special welcome bonus and other special promotions for registering there, this choice remains a matter of convenience. It is probably more convenient to fill in the application form on a normal keyboard, on the full version of the website.

1xBet has no verification like the localised legitimate offices?
Verification at 1xBet is still available, it just goes unnoticed when the bookmaker has no doubts or other problems. Filling in your personal details is necessary in order to receive bonuses and withdraw money from your account. And when problems arise, you'll probably need a video call to confirm ownership of the account.

No need to read the rules at the illegal 1xBet in Russia?
They must be read and studied carefully in order to avoid being penalised by the office for violating them, for suspicion of activity prohibited by the terms of the game. Even if you have to go to court in CuraƧao, it is important not to cause problems yourself, which requires a good knowledge of the rules.

Can I keep the generated 1xBet password in my personal cabinet?
Generally speaking, yes, there's multiple layers of protection anyway. For more peace of mind, you can change your password to your own, so that account hacking and spontaneous betting reviews aren't as much of a concern.

Do I have to register to download the 1xBet mobile app?
No, it is possible to download and install the application before registering. Filling in the form is still unavoidable for a new customer. Without it, he will not get an account and a personal account. You can go through all these procedures in the mobile app as well.

User comments

Leonid 15/03/2022 09:34
After changing the details of the account, they've been harassed by the checks. I guess it makes sense, it looks like an attempt to steal an account.
Artur 12/05/2022 19:04
It's easier to change your phone number with a mobile operator than with 1xBet. Best not to touch the profile details, the office is already overly suspicious of any hint of risk.
Arsenij 11/07/2022 05:00
1xBet is so maniacal about fighting multi-accounts and account sales that the average user can't change the changed details without a hassle!
Velindara 11/09/2022 05:53
Registration and identification is straightforward, easier than at a legitimate office, but they can be flogged with or without any suspicion.
Graham 06/11/2022 07:51
Signed up in 1 click, then had to fill out the rest. What's the point of that - getting an account quicker?
Ivan 11/01/2023 09:31
They made me re-verify by video link, saying they suspected a third party was using the account. Barely got the money out of that dump.
Roman 16/03/2023 01:52
I bet on small things, withdrew little, I wasn't harassed after registering as usual.
Qimavinn 14/05/2023 21:13
It's easy to sign up, but try to withdraw a decent sum. They can cut rates and maximums, demand video calls.

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