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Patent betting at 1xbet

A Parlay at 1xBet is a type of bet in which all possible Parlays are drawn from a set of markets. The same amount of money is allocated to each compound parlay, which is obtained by dividing the total bet amount by the number of parlays in the parlay.

Unlike systems, patents are not differentiated in terms of spreads, because this type of betting includes ALL, any expresses from the selected marquees. The length of composite parlay bets is not limited to a given number of events in their composition - a patent includes double, treble bets, etc.

The 1xbet bookmaker's patent can be selected in a coupon with three markets added. The maximum number of markets for a patent is 8. In the case of patents, the maximum odds are not shown in the coupon. The patent calculator, like for other compound bets, is not yet available at 1xBet.

Patent and other fresh types of betting are not yet established, not yet ingrained in bettors' perceptions, so they can vary widely from betting shop to betting shop - better check the rules

As with other composite betting, patents cannot include dependent selections and markets from a single match schedule. And market returns turn their odds into one.

Selecting markets for a patent in 1xbet

A 3-event patch is not much different from several doubles and trebles, so 4 markets are better suited to unlock the potential of this type of bet

To place a patent, you must decide on three or more markets and add them to the coupon. You can do this in the hot offers with the top markets, in the showcases of the pre-match and live line in the sections of the same name, in the CIBERISPORT section, or by selecting the desired matches in the column on the left navigation and going to the full listings. You can also access all the betting options for the match you are interested in by clicking on the top navigation of the LINE and LIVE sections.

Checking the patent betting coupon at 1xBet

If the number 3 appears in brackets next to the coupon, the "patent" betting type can already be selected on this ticket. It is usually located near the bottom of the drop-down list. If the events added to the slip are not related, if they are from different match slates, then selecting the patent option is the penultimate step to confirm the bet.

Between the system and the patent there are as many as 5 types of betting, but they are much less like single parlay combinations than these two options

All that remains is to enter the bet amount and confirm the bet. The amount of the bet must be thought of in terms of distributing it equally among all the compound exponents of the bet.

The patent coupon is not replete with information on the estimated maximum winnings, which is also missing

The total patent odds in 1xbet are not shown. However, with patent-like systems, this bookmaker somehow shows the maximum win odds in the ideal scenario. In the case of patents, 1xBet follows the example of most other bookmakers by simply not showing the maximum odds including the extra margin as an offer.

Market coefficients for patents

As with systems, patents need to be drafted with a partial win or loss in mind. In a negative scenario, most of the bet can be recovered by placing a single double with decent market odds. Not entering one, two or a couple of Market Makes in a big patent will not terminate its profitability at all, as long as the great majority of the events have the average prices +-2 and above.

Generally speaking, the parlay combinations, which is also a patent, are designed for high odds margins. They do not have the same high bookmaker margins as the clear favourites. This does not affect the multiplication in expresses as much as it does in single sure-fire doubles, for example. One market with high odds and low odds will not spoil the patent by strengthening it, but adding more of them there is not advisable.

The amount of the rate for a patent

There are more composite expresses in patents than in systems of the same number of marques. This is because there is no specific number of events for each of the expresses as in systems - patents are made of generally all possible steam of any length. The betting amount for a patent must therefore be determined by taking into account the big divisor.

The betting amount - the betting amount of each parlay - must be an order or orders of magnitude greater than its odds, so that the sense of the parlays is not devalued by penny fractions of money on each composite parlay. Patches prove to be a more "expensive" parlay combination than a system, but also potentially more lucrative.

If the long jacks in a patent do play, the betting amount on each compound parlay will depend on the potentially big winnings for the high odds of the long jacks. It would be a shame if the betting amount on each Parlay was very diluted because of the large patent divider. The patent's potentially high return is offset by the high cost and risk compared to the system.

Example patent betting at 1xBet

For an example, let's look at a bet with a patent of four selected markets. They are a draw in the Europa League football match between Real Sociedad and Monaco at odds of 3.6, a win for Olympiacos over Fenerbahce for 3.4, a win for Celtic against Bayer for 4 and a no draw for Sturm against PSV.

From the four marquets, there are 11 possible expresses. That's 6 presets from 2 events, 4 trebles and 1 multi from all 4 markets.

The betting amount of 1100 roubles will be divided into 11 compound expressions in a patent of 100 roubles for each press.

Here is the full list of compound expressions from the patent:

Options for developments

The possible winnings for each Parlay is obtained by multiplying 100 roubles (1/11 of 1100 roubles bet on a parlay of 11 parlays) for each parlay by the odds of that parlay.

In order for a bet to be paid out with a patent, at least 2 markets in the betting set must be guessed. That is, 2 played marquets are needed to enter one double betting set.

3 or more markets played will greatly increase the patent payout. All played markets in a patent set will bring the maximum payout - the sum of the payouts for all composite expresses.

If only 1 market is guessed in a patent, the whole bet loses as none of the expresses will score.

The links to the calculators are broken and lead to pages that do not exist, so you have to do the calculations yourself, which is useful for understanding the mechanics of compound betting
Maybe the 404 pages of some sections are the cost of updating the 1xBet websites, the existence of two versions, the many products for different platforms, but not yet fixed

Comparison of patent potential with ordinaries, express and systems

At best, the patent from the example will yield a payout of 5454 roubles for six doubles, 10100 for four trebles and 6345 for one express of four events. This would add up to a total of 21899 roubles with a net win of 20799 roubles (21899 - 1100 bet amount).

Four single bets on each of the markets with a bank of 1100 rubles will be placed for 275 rubles on each of the four markers. Maximum payout will be 990 + 935 + 1100 + 356.4 = 3381.4 roubles with a net win of 2281.4 roubles (3381.4 - 1100).

A 2 out of 4 system will yield a maximum of 9990.93 roubles. That's 8890 roubles net winnings.

And a 3 out of 4 system is 27805.54 roubles maximum winnings if all four markets are entered. The net winnings will be 26705.54 roubles.

Non-entry markets in a patent comparison with singles, expresses and systems

1 market lost

If at least one of the selected marquees fails to play, the parlay of them will lose completely with the loss of all 1,100 roubles of the bet amount.

The moderate yield of the singles will not be much affected; one of the four bets with a par value of 275 roubles will be deducted.

A 2 out of 4 system with no market entry at odds of 3.4 will yield a payout of 4251.57 roubles.

The 3 out of 4 system is 4847.04. The net winnings are 3151.57 and 3747.04 rubles, respectively.

A Patent for no event at odds of 3.4 will yield a payout of 2424 roubles for doubles, 1866 for a single played treble and 0 for a four-fold parlay. In total, the payout will be 4,290 roubles with a net win of 3,190 roubles.

2 lost markets

The parlay will lose completely with a loss of 1100 roubles of the bet amount.

On singles, this will seriously reduce their profitability with a deduction of RUB 550 from the payout for 2 single bets played, together with the betting amounts.

A 2 out of 4 system with no event at odds of 3.4 and 3.6 will yield a payout of 950 roubles, which is slightly less than the betting amount - the player will lose a little as a result.

A 3 out of 4 system will lose completely, as no parlay will play in it.

A patent on unplayed markets for 3.4 and 3.6 will yield 518 roubles for the only double played, while trebles and quadruplets will lose. Most of the betting amount will be lost. But almost half will be saved.

Impact of refunds on patent payments

Canceling matches, stopping games without a final result and other reasons for returning bets will affect the patter as easily and predictably as with expresses and systems. Replacing the return market odds with 1 keeps the odds of a Parlay with it in the line-up, but lowers the odds of that Parlay.

A patent, consisting entirely of returnable markers, will return the betting amount to the player's account.

Purpose of betting patent

This is by and large a recreational bet for amateur bettors to swing for a nice win with a set of several high-stakes, high-stakes betting odds and risks. Patents, due to their survivability, can keep the emotion of betting and the excitement of what happens in matches alive for a long time. However, the stakes for a patent, due to the number of associated parlay odds, may be higher than the stakes for an Amateur Parlay, System, or single bet. This aspect needs to be judged sensibly.

For pragmatic, thorough betting, patents are poorly suited for the same reasons as systems and spreads of more than a couple of events. The multiplication of margins together with odds makes regular betting with patents unprofitable. The need to select margins with high odds, and not just one, but at least a few, raises the risks and vulnerability of patents to an unacceptable level. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare patents, assess the profitability and risks, and think through the multitude of options.

Frequently asked questions about patent betting at 1xBet

Is patent betting at 1xBet more like a system?
Yes. The difference between a patent and a system is that the patent includes all possible expresses with any number of events, while in systems the length of the presses is determined by the choice of digits. There are more compound expresses in patents than in systems. And the divisor of the betting amount for each Parlay is correspondingly bigger.

Is the betting patent at 1xBet different from those at other bookmakers?
It is very likely. These new types of betting are often called differently in different offices. And the differences in the rules are even more common. They mainly concern the number of markets allowed for a patent, with some bookmakers being able to add more than eight marquets. Sometimes, besides expresses, singles are also formed from an array of markets, but at 1xBet this bet is called differently.

Why come up with the patent rate when there are familiar systems?
So as not to burden the player with the choice of system sizes and not to limit expresses to a given number of events in each. The profitability of systems and patents sometimes differ quite dramatically. So do the odds of a more or less acceptable outcome. The optimal betting amounts also differ.

Which markets in 1xBet should I pick in a patent bet?
For patents, for the most part, the recommendations for systems are relevant. To reduce the risk of a patent losing even with partial market entries, the marker ratios should not be low. One sure market is useful for reliability and linking in doubles with other attractive marquets, but it is no longer recommended to add them to the coupon for a patent. This is a high-risk bet for fun, not for solid betting.

What are the main disadvantages of betting with 1xBet?
As with parlay bets, parlay-based bets are vulnerable in probability due to the failure of each parlay to enter one market in them. The second major disadvantage is the multiplication of the bookmaker's margins built into each market along with the odds. The third disadvantage is the lack of transparency, the difficulty in calculating probabilities and options and the lack of a working calculator - their links lead to a 404 error page.

What are the advantages of a patent bet at 1xBet?
Simple rules that, compared to other bookmakers, are devoid of many complications. At 1xBet, variations of compound bets with different types of bets are called differently, and patents consist only of expresses, on which the bet amount is divided equally. The second advantage of patents is the comparatively high yield compared with single bets and the balanced probability with the yield compared with multi bets. The advantage of patents over systems comes from the greater number of expresses in the former - patents can be more profitable in an optimistic scenario.

Why does 1xBet show the maximum odds for systems in the coupon, but not for patents?
The systems may have the ideal odds shown as an offer with extra margin to cut off likely claims about this. And patents may not charge a second margin as expresses do. Patents are less popular than systems, with insufficient demand to worsen the terms of the offer. However, the patent calculator at 1xBet does not work in the same way as the systems calculator either. Probably, having to calculate everything yourself could be presented as a responsible betting feature :)

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Alvarez 23/01/2022 19:09
The patent looks simpler than the systems. An interesting replacement for them.
Ussel 21/02/2022 09:24
To squeeze more out of a bunch of markets with high odds, the patent will do well.
German 24/03/2022 15:27
I haven't charged these new betting types yet. System digitisation is more comfortable out of habit.
Aleksandr 23/04/2022 04:15
Of the recently added bets, the patent is not as complicated as the other combinations. Not too lazy to figure out the odds, the options.
Vasilij 29/05/2022 19:40
The working calculator next to the coupon at 1xBet is not enough for all that complicated betting.
Vega 29/06/2022 00:44
As much as 1xBet advertises to the press, they have also added many betting options with them. Take into account the rise in margins.
Grigorij 24/07/2022 12:28
Better to make several double trains, the longer ones often go under anyway.
Smith 12/08/2022 18:58
With high odds over a deuce, long expresses are almost doomed. What's the point of adding them to a bet. The system is designed to avoid this.
Pavel 10/09/2022 03:05
I've gotten penny shares of the amount on expresses a couple of times because of the sheer number of them. Incentive to bet more.
Daniil 08/10/2022 08:26
System calculators are easier to find in the search engines, while patents are more difficult because of the large difference between the beeches.

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