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How do I download 1xBet for iOS?

1xBet operates under an offshore licence and is therefore considered an illegal bookmaker in many countries. The 1xBet app for Apple gadgets is not available in the Russian AppStore for this reason. To install the app on your iPhone, iPad and watch, you need to change your profile country to Ukraine or any other country where 1xBet is not banned, and the language is suitable. The details of changing account settings are discussed in the article.

The 1xBet app for iPhone and iPad is comparable to the full site of the bank. You can do everything on it that you can do on the company's website, only with the interface and navigation fine-tuned for gadgets. The app is optimised for iPhones and iPads, allowing it to run faster than the mobile website in the browser and save on battery consumption.

In terms of security, the app is the optimal product for online betting at 1xBet. It automatically bypasses blockages with the BK's own means, without resorting to third-party traffic intermediaries with a serious risk of leakage of valuable data, and yes, problems with access to 1xBet will resolve themselves. In addition, the app version for Apple devices supports Touch ID.

Finding and installing the 1xBet app for iPhone and iPad

Going to install the app with one button is not possible due to the regulator's requirement to remove the app from the offshore 1xBet app from the Apple shop for Russia

When accessing the 1hbet website in the mobile browser, the player will be prompted to install the appropriate version of the app by the button on the light banner at the bottom of the screen. It is supposed to lead to the right AppStore page, just like the «iOS» button from the apps section, which can be accessed via the «Mobile apps» button at the bottom of the page. However, in countries where 1xBet is considered an illegal BK, you won't be able to navigate to the right version of the app so easily. Searching for «1xBet» in the Apple shop will also not give the expected result.

Finding the 1xBet app in the AppStore

Players from Russia and other countries where 1xBet is banned must change the country in the AppSrore profile to Ukraine, and the associated data must also be changed accordingly.

The head silhouette button in the top right corner takes you to the user's profile. There you will need to click on your name. You will need a password to log in.

You can change the country or region in your Apple ID profile using the following button

In your Apple ID account, select Country or Region by selecting Ukraine, for which the application also has a Russian-language interface. In the terms and conditions of Apple's multimedia services that appear, you should press the «Accept» button.

Ukraine is suitable for finding a Russian-language 1hbet app, while other states where 1hbet is not blocked may be suitable for foreign-language players

On the screen that appears, you can select «No» against the payment method field asking for a credit or debit card, this will not prevent the installation of the 1xBet app.

The first and last names can be random, any name you like, it's a formality.

The address in the mandatory field can also be fantasy. Only in the field «city» you should specify one of the Ukrainian cities, for example Kiev, Kharkiv and Lviv.

You can enter the postcode corresponding to the address in the index field, but there should be no problem with any of the city-bound ones either. Lviv, for example, should have 79012.

1xBet offers a ready-made data set, but it is quicker to enter random parameters and any Ukrainian city

The phone number can also be a random set of digits, of which there should be 10 - this is the Ukrainian format.

Then click on «Next».

On the account screen, press «Done». You can then type a search query «1xBet» by which, after all the changes in the country and region section, the 1xBet app for Apple gadgets should definitely be found.

Installing the 1xBet app on your iPhone or iPad

On the screen describing the application, press «Download». When prompted to confirm installation, click «Install». A shortcut to the installed app will appear on one of your desktops, showing the 1xBet logo on a blue background.

Updating the 1xBet app for iPhone and iPad

To update the 1xBet app for iOS you will also need to change the settings in the «Country or region» section, then you will be able to update. If this section of your profile contains the usual data with the country where 1xBet is blocked, no updates will automatically arrive.

What to do if an error occurs

If after changing the settings in the Country or Region» section the search does not find the 1xBet app, the betting company itself recommends creating a new Apple ID account, in which you initially specify Ukraine and other relevant data.

Before registering a new profile, it is worth trying to change the country and region

1xBet also offers a ready option to fill in the fields with Rechnoi Street in Kiev and a phone number with the last digits 97-51. If this data set is not banned for popularity with punters, it may help.

Benefits of the 1xBet iOS app

The apps will run faster and smoother than the website page in the browser on the same gadget due to platform optimisation of the app and browser exclusion. On older iPhones and iPads where iOS can be updated to the correct version, apps are better.

The app saves battery power better by requiring less of the device's hardware platform than is needed for smooth operation of the website. Away from the wall, an iPhone or iPad with the 1xBet app will last longer than with the website.

Browser-less network optimisation allows you to reduce your traffic consumption. With slow, unstable Internet connections, this will play an important role, as it does on pay-as-you-go tariffs.

The security and safety of the app has also been strengthened compared to the website. The app is independent of browser vulnerabilities and bugs, and the app's bugs are promptly fixed in updates. The app makes it easier to use two-factor authentication. The app can make full use of the proprietary Touch ID on gadgets where it is supported.

Automatic blockchain traversal gives uninterrupted access to 1xBet on the app, which also enhances security compared to using traffic intermediaries or mirrors to access an offshore betting site. Also, the app doesn't replace the client's IP address and geolocation with its own, as anonymizers on traffic intermediary solutions do. And such suspicious changes are often poorly dealt with by 1xBet security. With the app you don't have to worry about that.

The 1xBet app for Apple devices has a widget for the Apple Watch as well, on which you can conveniently see notifications and calculated betting information.

Frequently asked questions about 1xBet for iOS

Does the 1xBet iOS app have a dark theme?
Yes, it was added in a previous update. With a dark theme, the interface will not be glaringly white and the elements in it are separated by contrast. The dark theme can be switched on in the settings of the 1xBet app for iPhones and iPads.

Does the 1xBet iOS app have video streaming?
Yes, the video can even be expanded to full screen. There is also an alternative in the apps - PlayZone - a graphical display of what is happening in the game with informative captions. And for eSports streaming, there is a separate main menu item in the left-hand column.

Is the 1xBet app for iOS better than the mobile version of the bookmaker's website?
Yes. Although the 1xBet app for iPhones and iPads is not easy to install from Russia, its benefits justify the effort of changing your Apple profile settings. Uninterrupted access to the 1xBet offshore bookmaker's service without traffic intermediaries with their risk of leaking valuable data and without searching for mirrors is very convenient. The benefit of maximum optimisation of the app for platform and iOS is also substantial.

There is no 1xBet app in the AppStore, how do I find it in search?
1xBet has been removed from the Russian AppStore and the Apple shop versions for other countries where 1xBet is considered illegal. To find the app in the shop search, you need to change the country in the account profile to Ukraine and fill in the other fields accordingly, you can do so arbitrarily, except for the city - it must be a real one, e.g. Kiev. The means of payment may not be specified, refusing to enter the card.

Do I need a mirror to download the 1xBet iOS app?
No, the 1xBet app for iPhones and iPads cannot be downloaded from the bookmaker's website, so you won't need a mirror to access it. The app must be installed from the Apple shop, where you may not be able to find it without a country change. In this case you need to change the country to Ukraine in the profile, enter the randoms and select any Ukrainian city. After changing the settings, the app should be found by the search engine.

Why download the 1xBet app for iPhone when the mobile version of the site is easy to use and there are plenty of mirrors?
The automatic blocking bypass in 1xBet's iOS app will make regular betting a lot easier. The mobile version will also do for occasional use of 1xBet services on the phone, but it's best not to request a withdrawal via VPN, Proxy or other anonymiser - security will probably pick up on address and geolocation spoofing. The app is generally safer than the website and there is less risk of problems with it than with mirrors and intermediaries.

Is it better to sign up for 1xBet - in the mobile version of the site or in the iOS app?
While 1xBet does not give any special bonuses for registering with the app, you can register where you intend to play in the future. If there is a promo code that works when you register in the app, the choice is obvious - the process itself of getting an account with any of the 4 options and filling in your details in the cabinet is the same everywhere, only the interface design differs.

User comments

Ruslan 01/02/2022 08:05
A few years ago there was a 1xBet app in a Russian Apple store. And then there were sometimes, maybe fakes.
Lev 08/03/2022 02:26
For all the illegal bookies, the app is better than the mobile site, which you can't get without mirrors and VPNs. You have to pretend to be Ukrainian.
Vladislav 13/04/2022 11:52
A TouchID lock can be bypassed by any bandit with your own finger.
Wheeler 19/05/2022 15:05
The gambling theme doesn't embarrass Apple, like Google, and the RPN's orders are immediately complied with.
Orde 19/06/2022 18:04
Broadcasts on mobile and in the browser are sluggish, but in the 1xBet app they run smoothly.
Glenn 21/07/2022 15:46
The 1xBet app has two sections for eSports, so you don't have to look in a long line.
Makar 23/08/2022 01:53
You can strain your profile once to install the 1xBet app on your iPhone, and then only for important updates.
Chinek 21/09/2022 00:14
You should also fill in your personal account in the app or through a reliable mirror, so that your address is considered the main, basic address.

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