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Betting by system at 1xBet

Systems are one of the popular variants of compound betting. Of course, they are available at the 1xBet bookmaker's office.

Systems are formed from three or more events and consist of all variants of expresses of a given length that are possible with the set of markets selected for betting.

Systems are denoted by a number starting with "2 of 3", where the second number is the total number of events chosen and the first number is the total number of events in all selections. For example, 3 markets can be a system with 3 selections of 2 events in each.

The betting amount for the system is divided equally between the compound expresses. The system is calculated as the total of the individual Parlay results, i.e. if some Parlays lose and some win, the player will receive the payout for the winning Parlays from the system.

A composite parlay in a system will only play if all events in it win or settle for a return, but in the event of one market not going in, the parlay is considered lost and that part of the system bet goes to the bookmaker.

The systems are subject to the restrictions of expresses - you cannot add more than one marker from the same roster or mutually exclusive markets to them.

How to bet by system at 1xBet?

When preparing a betting system, you have to decide on three or more betting options. You can find them at 1xbet through the left-hand column with the line and in-play navigation, on the home screen at the top of the line, in the popular match slots, in the LINE, LIVE and CIBERSPORT sections.

System capacity

After selecting 3 events in the betting slip, the "System" betting option will become available. Under it, you can select the system's odds - how many markets there will be in each Parlay of a system consisting of how many events.

The spread is denoted as "number out of number", starting with 2 out of 3. It means that the selected events will result in a system with three multi-markets of 2 markets each. The number 3 in this system does NOT mean the number of composite exposures, but the number of selected markets in the system. They are simply the same in the base and most popular versions of the system.

The field of each parlay is the most important indicator, it also determines how many times the stake is divided between each parlay and how many possible parlays in that total number of selections are made up of.

Then the betting possibilities will be 2 of 4, 3 of 4, 3 of 5 and so on, up to 20 total markets, which may be a system of 20 (19 of 20) or 184756 (10 of 20) multi-folds. The stake for a system with a hundred thousand bets will be divided by this number, dividing the bets in each Parlay. The divisor must be kept in mind and the betting amount for the multi-folds forming the system must be estimated.

For the three selected marquets, there are no options for the System option - there will only be 3 selections, and they can only consist of two events. For 4 or more marquets, this option is available in the line under "System".

System factor

Even lower is the total system odds with the selected odds. This is the maximum winnings, and is possible when all of the compound expressions in the system are played. More often than not, only some of them win, so the payout for the system can be less than the bet amount. Such an unpleasant effect usually occurs when using markets with low odds, which is not recommended to do in systems.

System calculator

For systems, there are special calculators that show all the possible payouts assuming there is an entry/return/non-entry for each composite event. You can easily find them in a couple of seconds by searching for "system calculator" on Yandex or Google. 1xBet does not yet have a built-in solution for detailed system calculation.

Example system in 1xBet

For a common variant of the system, 3 markets can be selected for Champions League football matches. A draw between Fenerbahce and Olympiacos is offered at odds of 3.7, a draw between Ludogorets and Red Star is given for 3.6, and a win by Real Sociedad over Monaco is priced at 2.2.

Selected 3 events added to coupon, minimum system can be made

With three events, only a 2 of 3 system can be formed (3 of a series of 3 jacks with 2 events in each). This is a good alternative to 3 single bets with high stakes and significant risk.

The betting amount for such a 3-fold parlay system is divided into 3 equal parts, split equally between each composite parlay. The three parlays in the example system will each receive a par value of 1,000 rubles (3,000 / 3).

The system in the example will consist of these expresses:

The final system coefficient changes when the resolution is changed, which is only possible for three events

The total odds for a 2 out of 3 system with these three events is shown as 7.92 in the 1xBet coupon, but this seems to be a bug or delayed update after selecting the third outcome and changing the betting type from express to system (7.92 is the odds of the express before selecting the draw in the Fenerbahce-Olympiacos match).

The maximum payout for such a system, if all three expresses are entered, would be 29380 roubles (13320 + 7920 + 8140). The system odds are 9.793 (29380 / 3000).

Suppose Real Sociedad lose to Monaco, which means that this market won't go in. Fenerbahce and Olympiacos and Ludogorets and Crvena Zvezda draw, which would make two of those markets go in and one express with them win.

The payout for the system from the example will be 1000 roubles (3000 bet amount / 3 - number of trebles in the system) x 13.32 (odds of the winning treble) = 13320 roubles. The net winnings are equal to 10320 roubles (13320 - 3000).

Comparison of the system with its alternatives

The system in the example was more profitable than the three singles of 1000 roubles for each event. They would have brought a total payout of 3600 + 3700 roubles = 7300 roubles, and the third single lost out.

A 3000-ruble express of these three events at odds of 29.304 would have lost out completely because Real Sociedad failed to beat Monaco in our Primera.

Features of betting by the system

Features of system digitisation

Long single betting odds systems are very vulnerable to losing even one event in a single set. It is advisable to make systems with short odds of a couple or three events. This is the first digit of the system's spread.

The most balanced system sizes are 2 of 3, 3 of 4 and 3 of 5. Larger systems start to suffer much more from the reduced probability of winning a compound parlay and the high splitting of the bet amount for each parlay.

Coefficients in systems

Systems suffer from margin multiplication just as much as expresses do. There is nothing to compensate for this feature of 'steam trains', which makes the first compelling reason to abandon low odds margins in systems all the more acute.

The second strong argument against low market prices is even more important: the payout for a system is most often made up of one or a couple of winning expresses, whose odds must be high enough to make a net win. For systems, markets with odds much higher than average are better suited.

The final (ideal, maximum) system odds should be judged as a matter of convention. Systems 2 out of 3 often go all in and are calculated on the total odds, but most of the time the payout for the system is partial. It is much more useful to calculate partial payout probabilities, which can make the system break-even.

Purpose of systems

Betting, in which all possible odds with a given number of events are formed from a set of singles, between which the bet amount is equally divided, allows you to insure against an upsetting loss due to some trifle. Insurance is most relevant for an array of markets with high odds, which are particularly likely to go wrong, but their quotes are attractive.

Totals and handicaps without fractions, the usefulness of return opportunities for systems

For systems, whole handicaps and totals are even better suited than for parlays. Making one market odds 1 will keep the parlay it includes in the system, while other marquets will affect the payout - the stake for the system will not be refunded because of the return in the compound parlay, but multiplied by the other played events. Even if some of the selects are made up entirely of returnable markets, the system payout will return their system betting shares.

Systems for serious betting

Systems are used by serious players as a tool for betting on jacking markets, on margins with high odds. The system becomes an effective insurance option for parlays that does not crush potential returns to the level of single bets, leaving them very tempting.

Preparing a really good system is difficult and time-consuming. However, on game-rich days, in the early stages of the play-offs, systems can be more than relevant. When assessing the attractiveness of a system, the time required to put it together must be taken into account.

At 1xBet, systems usually have a lower maximum bet amount than single bets. The maximum total system odds are also usually limited. These maximums can be individual for each player, but the basic modest value does not allow you to play a big turnover with systems alone. The multiplication of margins in expresses can kill the desire to play large systems at a distance.

Systems for amateur betting

In casual and recreational betting, systems appeal to geeks, lovers of arithmetic and probability. Without knowing the weaknesses of the system, you can spend a lot of time preparing a high-digit system and end up suffering from its weaknesses, even if you have a relatively good draw of the entire array of composite events.

The process of preparing a system can be a particularly satisfying experience that will justify the time invested. As a form of recreational betting, systems also have a right to exist - they are not as dramatically frustrating in a negative scenario as express betting. There is no acute bitterness about not going for a little thing with systems.

Beginner bettors tend to dabble with systems for the sake of profitability. It is about as reckless an intention to beat professional analysts and automated software with big data as is the case with mathematical and statistical strategies. With the passage of time, systems are also losing relevance because the casual player who wants to win does not even want to bother with a systems calculator, preferring simple entertainment.

A system with a large spread of favourite markets can be a lot of fun. It probably won't upset the player too much, and any substantial net winnings will be gratifying by the very fact of a profitable bet. The process of following the matches will be exciting, but not unnerving.

Perspectives on systems

For systems, it is hard to calculate in your mind the maximum winnings and the probable partial winnings, which may not exist at all - the payout is often much lower than the betting amount. System calculators help make them easier, but 1xBet doesn't have one, and the price and value of the system's main advantage - insurance - is still too questionable.

In most cases, systems are frustratingly unattractive trade-offs between singles and expresses. The time it takes to prepare a system is more expensive than creating other bets, and the low probability of entering markets with high odds best suited to systems dooms an overwhelming proportion of systems to a bleak outcome.

Systems have declined in popularity since the days of offline betting, when technically skilled players and confident bettors tried to beat the bookmaker's analysts not only with fancy strategies, but also with risk insurance higher than that of the order, but lower than that of the parlay. The price of this insurance is more than paid by multiplying the margin.

Frequently asked questions about system betting at 1xBet

When should I bet the system at 1xBet?
When there are several events with high odds, but you do not want to make a parlay of them because of the high risk of losing the whole bet. A system will allow you to claim more winnings than a number of singles of the same events.

Why doesn't 1xBet have a system calculator?
Perhaps the office does not want to make it easy for serious players, lovers of mathematics and complicated probabilities. The bookmaker benefits from recreational betting, so that customers do not have to calculate the possible outcomes of the system. The system calculator is easy to find on third-party websites.

How do I calculate the total system odds at 1xBet?
If the total system odds is understood to be the maximum winning odds, you must add up the payouts for the possible winnings of all bets in the system, and then divide the ideal payout by the bet amount. This is easier to do in the system calculator, where partial winnings are also counted more easily.

What's the easiest way to remember the system digit designation at 1xBet?
The system's spread is the same in all betting shops. It is more easily remembered as "how many events in all possible expresses" from "that number of markets". The third number is the number of expresses of a given length (the first number) out of that number of events selected for the system (the second number) is not specified in the system designation.

Are expresses with a large spread unprofitable?
In these, too many compound expresses will lose because of one missed market, of which there are many in such a system. Each successive unplayed market will dramatically collapse the payout of a high spread system. Also, the bookmaker's margin is multiplied almost progressively in long expresses. And the betting amount is divided between each express by an impressive number of them.

Why does 1xBet have no promotions or system bonuses?
Systems are not as profitable for bookmakers as expresses. Systems are more difficult to bet than "doubles", and most players can easily become confused and experience negative emotions in them. As a niche type of betting and a rare tool for serious bettors, systems are available but are not encouraged for mass betting.

Is a system at 1xBet better than a long express with huge odds?
In many cases, yes. But systems are also better betting on short odds with a small number of markets chosen for the system. The betting amount in a system must be divided by the number of selections in the system. The betting amounts for systems are normally higher than the betting amounts for larger single bets. 1xBet promotions for long single bets can blur this difference and tilt the player's decision in favour of the single bet.

User comments

Igor 31/12/2021 17:40
Systems of 6 expresses are already too complicated to entertain. 2 out of 3 for everything is good.
Timofej 01/02/2022 05:34
For me, a double five-event express system is a good way to spread the risk.
Makar 07/03/2022 01:01
I'm betting 3 out of 5 for fun, lots of expresses already and five matches are interesting to follow.
Miller 28/03/2022 15:54
Almazov has a good systems calculator, the likes of which 1xBet lacks.
Viktor 30/04/2022 07:08
The name of the system pretends to be something solid and complicated, but in reality it's simple.
Weber 24/05/2022 04:57
I liked the systems in European cup qualification, when draws in the first matches often happen. For the play-offs, the systems are good.
Davis 18/06/2022 19:21
I once set up a huge system with long presses of a dozen-something elections, with it generally hard to know what will come out until the rate is calculated.
Gary 16/07/2022 19:38
The system saves you well from total collapse. How many 1xBet trains have gone down the drain because of nonsense. Don't be blindly fooled by the promotions!
Andrej 16/08/2022 18:20
Even if the system saves most of the money, that's a good thing. It often does.
Vladimir 13/09/2022 06:56
The number of parlays is not indicated in the system designation because sometimes there are thousands of them - imagine what tiny fractions of the stake each one gets.

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