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Match information at 1xBet

1xBet betting company gives players a lot of information to prepare for betting. The pre-match line features pre-match breakdowns, opponent and competition statistics, and all sorts of relevant data. In addition to the match play, the live information is also available in live betting.

Match information at 1xBet

The 1xbet bookmaker's in-play draw screen already shows a lot of useful information in the match header. On the new website, the left-hand side of the top of the slate is reserved for incoming data. They are divided into two options for displaying the information - a table and a scale.

Table on the left-hand side of 1xBet's in-play spreadsheet

The new 1xBet website has a more practical layout, with more useful data in the header of the slates and on the screen in general

By default, the betting options pages for the match in progress open with a table on the left-hand side of the betting table header. This is a summary table - opposing performances of the opponents. It's similar to the TV broadcasts between halves, only here it is updated in real time.

For football, for example in the Japanese championship match, it shows information about the opposing teams, such as their comparison of attacks, dangerous attacks, percentage of ball possession, shots on goal and shots towards goal.

This data comes from outsourced suppliers or from the broadcasters. As a rule, they are also used to calculate bets on statistics.

Scale on the left-hand side of 1xbet's inline playlist

The score numbers are coloured in the same colours as the bars opposite each team, this will become firmly associated with the home team and the away team at 1xBet as you get used to it

An alternative to the tabular way of showing the data of the opponents is a two-colour scale. Each opponent is allocated one colour and the scale is filled with two colours in proportion to each team's performance.

For many people, this version of comparative data is likely to be more revealing, clearer and more convenient. With a quick glance at such scales, it is possible to understand the layout of the statistics. And in match betting, every second is of increased value. Accurate figures can be viewed at the edges of each scale.

As with the tabular display, you have to scroll down this window to see the remaining figures.

Right-hand side of 1xBet's in-play rosters header

This is the screen header itself, with the available betting options for the match. In play, 1xBet not only shows the teams with their logos, but also additional information.

The tournament and its round/game day are indicated in the left-hand corner.

Closer to the centre, the weather conditions during the match are displayed - air temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and humidity.

The first two have a greater impact on the game than the next two, but in high altitude conditions it is particularly important to pay attention to unusual pressure and the guests' adaptation to it, and in the tropics, for example, to high humidity, which is also very tiring for unaccustomed players.

To the right of the weather criteria is the location of the game, most often the name of the stadium and in brackets the settlement.

Above the current score, the current period of the game is displayed, whether it's a half-time or something else, as well as the exact time played. The symbols of important events, like the 2 corner kicks by Kawasaki in the last part of the first half, are also displayed below each team. The corner flag symbol is one of these.

Under the intermediate score of the game, the results of the periods played, in particular the first half, are shown.

1xBet in-play starting line-ups

In the form of lists, the starting line-ups of your opponents can be viewed directly on the 1xbet spreadsheet, which can be opened in the drop-down window by clicking on the "starting line-ups" button. Not only the players' numbers are displayed, but also important data such as goals scored, yellow and red cards received and substitutions made.

In the case of line-ups, such a short list is sufficient, and on a conditional field formation you can only get confused from inaccurate data or when team schemes change

In the full version the starting line-ups are shown on the statistics screen, which is opened by clicking on the main info button with the chart symbol of several columns of different heights and the down arrow. There you will also find the estimated line-up, which is not always the case due to obvious reasons. When team schemes change, this is rarely reflected in the data of the information providers as well.

1xBet in-play timeline

The timeline of the match in progress can also be viewed as a timeline. The past part of the timeline shows significant events such as corner kicks, various free kicks, goals, substitutions, etc.

The timescale does not take up much space due to its horizontal positioning, it is easy to use when active, almost does not interfere with searching for markets in a painting and keeping track of the other modules

The timeline is opened by clicking on the "timeline" button to the right of the starting line-up.

1xBet live betting league table

A short version of the standings for the competition in which the selected match is being played can be opened directly from the standings window. The table unfolds in a small window by clicking on the "standings table" button, it is to the right of the timeline button.

A brief table without the results of recent matches or information from the chessboard will give a superficial idea of the position of the opponents in the tournament

The opposing opponents are highlighted with different colours. And the indicators in the tables are usually standard - for football regular championships they are ranked vertically and number of games, games won, draws, games lost, goals scored, goals conceded, goal difference and points.

The full version of the standings can be accessed via the main stats button at the top of the header. It looks like a graph of columns of different heights with a down arrow. Select "standings" from the dropdown menu.

Video and graphic rendering at 1xBet

1xZone's video and graphics buttons are active in the live match listings.

The video of the match opens with a button with a monitor symbol. The new 1xBet bookmaker's website has a "full screen mode" button next to it, but it cannot be called full screen - the window does not expand to the full screen, leaving the navigation and the beginning of the markets in the spread visible.

Why can't many matches actually be shown full-screen with good picture quality is a relevant question, as it would hardly interfere with one-button video minimisation betting

And the graphic display of the events taking place, which comes in two and three dimensions, is called 1xBet 1xZone and is called up by the corresponding "show 1xZone" button. There is almost no point in expanding it to a large part of the screen. Graphics with characteristic captions can be even more informative and clearer than the usual video broadcasts. A small window with live graphics is best left on the right side of the header.

Graphics and real video can be combined by positioning their windows in different places

Main info button in 1xBet's in-play rosters

The button with the chart symbol of different-sized bars and the down arrow opens a drop-down menu with several items. The main ones are "standings" and "statistics". These are also available in pre-match. In the live betting there are also "rankings", odds movement chart or anything else that depends on the sport discipline, tournament and match.

A graph of the movement of the coefficients

Changing betting quotes in real time helps to better understand trends, just as in financial trading

In play, the odds graph is steeper than in pre-match. Variations in the market charts of the main outcomes reflect the fluctuations of the quotes on them. Key turning points are additionally marked. From these charts, it is possible to compare the quotes of the available markets with their variants from the past.

Full version of the table

From the submenu of the statistical button, a full-size table opens, which is best expanded to full screen and scrolled from top to bottom.

You won't find many chess tables next to each other, but at 1xBet they are all on the same screen, which is just a couple of clicks away in the betting shop's spreadsheet

Initially, the table is represented by a chessboard with the rounds lined up and their results coloured green and red with wins and losses for the respective teams.

Below this format, the table looks more familiar, while to the right of the classic area is the "form" module with the results of the last five matches. If you are pressed for time, this is more convenient than the other table views.

Statistical tab of the "Statistics" button

The default drop-down menu item of the same name opens the first tab "match overview", a full summary of the current intermediate stats. At the top there is a full list of parameters that are taken into account in this match. The stats of the opponents are compared against each other.

What offsides are meant by offsides is not clear, offsides I guess

The layout of the field below shows the tentative line-ups of the opposing teams.

Then there is a timeline of the important events, which spells out what happened at what minute.

Other modules and their content depend on the sport, tournament and match.

Head 2 head

Then on the first screen of the statistics window or by selecting the second tab "H2H" the personal matches of the playing opponents are shown. The head to head information is not limited to this, usually a few of their previous and next matches are also shown. This is useful to understand the context of the encounter and to assess the priority of the current match during the season for both teams.

Information on the previous and subsequent segments of the season's calendar for both teams is one of the most useful in predicting the outcome


The "tables" tab takes you to the tables, which can be accessed via the drop-down menu item of the main button of the same name. They are the same there - a chessboard and a classic with a recent games module.


This tab usually shows things that do not belong to the previous categories or have lost their acute relevance. Also in the archive tab you can find information about the match venue, which is duplicated from the header of the schedule already in a different graphical representation.

In the header of the statistical sections and in the scoresheets you can also see the head referee or the entire referee team - these are expanded by clicking on the button with the referees

Sections of the main info button in 1xBet pre-match

Ranking in the tournament

To avoid having to visit federations and tournaments' websites, these rankings at 1xBet are handy, but don't pay attention to them often - there is too much outdated and outdated information

In the match listings before the start of matches, the main information button has sub-sections such as "rating" and a graph of the movement of pre-match quotations. While the latter is obvious from the live version, the ranking is a summary of the participants in the tournament over its entire duration. The Champions League football example shows a variant of this pop-up.

Sometimes, the chart in the pre-match is shown with a separate button, so it is not shown in the main drop-down menu

1xBet pre-match statistics

Pre-match stats are shown in games before they start, and the starting line-ups are shown underneath when they become known.

Below is a module with an English-language prediction of the match outcome. It looks like a text from a neural network or outsourced information providers. Such a short commentary does not yet qualify as a normal prediction.

The top players' rankings also have questionable utility, and scoring on goals suffers greatly from a lack of context

In the "news" subsection, there are brief news headlines relating to the opponents. They lack sources of information, which would make it easier to assess what is written. Or a note that all information is official.

Below is a comparison of the best players in the opposing squads in categories such as rating, goals and assists.

The further content of the pre-match statistical tab depends on the sport discipline, tournament and game. Usually these are the same face-offs and tables, as well as information about the match venue.

Frequently asked questions about match information at 1xBet

What match information can I see directly on the 1xBet website?
The location and conditions, standings in different versions, pre-match and in-play stats, video and graphical highlights of the game, match officials' summaries and much more.

No need to go to other resources from 1xBet when preparing a bet?
The information available directly from 1xBet can be limited - it has everything you need in most cases. It includes tables, statistics, pre-match and real-time data, and broadcasts. Even news and predictions of games before they start are available.

Can the statistics from 1xBet be trusted?
It determines the fate of betting on the relevant markets, so you have to trust it if you bet on statistics at 1xBet. The data comes from third-party suppliers, tournament organisers and only a relatively small proportion from 1xBet staff on the field. This is necessary at smaller tournaments, where falsification with statistics can be used for dishonest betting, or just a lot of mistakes in filling in match protocols.

Are the tables at 1xBet handy?
More than that. A chess table with colour indication and a standard table with a recent games module are sufficient for all purposes. Third party resources about betting and sports usually have either the same table, or little difference in presentation to the 1xBet versions.

What should I look out for in 1xBet match information?
In live, on weather conditions, on temperature and wind. In humid and hot regions of the world, for humidity. In the mountains, the atmospheric pressure. The adaptation to the weather conditions of opponents may be different, if not the opposite for the accustomed hosts and the guests from a different area with different conditions.

Should you rely on statistics when preparing bets at 1xBet?
Taking it into account is worthwhile. But you should not seriously rely on dry statistics without context and detail in a game sport. It is often misleading and unremarkable. More detailed, professional, paid and even very expensive, exclusive statistics are effective. They will not just be shown to anyone, and they cannot be understood quickly and easily.

Are head-to-head metrics important when preparing bets at 1xBet?
Fresh, pertaining to current line-ups and coaches - matters, can be useful when preparing a bet. To a lesser extent, when the opponents have a special relationship with each other, the elevated status of their matches. On the whole this is useless information, which is more likely to confuse the forecaster who takes it into account.

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Vladislav 12/01/2022 07:30
Now you don't have to google tables and information when 1xBet got everything. Convenient, though.
Nicole 14/02/2022 22:10
On TV you have to wait for a break to show the full stats, but at 1xBet they are shown at any time.
Bogdan 20/03/2022 17:00
I always look at the odds graph in the pre-match, just to see how and why they change.
Bailey 17/04/2022 10:00
A chess table takes a long time to find the right place, a regular one is more practical.
Maksim 13/05/2022 11:07
And you really have to pay attention to the weather. Even a strong wind affects the ball in football. National team tournaments are played in terribly hot weather.
Lewis 10/06/2022 13:11
On the form in the table, be sure to check who these victories and defeats were with. They are not in themselves indicative.
Marsel 12/07/2022 07:41
Most rankings are rubbish and have little relevance. Do not blindly trust these tables.
Aleksandr 07/08/2022 04:16
What I like about 1xBet is that a lot of information can be found right there. I used to have to keep a lot of tabs open, browsing other websites.
German 11/09/2022 06:19
A truly full screen in 1xBet's broadcasts is lacking. You could roll it up and move on to the spreads.
Jaroslav 12/11/2022 09:56
Line-up formations are often based on how the players are standing before the starting whistle. This is useless information - see for yourself.

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