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In order to receive bonuses and withdraw money from 1xBet you need to enter your personal details in your personal cabinet and have them verified. This is how the offshore betting company 1xbet verifies the data, which is necessary to weed out minors, repeat registrations, customers with incorrectly entered personal data. The correct entry of personal data is required to protect the account and the money in it from withdrawal attempts by third parties, and the bookmaker needs it to ensure that the terms and conditions of the game are respected.

Usually at 1xBet verification is easy and seamless for the player, with the betting staff checking the personal details entered and having no further questions.

Sometimes a second or more complicated verification is required, most commonly when withdrawing money from your account. Withdrawal requests require a second security check, which may reveal an irregularity or raise doubts about the correctness of the data. The 1xBet bookmaker may then require scans of your documents, a photo with your passport or other identity documents, or even a video chat session on one of the messengers.

Filling in personal details in 1xbet

After registering with any of the four available methods, the player gets a personal account at the 1xBet betting shop. One of its sections is called "Personal Data". You can go there directly from the drop-down menu under the button with the little man symbol, which leads directly to your personal account.

The personal data form can also be accessed from the left-hand column of the cabinet

It is important to be aware of which IP address you are registering with and filling in your personal account on 1xBet. There are many ways to bypass the blocking of offshore bookmakers' websites. Anonymisers substitute the user's geolocation and address with their own. The mirrors that can be obtained through communication channels with the bookmaker's office will not spoof the client's IP address with their own and will not raise suspicions during verification.

All fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in on the personal data page. However, even personal data that is not required for verification may be necessary to strengthen the verification officers' confidence in the integrity of the new client, so it is advisable to enter the middle name and other details correctly as well.

Personal data includes the telephone number and e-mail address, which are required to strengthen the security of the account and the communication between the bookmaker's office and the customer.

The choice of the main document for clients from Russia means that citizens of other countries who are in the Russian Federation can also play at 1xBet.

One blank field is enough to face additional verification

It is important to understand that customers with dual citizenship need to remember which document they chose when filling in the personal data form. It is not uncommon for repeated verification to be required because of security confusion with multiple player passports.

Another important field is the address of permanent registration. In Russia the propiska is still relevant, and may be asked to confirm it with a page from the passport or other document where this information is reflected. It is not uncommon for the client to give the address of a rental property or current location and then confirm it with a contract with personal data and that address.

The likelihood of a second/complicated check, easy withdrawal from your 1xBet account and even the risk of lowered maximums all depend on the correct completion of personal details.

Re-verification at 1xBet

1xbet's security service will resort to this measure when a client is suspected of violating the rules or incorrect personal details during the next check.

Withdrawal of funds, mismatch of methods

The most common reason is to request a large withdrawal via a means of payment and details that were not used to make a deposit. Withdrawals from 1xBet are generally checked every time, so it is recommended to request withdrawals through a two-factor authentication login and with all details filled in correctly. It is better to withdraw large sums of money in instalments.

Several accounts

Another trigger for re-verification is the suspicion of creating multi-accounts. That is, 1xBet's security staff believe that this account is not the only one the client has, and that creating a second one for one person is strictly forbidden by the rules.

Contracts, club/team/league/federation work

A popular reason for additional verification is rare successful bets on local tournaments, the Small Market, especially with amounts close to the maximum. The security service checks clients on such indications for involvement in match-fixing, work on competitors, and other violations of 1xBet's betting rules.

Forks, bugs and other forbidden items

Mentioning forks, playing on obvious mistakes and other stipulated things in the rules as a reason for problems with verification verification is even superfluous. It is not the first year that bookmakers have easily tracked down prohibited activities and quickly nipped them in the bud. And the offending players do not usually get away with complicated verification alone.

IP address/country/region mismatch

When a client bypasses 1xBet's blocking through a service that replaces their IP address and geolocation, 1xBet's security service may suspect that they are different people. That is why it is better to register and fill in personal details via a mirror or an app that automatically bypasses blocking.

How to re-verify at 1xBet

As well as the likelihood of running into additional verification, how it is done is a case-by-case matter. The bookmaker's security staff may request photos of certain pages of documents and selfies of the client with them, a photo with something handwritten on paper, a video call session on Viber, Skype or WhatsApp. During a video call the same documents may be requested from the player, among which passports, international driving licences are often mentioned, cheques, receipts, contracts for certain services are also sometimes suitable to remove doubts about the correctness of the data entered.

Often, after re-verification, you will need to re-enter the correct details in your personal account form.

Frequently asked questions about filling in personal details and verification at 1xBet

How do I verify with 1xBet quickly and successfully?
At this offshore betting shop it is sufficient to fill in the personal data fields in the office correctly. If the bookmaker's staff do not have any questions after checking your personal details with the databases, the verification will be considered passed. Withdraw money in the same way and to the same details that were already used for the deposit. In general, you should strictly follow the rules and conditions of play at 1xBet in order not to attract the suspicions of security services and not to increase the risk of additional checks.

Verification at 1xBet is easier than at local legalised betting shops?
On the whole yes, it is easier and quicker. Offshore bookmakers are not obliged to collect certain data about their clients, to synchronise with the UUPIS and to report to state authorities. That is why the initial verification at 1xBet can be done simply by filling in your personal details in a small form. It is a different matter if re-identification, verification is required.

Can I be verified at 1xBet on my phone?
Yes. The mobile version of the 1xBet website and apps has the same personal account with questionnaire as the full bookmaker's website, only the interface design and navigation are different. Even re-verification by video link can be done in mobile messengers using the phone camera.

Is it better to fill in personal details at 1xBet before making a deposit?
This is recommended in order to avoid the possibility of problems with credited money if verification is not passed. If the verification fails, the money in the client's account will be idle, and at least the player will not risk anything before making a deposit.

Do I have to be verified at 1xBet to get the bonus?
It depends on each individual promotion. In general, a successful verification of the personal details entered is necessary in order to withdraw money from your account. Verification will still be necessary. It is sensible to do so before wagering the bonus and deposit, so as not to risk them and your time.

Do I need a mirror to verify with 1xBet?
If the client is going to fill in personal details on the betting site, then yes, a mirror is much better than traffic intermediaries and IP changing anonymisers. Entering personal details via an intermediary service is not secure at all, and its address instead of the client's IP will baffle security services during verification. However, the best option would be to perform such important procedures in the 1xBet app for your smartphone or Windows PC. This bookmaker also has a custom browser, including one for Linux, which bypasses blocking.

What is the best way to start a game at 1xBet?
Go to the bookmaker's website with any way to bypass blocking and install the full site analogue app for Windows as well as the mobile app for Android. The iPhone version can be found in the AppStore search. For Linux and older versions of Windows there is a 1XBROWSER browser. It is better to register and fill in personal data in the app, it automatically bypasses blocking. An alternative is to log in to 1xBet via a reliable mirror from the office itself. And you have to fund your account in the way and with the details you are going to use to withdraw your money.

User comments

Timur 03/01/2022 22:48
I was asked for additional verification because of an incomplete field with my passport.
Rustam 05/02/2022 20:14
I bypassed the mobile version with a phone VPN, and when I withdrew the money they asked me to prove my identity, saying I wasn't the one who could have placed the bets.
Anatolij 15/03/2022 11:28
1xBet has no identification hassle like Russian legal bookmakers. Only intermediaries are needed for deposits and withdrawals.
Bilal 21/04/2022 06:44
There is no need to go anywhere to verify with 1xBet, you can get by with a correctly filled in form.
Artur 30/05/2022 21:52
Blocking the illegal 1xBet adds to the verification problems. VPNs introduce address confusion.
Marsel 29/08/2022 07:04
The larger the withdrawal amount, the stricter 1xBet will check the application!
King 25/10/2022 00:31
I'm confused about the addresses, 1xBet requires a propiska, not where you live in reality.
Denis 18/12/2022 09:14
Proved his address with a contract with a cellular operator, some send lease agreements.
Vladimir 20/01/2023 10:31
In legal bourses without verified government services it is a pain to be verified, but 1xBet, at least in the beginning, has no problem.

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