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Cyber sport at 1xBet

The rapid progress of cyber sports tournaments has fuelled interest in betting on these matches. Bookmaker 1xbet has not been at the forefront of cyber sports betting, which has long been present on a residual basis. As it should be, 1xBet took up cyber sports after updating its products, from the apps to the website.

Modern, technological services have become well suited to the cyber sports audience, to whom, in time, the bookmaker has been able to offer a wide range of cyber sports disciplines, tournaments, matches and betting options in them. Streaming, stats, elaborate functionality for betting during matches, all come with cyber sports betting. As well as several interface options, cyber sports promotions with bonuses, virtual gambling on a cyber theme.

Cyber sports at 1xBet betting company

The updated website is better suited to an audience interested in eSports. The new 1xbet page has become more concise and user-friendly. In addition to the old site, its new version and mobile products, you can now choose between the cybersport spreads from the special CyberSport section and 1xBet's regular line. The second option is just as good as the first.

1xbet's cyber sports section

Promotion banner for CS - Case of fate - under the eSports section invites interested players to enter a prize draw for eSports betting

The fourth item in the top navigation is precisely the specialised section CYBERSPORT. In the new version of the site, its main menu button does not contain the drop-down menu subsections, they are included in the cybersport page itself.


The cyber sports page opens by default on the 1xCyber tab. It combines serious cyber sport disciplines, in which professional teams and players compete, with cyber-themed gambling and rather amateur cyber games.

Not everything at 1xCyber refers to eSports, much of it is the eSports equivalent of the entertainment from 1XGames

Below the streaming window and the header of the active match schedule, which can display a general summary of the event, period information and tournament information, is the familiar 1xBet navigation from the drop-down menu bar.

The first item, CyberSports, is responsible for the actual cyber sports, and then there are variations on the theme and categories by genre, which include the top established disciplines as well as amateur sports and virtual cyber sports fun - Sports Simulation, Sports Games, Fighting, Card Games, Shooters, Online Role Playing, Adventure and a drop down menu with a list of other categories. The search bar on the right is used to quickly find the type of games, tournaments and matches you are looking for.

Some sections, like card games, are entirely devoted to cyber-themed gambling. Some sections, such as shooters, focus more on hardcore cyber sports and disciplines like Counter-Strike.

In the subsection menus, it is already clear from the names of the games what is what

You can select the tournaments and matches in them from the tiles below or from the context menu bars under specific categories. This will open up the rosters in the same cyber sports section design as for the Cybersport Line, Cybersport LIVE and 1xCyber subsections. The convenience of this option is the large window for streaming and the nearby spreadsheet, which has to be scrolled down in a narrow window to find additional betting options, which already raises doubts about the comfortable usability. However, the other bars with other tournaments and matches are quickly accessible underneath, where you can easily select something else to bet on.

The cybersport line

To the left of the default general section with the 1xCyber branding is the more familiar pre-match lineup for eSports events. It's similar in composition to the CyberSport category of the standard line-up, while the presentation matches the design of the Twitch-inspired eSports section.

The cyber list design is familiar to Twitch users, but for betting on unpopular markets in the depths of the list, it is not the most suitable - it is more convenient to bet from the regular line

Underneath the streaming window and the active betting line-up in the navigation bar, the only item - CyberSport - leaves no alternative for frivolous entertainment like virtual gambling in the cybersport theme, only hardcore cybersport. But it is presented in all its diversity, with matches numbering in the hundreds. bookmaker 1xBet has managed in a short time to raise the width of the cybersport line to the high standards of the regular line. It's hard to do without search in such a selection, which can be found at the right-hand end of the navigation bar.

When you select a match, the top betting options for that event will appear in the header of the active list, and the streaming window will start waiting for the match to be broadcast. Scrolling through the betting options in a narrow and not wide enough column is not very convenient, you need to use market filters to immediately cut off everything superfluous and find the market you want to bet on faster.

Cybersport LIVE

The left sub-point of the CIBERSPORT page is dedicated to betting during matches, in-play. Here the live stream can be started immediately as the event is already being played. In the header of the coverage the odds are constantly changing depending on what is happening in the game. As well as the information in the general summary and the division into game parts, only the match information in the Info subcategory remains unchanged. Otherwise the navigation and design is identical to the previous two sections.

If the in-play draw is not rich, in the cyber section it becomes handy to scroll through the small window and see the stats and other available games at the same time

Of course, only real eSports disciplines with serious tournaments are available to choose from. For this reason, CyberSport is the only item in the navigation bar of the subsection. However, the search at the right end of the line will still often be useful, because 1xBet has a great selection of parallel events for betting on the course of matches. A quick search by tournament name and participants of the match can save time.

The tiles for selecting tournaments currently in progress show recognisable game logos, which can be used to select the desired discipline without having to refer to the menu. Tournament names are more difficult to read, with the type of cyber sport discipline duplicated in front of them, which seems redundant. And the number before the events shows the number of games available right now in that tournament.

Clicking on a match of your choice will bring up its popular selections in the header, while the streaming window will start broadcasting the game. Additional betting options can be selected by scrolling down the list, using filters to select the desired and cut off the unwanted, as well as using a handy search.

The graph of the changes in the quotes for the main outcomes clearly shows how the game has evolved from the beginning to the current point

Cybersport in the 1xBet line

The gamepad button on the regular line stands out, easy to find on the right-hand side of the navigation bar, and from the drop-down list you can navigate to the desired game, which includes gambling entertainment and true eSports disciplines

The same cyber sports disciplines, tournaments and matches can be found in the LINE section or directly in the left-hand column of the sports navigation as in the dedicated section. Only the betting options spreads will take up most of the useful space, which is much more convenient for finding out-of-the-box markets.

Professional, hardcore eSports disciplines drop down from the CYBERSPORT menu, not the button with the gamepad picture

The navigation of the LINE section includes cyber sports among the additional options for sports disciplines. It can be found through the OTHER button in its drop-down menu.

A column popping out from the left-hand edge of the screen is handy for finding the required eSports events and navigating to their listings

And in the left-hand column of the root navigation the cybersport line is even easier to find. The line with the recognisable gamepad symbol is at the bottom of the top and alphabetically opposite the letter K. When you select an event from the drop-down menu, matches in specific tournaments are unfolded. They already lead to the roster of that game, which unfolds to the full screen.

Cybermatches with a bunch of betting options are easier to view in the 1xBet regular spreadsheet, to which a Streaming window can be attached in the corner at the desired size

The classic spreadsheet of the revamped 1xBet website is in many ways more convenient than its version from the eSports section. Less scrolling when searching for the right market and just exploring the categories of the spreads saves a lot of time. The display of the markets can be set up in one or two columns using the gear symbol button. The markets are divided into thematic categories - main game or separately by cards, all markets, handicaps, popular, and the value of the result actions for each game, which in the context of Counter-Strike implies kills.

Sorting the table by category is useful for hundreds of betting options, while the yellow boxes for totals and handicaps help to quickly guide you to a bet with a moderate risk

The button with the cup symbol allows you to expand the standings for the competition in which the selected match is being played. The button with arrows and a graph symbol offers pre-match statistics and a full version of the standings with the latest results. The search on the right will help you find the right betting option among the hundreds or even thousands of markets in some spreadsheets more quickly.

Cybersport in LIVE at 1xBet

A balanced version of the eSports live view - the right-sized window in the corner and a spread with the selected market category in the rest of the page

Next to the line, the LIVE section offers a cyber sports category with a gamepad symbol closer to the right-hand edge of the navigation bar. Selecting this category shows the tournaments and matches currently available for live betting. Selecting a specific game leads to its spreadsheet, which occupies a useful area of the screen with betting options divided into categories.

1xBet's eSports tournaments tables are informative, replacing third-party resources with confidence

The header usually shows the current score by card. At the top there are important buttons that launch the streaming stream in full screen or windowed mode, as well as opening the current statistics, the standings and the odds change graph for popular main outcomes.

The mini-version of the table is usually enough to get an idea of the tournament standings, but the latest results are not in it - they are in a separate pop-up window

A simplified version of the standings can be opened by clicking on the cup symbol. The search bar is used to quickly find a betting option from amongst the many variants of the table.

Statistics for eSports usually include H2H comparisons and are markedly inferior to those for offline sports

Cybersport bonuses and promotions at 1xBet betting company

Among the many bonus offers and promotions, you can find cyber sports themed ones.

In the PROMO section, one of the regular tiles is the Cyber Bonus Calendar. This is an announcement of daily promotions for 1xbet's virtual cyber sports games and real cyber sports disciplines.

Other offers suitable for cyber sports betting are on the list of all promotions.

Frequently asked questions about cyber sports betting at 1xBet

What do I need to bet on eSports at 1xBet?
Money and passport. You will need them to register, fill in the personal details fields for verification and deposit. This bookmaker has no no deposit bonuses, so you have to make a deposit in order to place your first bet and receive a bonus. Then you can select the desired match, betting option and make out the coupon.

Which is the best place to bet on eSports at 1xBet - the website or the app?
It's not a question of functionality, it's a question of convenience. Even on the website, eSports has two options for displaying the rosters. And in the app it's not so easy to switch between it and the streaming. There are no special bonuses for mobile betting at 1xBet, so the answer depends on the comfort of the individual player.

Can you find small tournaments on unpopular cyber sports games at 1xBet?
It is now. This bookmaker has expanded its cyber sports line-up, with far more minor competitions than majors matches. The list of disciplines has expanded beyond serious eSports to include virtual games on the same theme. And the line-up has grown to include hundreds of betting options.

1xBet shows broadcasts of eSports tournaments?
Yes, almost all of them. Streaming with commentators and just broadcasts are available during in-play, they are started in the video window either automatically or by clicking on the button with the monitor symbol in the line-up. In the line it is only possible to cut off events with video broadcasts.

1xBet games 1xCyber is cyber sport?
Not really. They are in the cyber sports section, the office has the right to include them there, but these virtual games are not recognised as competitive cyber sports disciplines. They're a thematic entertainment when you don't want to focus on and analyse a pro's game, and you're not interested in regular gambling.

Do I need a mirror to bet at 1xBet on eSports?
To access this bookmaker's website from countries that block it - yes, a mirror and other ways around blocking will be needed. And applications ranging from mobile to the Windows client with the custom 1XBrower browser will bypass blocking automatically. In addition to mirrors, you can use anonymisers, VPNs, Proxies, automatic IP spoofing plugins for your browser, and the Tor browser to access the site.

Is it illegal to bet on cyber sports at 1xBet?
In countries which regulate the betting and gambling business themselves, offshore offices are considered illegal. But a Curaçao licence is considered sufficient in many places, it also obliges the betting company and the players to comply with certain regulations and regulates their relationship. Unless you have to go to court there, in that island state.

User comments

Artur 13/01/2022 15:39
Finally, 1xBet has a wider cyber sports line-up. There is now an alternative to cyber sports bookmakers.
Leonid 10/02/2022 08:28
I've been betting on Lol at 1xBet, haven't withdrawn any money yet.
Anderson 10/03/2022 01:42
It's not just KCgo, Dota and lol that the buks are limiting themselves to, in time to develop in the direction of cybersport. GGbet showed the same 1xBet perspective and made them move.
Eric 05/04/2022 12:28
The 1xBet streaming window can be adjusted, which is very convenient, better than the cyber section layout with a fixed video size. Stretch out to the limits of the spread and follow the match comfortably.
Artur 06/05/2022 20:45
Few cyber bonuses and difficult to win back. 1x is stronger for gamblers and regular bettors.
Rigento 06/06/2022 22:31
I am tired of fighting with their support, proving that I am me when I withdraw a decent sum. They drag out the payment and demand additional photos and a video call.
Thomas 05/07/2022 10:12
1xBet is littering the cyber section with cyber machines, pseudo-gambling. Carefully distinguish cyber sports from gambling.
Timur 05/08/2022 23:30
I've found great odds in live Dot at 1xBet, they didn't pay out my winnings, they said it was a mistake, they cut the maximum bet.
Leon 06/09/2022 03:50
Yep, cyber poker is already being tucked into cyber sport. 1xBet is a cheeky casino that lures bettors into these machines!
Arkadij 06/10/2022 22:33
I like the Friday surcharge and risk-free betting on cyber tournaments. You can pick a good one from among them. It's more relaxing with a refund.

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