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1xbet betting markets

A market in betting shops is a betting condition with odds. In 1xbet, markets look like rectangles with a number of odds. The term comes from the English word market.

Quotes for certain betting conditions are formed and fluctuate according to market principles and depend on player demand and the bookmaker's offer. Initially, the quotes reflect the spread, the chance, the probability of the specified condition. Changes in the odds are heavily influenced by new information. At 1xBet bookmaker the dynamics of the odds are shown by special charts.

The odds of the betting options include the bookmaker's margin, which provides income to the office. Margin can be perceived as an agency commission, which it used to be. A bookmaker cannot rely on customers losing bets alone, expecting a positive balance of costs and revenues. The bookmakers earn on the distance rather by margin, the superiority of their counter-coefficient over the players' market quotes. Margin allows the bookmaker to perform a large turnover of the betting array at a profit.

Markets can be singles, doubles or combinations. A single market can only be used for a single bet, while two or more markets can be used for a multi-market bet. At 1xBet the markets are sorted by categories and subcategories and you can search for the suitable markets by the search slots.

In the windows above the top markets, their designation is shown, and you can switch to a list of categories and subcategories by clicking on the number with a plus sign

The betting options on which the bookmaker's office offers to bet, the betting conditions with their odds are already shown on the main screen of all 1xbet products. Tops of the slots - all the markets available for a particular match - are displayed in the hot offers, on the first screen of the sections LINE, LIVE and CIBEXPORT. You can uncover the full spread with all markets by clicking on the number with a plus sign on the right-hand corner of the windows, as well as by going to the spread of the desired match from the specified sections or via the left-hand navigation column.

A tooltip showing all markets will direct to the full match list from its brief display

Selecting markets and adding them to a 1xBet coupon

Once you have found the betting option you want, just click on it so that the rectangle with the odds is highlighted in blue and that betting condition is added to the betting slip.

In the 1xBet coupon, the markets added there are listed from top to bottom, in separate rectangles, which can be removed from the ticket with the cross button.

Large coupon rectangles show markets with the match name, odds and market designation underneath

To place a single bet on a single market, you must add 1 market to the betting slip. Ordinaries can also be placed on all markets added to the 1xbet coupon by selecting "Ordinaries" from the drop-down list at the bottom.

For a composite betting type, 2 or more markets must be added to the coupon. A system will require a minimum of 3 markets, etc.

Market coefficients

Market odds reflect the probability of them coming in and the player's risk. The odds of the markets include the bookmaker's margin, as if an agent's commission for the betting service.

Some betting shops, including 1xBet, determine the market quotations in their own spreads. Some bookmakers use outsourced suppliers with their ready-made lines and odds. However, nowadays such "pure" opposite options are no longer relevant - even giant bookmakers with powerful analytical departments and huge staff of informants also use third party data, while virtual shell offices make adjustments to the information from outsourcers.

Bookmaker's margin in market quotes

The bookmaker's margin is easiest to represent with the example of a tennis match, where only 2 main outcomes are possible - a win for one player or a win for the other. In a notional ideal match of identical opponents with absolutely equal odds, the quotes for their wins would be two twos. But this gives a lot of room for wagering, a win-win game, and the bookmaker at the distance would suffer losses from the free provision of the whole service.

A 5% bookmaker's commission will make the odds equal to 1.95 and 1.95 instead of doubles. And the difference in the final odds with the margins of the different studios included in them will make trying to win-win games on opposite outcomes futile.

Most pseudo-strategies and simply ineffective betting strategies (as well as the bookmaker's advantage through massive amounts of information, big data and a staff of analysts) tend to break down on margin. Margin also makes it unattractive to play those types of betting in which the bookmaker's margin is multiplied and generally high, i.e. composite bets and wild cards on clear favourites.

Average odds / counter-coefficient of the bookmaker

The average odds are considered to be +-2, because the bookmaker's reverse odds are two - the office receives the full amount of the bet completely lost (payout = notional betting amount x 2, of which the notional betting amount is subtracted from the net winnings). In composite betting variants with possible partial winnings and losses, this is considered more complicated.

Recommended markets at 1xBet

In the regular rosters, where a selection of market categories is available, the recommended middle markets are highlighted in yellow, while in the cyber sports section they are accompanied by a vertical green bar

Bookmaker 1xBet highlights the markets with average odds in yellow on the spreadsheet. These are markets that are balanced in terms of possible profitability and risk (probability).

In 1xBet's eSports section, the odds indication is similar to that of normal live betting, with recommended average markets marked with a green stick

1xbet odds movement chart

To see the dynamics of the quotes for the main markets at 1xBet, click on the "Ratio Movement Chart" button to the right of the date and time of the start of the game.

The chart of pre-match odds movement rarely surprises with steep peaks and troughs, which is a suspicious sign

Using the Manchester City vs PSG football match as an example, you can see how the odds of the main single and double outcomes - a net win for each team, a draw, a win or a draw, and the "any team win = no draw" market - have changed.

The slight jump on the first day of the match in the line-up is more likely to be due to initial betting activity, i.e. the quotes have adjusted due to demand. They may also have been influenced by the quotations of other bookmakers.

The second and third races on 23 and 26 September are more likely to be triggered by news, information on injuries and the teams' playing squad, and their matches in the national championships.

Single and compound markets

Markets come in single odds that the player and the bookmaker are betting on, and there are double odds, double odds and combined odds. Single markets are the vast majority. And double odds and double markets are not the same thing.

Double odds of the main outcomes - the oldest non single markets, including 12 - first and second team wins

A double chance is a market with two alternative conditions. For example, these are double chances in the main outcomes - 1X, X2 and 12 in matches with a possible draw. That is, 1 market with "or" includes 2 winning outcomes out of 3 possible outcomes

The combination of different market categories into one dual market is a relatively recent phenomenon and has many disadvantages, the main one being that the risks of both categories are compounded

As an example of a double market, the markets like Result + Total, Time/Match and the like, which are becoming more and more common as time goes on, are excellent. In a double market, both conditions must coincide, i.e. the result and total in the first case must coincide, and in the second case the result of the first half and the whole match must coincide.

Indicative combined markets are double Asian handicaps and totals. They consist of two conditions with different odds spread over half the betting amount. Although the Asian market looks similar to singles at 1xBet, its quadruple odds are spread into two - with a whole and a half adjacent. Each of these is applied to half the betting amount when calculating the bet.

Sometimes everything Asian is singled out in a category of the same name, and there's a whole lot more to be found in an additional list of categories, and then there's this

Double markets - parallels to expresses and anti-expresses

As a multi bet, it is forbidden to include markets from the same line-up. Alternatively, it can be a double market, such as Outcome + Total, Time/Match or similar. They are identical to a double with two of these.

There are double markets with "Yes" and "No" conditions, in which margins with "No" conditions are equivalent to an anti-Express, i.e. a combination of conditions in which one of them must fail to come true to win a bet. The odds on them are quite modest, but you can feel like a bookmaker accepting bets by double-doubles (corrected for the minus 2, which makes the player's odds seem low, too).

Hidden conditions in the markets

With the growth of thousands of markets, it is worth to read the categories, sub-categories and names of markets more and more carefully and understand the betting conditions. As in the basic example with net wins in matches with a possible draw, which includes a "hidden" 0.5 handicap, there are many markets with unobservable conditions and variations in the calculation.

Variations in markets with whole handicaps and totals

Handicaps and whole-value totals remain a classic example with two variants of calculation. When a handicap or total has been applied to the actual match result, the bet amount is refunded, i.e. no one (neither the player nor the bookmaker) wins or loses. This additional condition, along with possible winnings and losses, must be kept in mind. All such things are built into the odds of the markets with variations.

Real-time display of changes in live market odds

The colour and directions of the arrows show only the change in the odds, with opposite probability factors behind them

In live, i.e. during the betting process during matches, 1xbet highlights markets with changing odds in green and red. Increasing quotations are shown in green and an up arrow, while decreasing quotations are shown in red and an arrow down.

However, there is a contradiction in this, as the green light is perceived conditionally positively and as a permissive sign, but the increase in quotations occurs when the chance of the market entering, the probability of this condition decreases. A red light is perceived negatively, associated with a forbidding signal, but a decrease in quotations correlates with an increase in the probability/chance of it coming in and with a decrease in risk in the market.

Perceive the red-green display of 1xBet's live odds only correctly in conjunction with the odds, inversely linking them to probability.

And the lock symbols on the live markets mean that betting is suspended right now. This is usually the case when the odds are not immediately changed. Or during technical problems.

Categories and subcategories of markets in 1xBet

In 1xbet's top draws, markets are labelled with a short designation in the columns. And in the slots themselves, the top navigation is dedicated to market categories like "All markets", "Total", "Handicap", "Popular", "Goals", "Intervals", "Result + Total", etc. And all the categories that don't fit in the navigation bar are revealed in a drop-down list by pressing a button with four horizontal bars and a down arrow.

The sub-categories within each market category are shown in drop-down modules. For ease of searching, you can collapse them to their headings, which is done by the two up arrow button in the right-hand corner of the top of the inventory. Alternatively, you can quickly find a suitable market by searching for a subcategory or a specific market.

Frequently asked questions about markets at 1xBet

Why are the betting options called markets?
Because they are literally traded according to market laws. Back when solitary betting agents offered a betting condition with odds including their commission - margin - and then traded and changed quotes influenced by the balance of supply and demand, news, all that stuff.

Are markets and markets in betting and 1xBet the same thing?

Are single markets better than double and compound markets?
For the most part, yes, they are more transparent and simpler. In complex markets, there may be non-obvious terms that an inattentive player will not understand. Double markets have multiplied bookmaker margins, as in expresses. Compound markets are extremely vulnerable on the odds.

Are there markets with no margin and bookmakers with zero margin?
No. Markets with no margin will provoke forklists, which all bookmakers strictly discourage. And margin, as an agency commission, is necessary for bookmakers to guarantee a portion of the profits that will cover the costs of running the whole company. The long-term earnings on margin of the total betting array can exceed the bookmaker's income from the balance of lost and won bets in his favour.

What are the full names of the specific markets at 1xBet?
Their full name consists of a category, a sub-category and the designation of the market itself. Sometimes the first and second are the same, or the second is missing. And only the main, popular markets have established designations. Market designations change from office to office and over time.

Does the name of the markets depend on their odds system?
At 1xBet, no, only the display of the odds changes as a result of the odds format change. However, some markets get their name from the odds system, like Asian handicaps and totals. They are called that almost everywhere, only occasionally occurring as doubles.

What influences the price of markets?
Influenced by demand - how much money is put into that market. Influenced by supply - how much margin and how much limit the bookmaker is willing to offer that market. Influenced by changes in odds, the probability of entry and non-entry, which changes with the balance of power and new information. In the in-play, the quotes change under the influence of the events in the match. In general, the quotes are influenced by many factors, among which these are the main ones.

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Erik 17/01/2022 15:10
1xBet indication confuses many. Average odds in cybersport are green, as whose odds go down in live.
Robert 07/02/2022 00:44
Sports betting has a lot in common with financial betting.
Tihon 13/03/2022 05:23
I'm getting tired of dealing with all those thousands of markets at 1xBet, and I'm not comfortable betting without having seen them all.
Oscar 08/04/2022 18:42
Asian handicaps with totals at 1xBet are so highlighted in the Asian marquee category.
Johnson 01/05/2022 19:21
The main thing is that 1xBet has added contrast to the markets with the backgrounds, previously it was a hell of a strain on the eyes.
Dmitrij 10/06/2022 13:18
The anti-expression markets have a betting odds of 2, which is adjusted downwards by the player's odds. But you can't lose many times the betting amount.
Rhonda 11/07/2022 07:42
Its supposedly low margin 1xBet is catching up with the presses, which are all over the place. In the newfangled complicated unusual markets. The classics have more modest margins.
Denis 17/08/2022 14:04
I'm not interested in betting on trivial stuff like statistics, and for the main outcomes, the bookies are marginalised in order to compete with each other. People watch and compare popular markets.
Danila 10/10/2022 09:59
With composite marquets, you can sometimes raise the odds for 1 match. Previously, it was only possible to catch up with other singles.
Nikolaj 17/12/2022 07:09
1xBet's in-play indication is confusing. Disappears in a second. It's a bit of a mockery of attention.

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