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1xBet bonus account

A 1xbet bookmaker's bonus account is used to credit bonus points for participating in various promotions and for other reasons. 1xBet gives players bonuses on special occasions, such as on their anniversary, sometimes on major national holidays or on their birthdays.

Bonus points are quoted at the equivalent exchange rate of the account currency, but are not money. To convert the points from the bonus account into real money, they need to be redeemed according to the terms and conditions of the promotion in which the bonuses were received. You can also use them to buy promo codes in the promo code shop, including codes for freebies.

Bonuses at 1xbet are given in promotions, various bonus offers from the PROMO section

An ordinary bookmaker's account with currency, real money, is called a personal account in the same way as a bank account. It can be withdrawn, provided that it is actively wagered at odds of 1.1 and above.

Some bookmakers have a guest account, which is also considered a virtual account. The bookmaker 1xBet does not advertise its guest accounts, stating that they do not exist, but they have been used by fraudulent promoters, sellers of "surefire predictions" and in unfair advertising.

Recharging the bonus account at 1xBet

First deposit

The first deposit bonus promotion has a separate button with a gift symbol and is offered directly at registration

You can receive bonus points to your bonus account immediately after registering and making your first deposit. The 1xBet sports betting welcome package gives a surcharge on the first deposit amount of up to 120%, with a limit of the equivalent of 25,000 roubles. If a customer complies with the maximum limit of the promotion, he will receive a total of 25,000 bonus points, which will have to be wagered from his bonus account according to the promotion terms and conditions.

Subsequent top-ups on Friday and Wednesday

The bookmaker 1xBet has a regular promotion with a surcharge on subsequent top-ups, which are made on Fridays. It is called "Happy Friday". As part of this promotion, customers will receive a 100% bonus on Friday's deposit amount with a limit of the equivalent of €100. These bonus points must also be redeemed with freebies from the bonus account.

The second promotion "Wednesday multiplied by 2!" is available to previous "Happy Friday" members. A deposit made on Wednesday also entails a bonus of 100% of the top-up amount, subject to a limit of the equivalent of 100 euros. The bonus is credited to the bonus account and can be wagered from the bonus account.


The cyber bonus calendar is essentially also a cashback in these cases, and the points are redeemed according to the terms of the promotion

1xBet bookmaker has regular cashback promotions, in which funds are most often credited back to the bonus account. These must be wagered according to the terms of the particular promotions, usually with the same freebies from the bonus account. At the moment, there is a cashback for deposits via MoneyGo and a cashback in the cyberbonus calendar.

Bonuses for a series of bad bets

The dependence of the bonus compensation for a losing streak on betting amounts is shown on the promotion page

1xBet gives a consolation prize of bonuses for a streak of 20 consecutive bets lost. The amount of the bonus depends on the betting amounts.

Sports betting bonuses

Bookmaker 1xBet has a sports betting game where you can win a decent amount of bonuses available to spend in the promo code showcase

In the new 1xBet sweepstakes, you must guess the outcome of events from a coupon with 12 matches. Participation in the promotion is confirmed by a real money wager on one of the markets in the sweepstakes slip. The winners of the daily draw of the sweepstakes receive prizes in bonus points ranging from 100 to 7000 bonus points. These are spent in a promotional code showcase where freebies and other attractive codes are sold.

Bonuses for participating in the Lucky Day promotion

A simple bonus draw with easy terms and conditions is held daily at 1xBet

Every day, you can win up to 500 bonus points at 1xBet by participating in a draw amongst customers who place a promotional bet. The terms and conditions of the promotion bet are indicated on the "Lucky of the Day" page, usually it is any bet on sports with odds of at least 1.8 and worth 100 roubles or more.

Bonus points from this promotion can be spent in the promo code shop and turned into free bets, for example.

Significant dates

For birthdays, New Year's Eve and anniversaries, 1xBet is increasingly giving away betting promo codes similar to those in the shop. They are easier and more enjoyable to wager than bonus points from a bonus account.

A betting promotion code will be a more valuable birthday present than the usual points with strict wagering conditions

How do I wager and spend bonuses from my 1xBet bonus account?

Top questions to 1xBet's chat support come down to bonus wagering

Bonuses accrued for participation in a particular promotion have a specific purpose and the condition for turning them into real money under the terms of that promotion.

Deposit bonuses are wagered by wagering their amount from the bonus account several times with the specified odds and bet types. Only the net winnings from such freebies are credited to the personal account; the betting amount itself is not converted into currency.

Shop for promo codes

Bonuses from a number of other promotions can be used to buy promo codes from the shop that sells them. Among other offers there are so-called win-win bets, which can be paid for with bonus points. If successful, the player will already receive the regular payout with the bet amount and the net winnings, because he has essentially bought a real bet with the bonus points.

The 1xBet Bonus Shop has made the points from many promotions much more valuable and the opportunities to spend them wisely wider

Attention: This difference between the wagering on your account and the wagering of the freebies should always be kept in mind, so that no unpleasant emotions arise. For bets from the bonus account, only the winnings from these bets will be credited, while the full payment is provided for bets purchased from the promotional betting shop.

Frequently asked questions about bonus account at 1xBet

Can I withdraw bonuses from 1xBet quickly?
Bonus points at the 1xBet bookmaker office are not money, but their equivalent in points. Therefore, the bonuses need to be converted into a currency to be credited to the client's personal account, from where they can be withdrawn. Some bonuses can be quickly and successfully won back, after which they will be converted into cash available for withdrawal. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn immediately.

How do I bet with bonuses at the 1xBet bookmaker?
This depends on the promotion in which the bonuses are received. Some bonus points must be wagered from a bonus account, which is done by selecting the bonus account in the coupon instead of the main account. Some bonus points can also be redeemed in the promotional code box, which sells wagering codes. It must be inserted in the promo code box when making out the coupon.

1xBet bonuses are very difficult to redeem and transfer from my bonus account to my main account?
In some promotions, points are really hard to win back. But some bonuses can be used to buy useful promo codes, including for betting. The promo code shop has made a number of 1xBet bonus promotions more attractive at once. In this showcase, it's easy to find useful codes at a reasonable price in bonus points.

1xBet don't give bonuses without filling in personal details?
Yes. An important prerequisite for receiving bonuses in the various promotions at this bookmaker is that you successfully pass a background check. Also, bonuses are not given to customers with cryptocurrency accounts.

Are casino bonuses at 1xBet wagering differently?
Yes. The casino promotions are mainly for freespins - free spins. And the equivalent of gambling money is wagered there as well. Sports betting and casino promotions at 1xBet have different bonuses.

Which account currency should I choose at 1xBet for better bonuses?
The main thing is not cryptocurrency, for which 1xBet does not offer bonuses at all. But that depends on the client's native currency, ease of exchange and transactions. Equivalents at 1xBet are roughly comparable in all currencies, it's unlikely you'll get more bonuses out of the difference.

Which is better at 1xBet - bonus account betting or promotional betting codes?
More often than not, betting promo codes as gifts are more profitable, they are easier to wager and they are worth the winnings with the betting denomination. But sometimes you have to wager the points themselves and only from the bonus account, such are the terms of the promotion.

User comments

Adam 16/01/2022 22:55
At 1xBet, it's only with the advent of the promo code shop that many bonuses have gained real value, they are too difficult and cumbersome to wager!
Rodion 14/02/2022 03:18
A demo account would really be more useful than deposit bonuses for training and experience.
Tihon 14/03/2022 14:14
Don't even dream of withdrawing the bonuses easily, you have to turn them over several times and not lose them, and they will only credit the net profit without the betting amounts.
Andrej 10/04/2022 05:55
I've given up on top-up bonuses - they're a hassle and a waste of time.
Pavel 08/05/2022 11:25
I managed to withdraw bonuses in a minuscule amount of the accrued amount. But that's not bad at all.
Ilja 10/06/2022 13:20
Guest accounts at 1xBet for sure, all those insider bloggers don't show their real account in ads!
Vjacheslav 09/07/2022 17:12
I was verified by video link and only then was I able to withdraw some of the bonuses I had won. You don't get them just like that.
Sergej 05/08/2022 22:36
This 1xBet lures people with huge bonuses, but you should read the wagering conditions of the points, what they are really good for!
Wiltonio 02/09/2022 18:20
I couldn't transfer the bonuses to a cash account at 1xBet, I lost everything on wagering. I have to spend the next one in the promo code shop.
Mcgee 02/10/2022 20:40
Guest accounts are advertised by scammers and sellers galore, this 1xBet shithole provides a demo account for anyone who needs one!

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