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1xBet hotline

The 1xBet bookmaker's hotline is available through different communication channels.

You won't have to wait long for a live chat, although it depends on the complexity and workload of 1xbet's support staff. You can call a live support staff member by pressing the "Call a consultant" button in the chat window.

The email support is notable for its detailed answers and their quality rather than its promptness. The 1xBet bookmaker has several email addresses, divided into departments. It is advisable to write to the email address of the appropriate department.

1xbet also has a feedback form, which is suitable for starting an email or getting a reply in one email to a simple, short question without the need to attach files.

1xBet hotline

Live voice calls are good for urgent questions, but also for problems that require a personal touch. You can get real-time help from a support worker, who can clarify the circumstances of your problem and get more appropriate answers from the operator.

In order for the support person to identify the customer who has contacted them, it is necessary to introduce themselves with a personal ID or other username, but these are more difficult to pronounce and record in the conversation.

1xBet hotline phone number

The customer country hotline telephone number is placed at the bottom of the website or application screens

A real hotline is available from 1xbet by phone, the numbers vary from country to country, in Russia it is a toll-free federal number +44 127 325-69-87. You can introduce yourself to the support staff with one of the usernames, with your personal id being the most convenient one.

Disadvantages of 1xBet's telephone hotline

The biggest disadvantage of the telephone hotline is that it is impossible to send a file during the call. Support often requires a screenshot or a picture of the document. This is easy to implement in messengers.

Ordering a callback from 1xBet

Sometimes you have to wait a long time for your call to be answered, it is easier to leave a callback request and wait comfortably for it

To avoid waiting for an operator to answer and to be sure not to pay for an outgoing call - who knows what the rates are - you can order a callback from the bookmaker's office to your number. The form for this opens on the button with the handset symbol, on the new 1xbet website it is in the top right corner of the screen. There you need to enter your name and phone number. Alternatively, you can go straight to the online consultation from this window.

BK advises a callback form at the top of the website, while they publish the number at the bottom - it is also more convenient for them to answer when possible, rather than hanging around waiting for calls

Viber 1xbet

Calling or chatting via Viber messenger at +380668655784 becomes one of the alternatives to talking on the phone. Recording the call in this messenger can be useful for further communication with 1xBet support or to analyse the problem on your own.

When contacting via messenger, you should present yourself with a personal ID, if the identification by phone number does not help the employee to identify the betting shop's customer.

Messenger numbers and email addresses are collected on the contact page, its menu item is on the bottom navigation of 1xBet

WhatsApp 1xbet

Another alternative to a phone call is to call or chat on WhatsApp to 1xBet at +380668655784. It's the same as this BC's Vyber, surely they've tried to make the same number for the messengers. It's also easier to save the conversation on WhatsApp than on the phone, so this method is good for complicated problems or conflict situations.

Messengers are good for combining voice conversation and sending some parts of text in chat, as well as different files, such as screenshots and photos.

1xBet live chat

You can ask a question online in the chat tab that says so, but you have to wade through the FAQ first

On the 1xbet website and on the apps, an online chat with the staff of this betting company is available. On the website it is a pop-up tab labelled "Ask a question", while in the apps it is a circle with a chat symbol.

When activating the live chat window, the client will first be prompted to use the knowledge base, research frequently asked questions and their answers, or search for a solution to their problem in the search bar.

When these methods do not work, a green "Call Adviser" button will appear on the second screen of the online chat. Pressing this will open a chat with a member of staff at the betting shop, to whom you can explain your question or the circumstances of the problem until one of the freelance specialists connects to your chat.

The answers to the frequently asked questions are well formulated, they are really appropriate for solving these popular problems without going to the busy individual helpdesk staff

Chat, built into the full version of the website and the mobile adapted 1xBet page, this bookmaker's app for Android and iOS, as well as their Windows PC app, is best suited to dealing with standard, uncomplicated questions in a medium speed mode. The replies from the support specialist will probably not be as fast as in a voice chat, but they may be of higher quality and more prepared. It is also easier to view and analyse the history of the chat conversation than the audio recording of the conversation.

In the live chat with 1xBet's support team, you can attach files as needed when asked for screenshots or photos of documents

1xBet email support

Conveniently categorised 1xBet email addresses help you to direct your query to the address without the time wasted in forwarding the email from staff member to staff member

The Contact section of the 1xBet website or app lists the email addresses of the different departments of the bookmaker's office. This allows you to contact a competent specialist and rest assured that your letter will be correctly forwarded to him.

Email support is best for dealing with complex cases of attached files, whether they are documents or screenshots, photos or anything else.

It is important to write to betting support from the email address linked to your 1xbet account, so that a support worker can recognise the client. It's also a good idea to write your login ID.

1xbet email addresses

The hotline is primarily a security address, which you should call in case of problems with your account, account, sanctions for rule violations, suspicions of foul play, difficulties in confirming personal details, problems with withdrawals.

The technical support email is for technical problems. Bugs in the apps and on the website, features that don't work, difficulties using certain 1xBet products - all at that address.

The address for general enquiries is relevant for information on a wide range of issues. You will probably be directed to the right person from there. You should expect advice and help from this address rather than solutions to specialised problems and conflicts.

For questions about payments, money transfers you should write to Rejected withdrawal requests, delays in processing financial transaction requests, questions about fees and payment deadlines, help with problems with using online wallets and bank cards - this is the email you need for such questions.

More global financial issues should be emailed to Problems with customer accounts should be dealt with in the first instance at this address.

The following boxes do not fit into the hotline or support, but rather are needed to negotiate with the bookmaker's experts about cooperation.

1xBet feedback form

On the contact page, below the list of contact methods listed above, a feedback form is available. This form of communication is not at all obsolete, it makes it easier to start email correspondence. Instead of writing the first email manually and sending it to a suitable address, you are prompted to fill out a feedback form and wait for a reply to the email provided. You need to enter the contact email address correctly, so that the reply will arrive there. The name should also be the same as on the registration form, so that there are no unnecessary questions.

The feedback form does not have an attachment button, it is strange that you cannot attach files there, but you can do so in your reply email received from the bookmaker's office

The feedback form is good for the single question-answer format. And as a quick alternative to starting an email is fine. But if solving a problem or answering a question requires more than one email from each party, you still have to go to email for further correspondence.

If you need to add a screenshot in the feedback form, you have to upload the picture to a third-party hosting service and link it in. There is no button to attach the file to the appeal.

Frequently asked questions about the 1xBet hotline

What is the best way to get support from 1xBet?
In general, the choice depends on the specific situation and convenience. The office itself has a telephone number at the bottom of the website and a button at the top to order a call back. This can be considered the recommended option for most straightforward cases where urgency is important. Compound problems and special issues are better dealt with by e-mail or chat rooms.

1xBet cuts maximums, overstates margins, requires re-verification - where to turn?
Such sanctions are most often applied when there have been breaches of the betting shop rules or a strong suspicion thereof. To resolve the problem you will need to provide documentation and this is not done over the phone. A detailed resolution of the issue is better handled by chat or email. Of the email addresses, the best is the security service -

1xBet hotline only by phone?
You can also call on messenger WhatsApp and Viber, and you can order a callback from 1xBet in the form on the button with the handset. The online chat is also prompt enough to be considered a hotline.

1xBet hotline answers questions about bonuses?
They are more likely to direct the client to frequent questions and the knowledge base that opens in the first screen of the online chat room. Most of the questions and answers there are about bonuses, wagering and different promotions. Support will probably quote these same terms and conditions from the promotions. It's quicker and easier to read them yourself.

1xBet help customers in the hotline, are they an illegal bookmaker?
Of course it helps, otherwise why would there be so many ways to contact and support staff. Bookmakers with an offshore licence are not considered illegal everywhere, they are also interested in customer loyalty and solving players' problems. As part of the 1xBet rules, the hotline staff help players who comply with them.

When contacting the 1xBet helpline, do I always have to give my ID?
Such a recommendation will speed up the process and make it easier for the support worker to identify the customer who has contacted them. Only when talking in online chat should they be able to see for themselves which user is contacting them. In other cases even the phone number and e-mail address need to be checked against the one linked to the account. Naming an id is quick and easy.

Is it worth recording or saving the communication on the 1xBet hotline?
In any case, it will help to remember the method of solving the problem. If the issue arises again, it may be useful to continue the conversation based on the previous one. And in conflict situations, the recorded conversation and saved correspondence may prove to be proof of one's rightness and an argument in a dispute.

User comments

Terrence 02/02/2022 21:07
I have suffered through the demands of 1xBet support to confirm identity. It's worse than security theatre in transport and public places.
Daniel 03/03/2022 12:06
When contacted because of delayed withdrawal, they delayed answering my questions.
Kamil 30/03/2022 12:55
I've had 1xBet send me templated replies to complaints about winning bets back - quotation error.
Mihail 28/04/2022 19:24
All the support 1xBet has, but it's not very helpful. A live support team is not much more helpful than bots!
Bogdan 29/05/2022 20:42
I contacted the hotline when the withdrawal to the card did not go through. They advised their middleman , which at least makes the payments in a stable way.
Matvej 24/06/2022 15:41
It is quicker to understand the terms and conditions yourself than to wait for a specific answer to your question from the 1xBet hotline. It is sometimes barely warm.
Peter 23/08/2022 22:04
There's no point proving your case to the hotline if 1xBet accuses you of multibucks or breaking the rules. They will only take up your time.
Artemij 24/10/2022 06:42
It's better not to bring it to support at all. I have lost a lot of nerve and time with them!
Wilson 02/01/2023 19:08
1xBet is pushing their MONEYGO through a hotline, it's worth complaining about problems with deposits or withdrawals. The fees there are enormous.
Vitalij 07/03/2023 23:43
I'm trying to find the answer myself, it's pissing me off with the clueless support!

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