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Live betting at 1xBet

The 1xBet bookmaker's app and website have been updated to make betting on matches even more attractive. As well as a large range of live matches on which you can choose your betting options from a multitude of markets, 1xbet bookmaker's in-play betting features are useful. These include quick couponing, plenty of video broadcasts, 1xZone's graphic display of events, detailed statistics and on-the-spot information. And the odds for most live events turn out to be tempting, as 1xBet wages a price war of odds against competitors in in-play as well.

Live section at 1xBet

1xBet's in-play section with sub-sections in the drop-down context menu opens with a button in a prominent position on the page

On the updated 1xbet betting website, the in-play functionality is available as fully as possible. In mobile apps it is organised for gadgets and one-finger operation, while it is more comfortable to switch between the statistics, broadcasts and betting table on the website or in the 1xWIN Windows app of this bookmaker.

The LIVE section comes second in the main top menu, just after the line. It leads to the match-by-match betting screen, which prominently features the hot games, the recommended matches currently being played. In the bars of each of them, you can quickly click on one of the main outcomes or go to the spreadsheet of that game to explore the detailed spreadsheet and inforecourses.

Right on the page with the list of available events, a colour indication of changes in the quotes operates by default, which draws the player's attention to changes in the games going on right now
There are more and more video games at 1xBet, but in the evenings and on match days this button is very useful if you want to watch video in parallel with the live game

Below the navigation there is the usual line-up of live events, which shows popular markets right on this screen, and on the right with the + sign there is the exact number of betting options in the full spread of each of the matches.

1xbet betting company's in-play draw

1xBet's live betting offer differs from the pre-match offer by live stats, live streaming and/or 1xZone's live event graphics, as well as an indication of the changing odds and a recommendation of the most likely markets.

The new version of 1xBet's header makes good use of the space, with the option of displaying statistics or windows with broadcasts, live graphics

Basically, the 1xBet in-play betting is as conveniently structured as the pre-match betting. You can select categories like popular markets, forwards, totals, goals, etc.

Left side of the header and output of basic statistics there

The statistics can be viewed both in a small window in the header of the live game, where the main indicators are conveniently displayed, and in a separate pop-up window, which already contains all available information such as line-ups, line-ups, chronology of events and detailed statistics. The intermediate standings are also available there. The odds trend shows how the quotes for the popular markets of the main outcomes changed during the course of the event.

In addition to the colour indication of the odds in the spread, 1xBet has a graph of the dynamics of the odds for the main outcomes - wins and draws

Video broadcasts and 1xZone

Instead of the stats, a video broadcast or 1xZone live graphics can be inserted into the left-hand side of the header. When they are located in the bottom right corner, where they are by default, it is difficult to switch from there to the header and wording, as well as to switch to a separate window with full-screen video. The oversized window in the most convenient place is a good compromise option for watching video in parallel with studying the rosters, like in the eSports sections.

Indication of quote changes

The new version of the website has this option active by default. The colour indication in green and red shows which betting options are going up and which are going down. This helps you understand what is going on and make a decision more quickly.

Rising odds make a bet more attractive, but it is worth realising that the probability of going in decreases. And decreasing quotations indicate a strengthening of the odds of such an outcome, albeit at decreasing odds.

Equilibrium market recommendations

Equilibrium markets with the most balanced odds at the current moment in time are highlighted in yellow at 1xBet. What the development of events in a match is heading towards with options to either side is offered as a focus of attention for live betting. For example, this is how the bookmaker advises the most likely totals and handicaps for both sides of the match.

Setting up notifications

As with the mobile app, the 1xWIN website and client for computers allow you to receive instant alerts on key events in the match that the player is following closely

The button with the recognisable bell symbol opens the notification settings of the score sheet, where you can set up instant notifications of score changes and key game events, like corner and yellow cards in football.

Information in the composition plate

To avoid opening a separate pop-up window with statistics and other information, the main line-up summary can be viewed via the button on the schedule screen

In addition to the main line-up and the list of substitutes, the substitutions made, the cards received and the results of the players' actions are also shown. In the graphical version this information, together with the formation, is shown in a separate pop-up statistical window, while in the rosters a simplified, concise version of the line-up information can be unfolded.

The standings with the highlighted competitors of the selected match open there, saving the player from having to switch between tabs and windows

Live express of the day

1xBet publishes the 1xBet picks of the day at the bottom of the home page, as well as the line and LIVE sections. Amongst them, there are a number of Expresses of the Day in Live, which consist of starting events. They help you quickly get involved in betting on the matches, especially when you want to make a bet in a couple of clicks for fun and follow the action with passion.

The express day modules can be disabled in the website settings and you can switch between the express options using the left and right arrows

Subsections of the LIVE page at 1xbet


Multi-LIVE makes following multiple live events more convenient, saves a lot of time and helps you to concentrate on the broadcast instead of flitting between the slots

This is a screen for adding several matches going on there right now, so that you can conveniently do after them without switching between windows and tabs.

1xZone's broadcasts and graphics should rather be displayed in small boxes in the corners of the screen, while a summary of key statistics looks better in the headers of the slots.

You can select all the available markets directly from the multi-layout screen, there is no need to return to the individual rosters.


Another mix of sports and virtual games in the form of marbles is good for entertaining live play without the strain of analyzing what's going on

1xBet separately promotes marbles by adding them to the context menu of the LIVE section. As an alternative to gambling entertainment, this will do just fine. Video broadcasts of these games are available as for regular sporting events. You can switch between Marbles disciplines in the familiar navigation bar with their list above the main area.

Bet on your own

Like the 1xBet pre-match line, the LIVE section has a page with events collected by participants from specific countries. It features matches with teams and athletes from the country from which the client's account is registered. However, the country can easily be changed in the section menu, thus obtaining a selection of events with participants under specific flags.

The list of countries in their own category even includes republics like Abkhazia, there is plenty to choose from for sorting by state affiliation - a useful filter for 1xBet's extensive line

1xBet cybersports live at 1xBet

The cyber sports sections of modern bookmakers look twee, and the logo of rival 1xBet on the toilets looks funny

Pre-match betting in eSports is even less popular than in the usual offline disciplines. That's why the eSports sections of many betting sites, including 1xbet, have long resembled their live pages. The location of the broadcast window in the most prominent place, convenient filters to find the events you want, tiles instead of rows and popular markets right in the bars of specific matches make cybersport betting easier for newcomers and youngsters.

1xBet's cybersports in-play draw also differs from the usual draw, with the choice of displaying the most important things in one screen and asking for the full range of markets with a single tap

Features of live betting

In real time, right in the middle of an event, the bookmaker no longer has as much of an advantage in resources over the player as he does in pre-match. The pre-match line-up is developed by analytical departments with lots of competent staff and lots of detailed, sometimes exclusive information. In live games, the coverage is usually handled by one or more BK staff members, which is much easier for any bettor to compete with than for an enthusiastic spectator/fan of the team in play. Therefore bookmakers are forced to inflate the live margin compared to the pre-match margin, which is especially noticeable at 1xBet due to the low level in pre-match. But the slightly less attractive odds are compensated for by the other benefits of playing the game on the go.

In most cases, during the in-play, the player and the betting staff member follow the same broadcast. Sometimes one of them may be on the spot, e.g. at the stadium, which makes the time delay zero and has a positive impact on the quality of the experience.

The bookmaker's awareness advantage during in-play is reduced to a minimum and sometimes the bettor can navigate the events better, faster than the in-play match host of the betting staff member. If the customer of the betting office is a long-time fan of a particular team, a keen fan and a visitor to games, various events, it is easier for such a bettor to beat the bookmaker. Employees of teams and clubs are not allowed to play at the betting shop under the rules, while ordinary fans are not subject to this ban.

A full screen of statistics and up-to-date data is a great help in navigating what is going on, as are the leading live-streaming staff at the office

SYLT's popular slogan - support your local team - is also becoming lucrative in live betting. Bookmakers, especially global giants like 1xBet, can't pay proper attention to small, local competitions, and they still have these matches in their in-play games. A fan of a team or an opponent often becomes more competent than the staff of the betting shop. There is almost no problem with an internet connection anywhere anymore, smartphone apps even allow you not to carry your laptop around, and the rest is in the hands of the player.

Frequently asked questions about in-play at 1xBet

Do I need a mirror to play 1xBet live?
To access the full site of this bookmaker from Russia and other countries where offshore-licensed bookmakers are illegal, you will need one of the ways to bypass blockades, which include mirrors. But the functionality of the site is available in 1xWIN app for Windows and in 1xBet mobile apps, which automatically bypass blockades, as well as the custom browser of this office. With them, you can easily dispense with mirrors.

How do I speed up in-play betting at 1xBet?
A quick coupon can be made up by auto-accepting a change in odds with suitable conditions, this is easily set up. Using a predetermined betting amount will also help. And apps can consume less traffic and work faster; they handle blockages automatically too. Their functionality corresponds to the full site.

Why are 1xBet's in-play odds lower than before the match?
Because bookmakers have to insure the increasing risk of losing in live betting. Instead of an analytical department with exclusive and detailed information in the pre-match, the client is rivaled by one or a couple of in-play staff, who mostly watch the same broadcast as the bettor. The increase in in-play margin is inevitable for all serious, respectable betting shops.

Is 1xBet's in-play betting better on the website or the app?
The functionality of 1xBet products is comparable and almost identical, the differences are more in convenience, layout of modules and navigation, availability of certain devices for the client at a given time. In live, it is convenient to follow the broadcast on the big screen and operate the app on your smartphone with one hand, or watch the broadcast on the monitor and see all the services of 1xBet on the full site page. It's a matter of comfort.

What do I need for in-play betting at the 1xBet bookmaker?
Register at the office, make a deposit and choose a suitable event from the ongoing events. In its spreadsheet, you need to find a betting option, enter the betting amount and confirm the betting slip. To receive your winnings, you need to fully verify your personal details, which requires a passport and possibly a video call with a member of staff at the bookmaker's office.

1xBet doesn't pay out winnings in live because of errors in the odds?
Yes. When the odds are clearly wrong, the bet will be calculated as a refund, it says so in the rules. Bookmakers insure against delays, technical problems and gross mistakes by their staff with this clause. Don't get too excited when you see an obviously wrong odds on a market. This is the cost of live betting with a lot of events going on at the same time.

Should I bet on the events highlighted in yellow on 1xBet's live line-up?
These can be referred to in order to save time in choosing a betting option. The markets highlighted in yellow are those to which developments are heading, for which average and roughly equal odds are given in both directions. If you want to bet with a moderate risk, the recommended handicaps and totals are well suited.

User comments

Serafim 17/01/2022 17:38
The 1xBet app for Windows is faster than the website. And there are no blocking problems.
Luka 13/02/2022 09:50
I place live bets for fun, to make following the match more interesting and to come up with new betting options.
Ivan 14/03/2022 17:46
I've had a few in-play winnings with 1xBet that have not been paid out because the odds are allegedly wrong. How do I know if the odds are wrong or if they are. This rule can be abused as much as you like.
Artemij 13/04/2022 12:54
I've been betting the day's live betting odds, they're more likely to lose.
Gordej 10/05/2022 03:43
The colour indication helps you quickly understand the spreads and pay attention to the changes in the odds. 1xBet is great at making this work.
Platon 06/06/2022 16:22
Love the simultaneous display of video broadcasts and graphics during in-play at 1xBet.
Sherman 06/07/2022 08:18
1xBet are cutting maxes in play to successful players, suspecting some rules are being broken. It's no fun to bet small change.
Matvej 03/08/2022 08:19
The 1VIN computer software helps you save traffic and charge on your laptop. Use it for Live. Information is downloaded automatically so you don't have to refresh the page.
German 04/12/2022 18:34
At 1xBet, multilive is enough for a couple of matches. To avoid scrolling down the page, they could make each match box smaller.
Stefan 04/05/2023 22:39
I'm drawing from the odds chart in play, it shows where things are going. It's similar to stock prices. Only it changes more sharply.
Matvej 07/07/2023 03:11
I find it hard to cope with the excitement during matches, it's hard to make informed decisions in live, just like in the normal line up.

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