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Bookmaker 1xBet has made some serious advances in terms of technology. This offshore office has updated its Android and iOS apps, bringing their functionality to a level comparable to that of the full website. 1xBet's mobile apps provide uninterrupted access to the services of the betting house, which is considered illegal and blocked in many places. And the optimization of 1xBet apps for the gadget platform allows them to run smoother, faster and more reliably than the website, even its mobile version. The same rational use of resources and network optimisation also save traffic and battery life. The latest data is downloaded in real time, so you can see changes in the ratios at a glance.

Downloading the 1xBet app on your phone

Smartphone app" section of the website

1xBet for apps has a smartphone icon button instead of a top menu item

The 1xBet betting site has a button with a smartphone symbol in the top left corner. It leads to the mobile apps section, where there are buttons to go to the iOS app shop and download the Android version (you can transfer the file from your computer to your phone any way you like), a list of key advantages of 1xBet apps, a line to enter your phone number and order the link to download the Android version by SMS, and screenshots showing the step-by-step installation of both versions of the app are also shown.

From the bottom menu, you can go directly to the appropriate version without having to scroll through the whole section

The "Smartphone app" section can also be accessed in another way by going there from the bottom navigation of the website by selecting the required operating system in the right-hand column "Apps".

Clear benefits of apps and download buttons

Apps section on 1xBet's mobile site

The mobile version of the website makes it easiest to start downloading and installing the app - the pop-up window is eye-catching

When you access the 1xBet website in the browser of your mobile device, a prompt to download the correct version of the app automatically pops up. If this bar does not appear, which could be due to the peculiarities of 1xBet's blocking method, you can manually find the "Smartphone app" section in the mobile version of the website as well.

When the mobile version is displayed horizontally, it's harder to scroll to the bottom of the page, but it's impossible to miss the app button

At the bottom of the gadget-friendly 1xBet page there is a large "Mobile Apps" button with the recognisable smartphone icon. It leads to the desired section.

Downloading and installing the 1xBet app


Switching to the Apple app shop

The iPhone version can be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store. To do so, search for it using the bookmaker's name, or go to the Apple App Store using the link from the 1xBet website.

Sometimes the app cannot be found or a version for the legal in Russia bookmaker 1xStavka is offered instead. If you wish to play at 1xBet, it is recommended that you change your country to Ukraine in your profile settings. Local barriers are removed in this way.

1xBet shows how to change country to Ukraine in account in case of app shop problems

Installing the application

Installing the 1xBet iPhone app is no problem - it's the same as installing other apps from the Apple app shop.

Auto update

It is useful to make sure that the automatic update is active, as the company is constantly improving its application and fixing bugs that it finds. If the app is not updated, it may not work properly or stop opening and new features may not be available.

1xBet for Android

Downloading an application

The Android version will have to be downloaded from the 1xBet bookmaker's website. Due to the total ban on all gambling for money in the Google Play Market, there are no bookmakers' apps available - neither legal nor offshore. And downloading the 1xBet app from third party sources is not recommended due to the possibility of encountering a fake app disguised as the 1xBet app, which could steal valuable customer data. And the chance of downloading an old version of the app is high.

The text link can easily be opened on your phone by requesting it from your computer if you don't want to bother with a mobile browser lock

To download the 1xBet app for Android, click on the blue Android button on the mobile apps page or receive a link by text message to the entered phone number.

In the step-by-step installation instructions, the most important step is permission to install from third-party sources

An important prerequisite for downloading and installing the Android version of an app is that you should not install apps from unknown sources. This is a standard Google security barrier, warning of the risks of installing apps from dubious sources. But the official 1xBet website is the most trusted source for the app.


Even if you download the file to your computer, it can easily be transferred to your phone or installed via a device connection

The installation of the 1xBet app for Android is done manually. After downloading the 1xbet.apk file, you need to click on the installation button and follow the simple standard instructions.

Auto update

Actively enabling automatic updates of the application will save the client from downloading new versions of the distribution and manually updating it. With new versions, in addition to improvements, updates and bug fixes, fresh data is added to automatically bypass blocking.

1xBet's mobile app functionality

The latest updates have not only improved the design of 1xBet's mobile apps, they've added missing features and made the apps comparable in features to the full version of the site. Of course, it's difficult to achieve a perfect match between the website and the app for such a service-rich betting company, as mobile apps need to be easy and straightforward to use, and many innovations appear on the full website first.

Except for minor things like registration methods, use of some bonuses, data display the app features are identical to the full 1xBet page. Apps for Android and iOS can fully replace the 1xBet betting site. They can do everything from registering, identifying, depositing, pre-match betting and live betting, gambling to withdrawing money from your account, viewing broadcasts, statistics and results.

Competitive advantages of 1xBet apps

The attractive features of the apps are derived from the overall functionality of this bookmaker. In addition to easy one-finger operation and efficient optimisation for Android and iPhone gadgets, energy and traffic savings, fast performance even on not the newest and highest-performing smartphones, the 1xBet apps have a number of interesting features.


Like on the 1xBet betting website, the app allows you to compile virtual matches from a selection of competitors for each side. From the addition of each new team or athlete, the roster and market quotes of the new virtual event change. This is conveniently done in the app with a minimum of movement.


The Curacao-licensed offshore office has a variety of gambling, casino and betting games. Their selection starts with the popular fifa and ends with 1xBet's signature exclusives. TV games, virtual financial betting, scratch cards, lotteries, virtual sports, bingo and 1xGames specialities round out the selection.

Betting exchange

For popular and in-demand events, 1xBet customers can bet with each other, with the bookmaker's office acting as intermediary and referee. The odds for these p2p bets are usually higher than the line quotes, but for this to happen such markets must be in high demand, which is not always the case. For the time being, this tool is in test mode. It belongs to the finance section, even though it includes conventional sports betting.

1XPay payment app

A separate app for financial transactions is great for online gambling customers whose payment details are best not transmitted via VPN or proxy

1xBet has a dedicated top-up app, in case someone prefers to use the website instead of mobile betting in the app, but still wants to facilitate and protect money transfers.

The 1XPay app is available from the App Store. It is very small and simple.

Frequently asked questions about 1xBet mobile apps

Do I need a mirror to download the 1xBet mobile app?
The iOS version of the 1xBet app is available on the App Store, you can find it by searching for it, and if difficulties arise, changing the country to Ukraine will help in the profile. The Android app will have to be downloaded from the 1xBet website, which is blocked many places. Using a mirror to download the app is an easy and safe option, just like any other way to bypass blocking, as the client does not exchange valuable data via a traffic intermediary, but only downloads the installation file.

1xBet apps need a mirror to work on smartphones, are they blocked?
Blocking apps is much harder than the website. Getting around blocking apps is much easier for a betting shop than doing it with the website. 1xBet takes care of uninterrupted access to its service via apps, which automatically pick up mirrors, use other ways to bypass blocking, including at server level. It's all seamless to the client, but very comfortable.

Is it better to register and verify and deposit in 1xBet apps rather than on the website?
For reasons of security, convenience and possible exclusive in-app bonuses, yes. To do it all on 1xBet, many countries require blocking circumvention methods. Not all of them are reliable and secure, it is strictly not recommended to send financial and personal data through traffic intermediaries. And apps bypass blockages automatically, using the resources of 1xBet bookmaker, i.e. the recipient of personal and financial data. There are also special bonuses for mobile betting and in-app registration sometimes. The 1XPay app can be an alternative to the app for depositing your account.

Are the usual logins and passwords suitable for logging in to the 1xBet mobile app?
Yes, of course. The apps have extra security options, like fingerprint authorisation. And account logins and passwords are the same across all betting shop products. It's easy to recover your password by requesting a reset to your confirmed means of contact - phone or email.

Why does the 1xBet for Android app stop starting or work poorly?
It most likely needs to be updated. If the automatic update is not enabled, the installed version will sooner or later become outdated and will not work properly with the updated 1xBet bookmaker servers. In this case you will need to update the app manually or automatically, if you can enable auto-updating.

Can I install the 1xBet Android app from a site other than the official site?
It is possible, but there are different risks involved. Reputable bookmaker sites with a good reputation and large media outlets may have up-to-date versions of the app to download. But it is also possible to come across an outdated one which has not been replaced by a new one. And there is a great risk of downloading a fake, malware or virus from dubious sources. That's why it's better to download the Android app from the 1xBet website and the iPhone app from the app shop.

Is the 1xBet app better than the mobile version?
Yes. They are better optimised for mobile gadget platforms, more secure, more efficient in saving traffic and energy. The design of the mobile app is better suited to easy one-finger control and vertical positioning than the gadget-adapted version of the website. There are sometimes exclusive promotions for the apps and bonuses for activity on them.

User comments

Wallace 11/02/2022 04:50
In upstore they slipped 1xBet instead of 1xBet, couldn't install, and in 1xBet with 1xBet's account you can't log in!!
Stefanija 13/03/2022 13:46
It is strictly forbidden to make multi-accounts. It gets you banned quickly and outright. Read the rules, don't be cheeky as if the bookmaker's office is full of fools. They are the smartest ones and they cry that they have been blocked, their maximums have been clamped down on, they have been tested. They do not pay winnings to offenders - there is no point in taking risks. I have it all sterile and I have withdrawn 200k. The app is quick.
Randall 14/04/2022 08:57
I've been betting recently, haven't had any problems, no cheating. I take screenshots of my important actions, just in case, as advised.
Marija 13/05/2022 18:11
The verification went through with a lot of paperwork. But there were no further difficulties. I managed to withdraw the money. The app is more convenient than the website and quicker.
Ksenija 13/06/2022 23:18
The mobile version on your phone works fine. What is the point of downloading and installing the 1xBet app? This bookmaker has always been good at adapting to mobile phones.
Miroslav 17/07/2022 14:22
I downloaded the 1xBet app from their website. I like the push notifications feature. For me this office is reliable, I've been betting with them for about 5 months and we'll see how things go from here.
Dobrynja 19/08/2022 20:17
The line and spreads are good, 1xBet surprises with bonus offers and promotions.
Gonzalez 15/09/2022 15:21
I was able to download and install the 1xBet app on my phone, thanks for the instruction!
Platon 12/10/2022 04:46
The automatic update doesn't work and updates come out often. It doesn't work to play at this office.
Bogdan 12/11/2022 15:54
In simple terms, they blocked the multi-account. I sent all my documents and photos to the support, and as a result the bookmaker's office paid out the money and cut the limits to 0. I got off easy and don't want to play there again.
Miroslav 15/12/2022 08:02
I've been playing at 1xBet for a few years now, I don't know why it gets scolded. The comments come from competitors and rule breakers. The maxims are slashed all over the place. Long identity checks in all offshore bookmakers. But the promotions, the line, the odds are great. As for the negatives, it's easy to get blocked, just like at other bookmakers.
Miron 14/01/2023 04:18
Missing money from the account, allegedly betting badly or losing in a casino, maybe hacking. The support team is useless, impertinent, silent or stupidly excused. They are right to ban this scam.
Oleg 11/02/2023 08:49
Entered a promo code in the app for an improved bonus of 300%. There were no problems.
Petr 15/03/2023 08:04
1xBet scammers don't pay out winnings, they underestimate limits, they crush successful players with checks and red tape! They are shamelessly answering the helpdesk, not helping, procrastinating. Inexperienced players don't mess with them, you'll get your money back at best!
Sergej 16/04/2023 17:21
The 1xBet app is faster and more convenient than the website. Easy to deposit and withdraw to wallets. The odds are great, the spreads are big and there are a lot of statistical markets in play.
Andrej 13/05/2023 13:26
1xBet is enticing with bonuses and coffeepoints, small tournaments in the line. Few places have a line this big, you can take your chances with them. I haven't had any complaints.
Zeroll 13/06/2023 12:14
Don't fall for the scammer ads, people. They stole my money! They're referring to their rules, I didn't break anything.
Kara 10/07/2023 21:54
It's difficult to download the 1xBet app in Russia because it's blocked, but it's OK from here on. High odds are worth it, bonuses are generous, lots of games. And you have to follow the rules, they're making sure of that.

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