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Bookmaker 1xbet is one of the few bookmakers to offer a promotion on Formula 1 races. At 1xBet, this bonus is succinctly titled 'Formula 1 race betting'. It consists of offering a freespin in the Formula 1 virtual game for every 500 roubles you lose in Formula 1 race betting. The promotion is regular, applies to all Grand Prix and lasts throughout the racing season.

A registered player with complete personal details who places at least one bet on Formula 1 with odds of 1.4 and more than 500 roubles will be eligible for the bonus.

This is what the virtual Formula 1 bonus game machine looks like

How do I get a race bonus at 1xBet?

The Formula 1 betting bonus is only available to registered clients of the betting bank, who have filled in their personal details and funded their betting account. Only bets with the player's real money take part in the promotion; freebies and bonus points do not count.

You can register with 1xbet by clicking on the light green registration button, which will open a simple questionnaire to obtain an account and access your personal account. There are four ways to fill it out, the differences between them are not that significant.

Verification at 1xBet is straightforward - just fill in your personal details in your personal cabinet, which will be checked by our staff.

There are many ways to deposit money into your 1xbet account, and it's a good idea to choose the one you want to use to withdraw money from the betting provider. It's important to keep in mind that direct deposits via bank cards may not work due to regulatory restrictions, so there are intermediary services like MoneyGo.

How do I find the race bonus at 1xBet?

The promotions section opens from the top navigation using the PROMO button

1xBet has promotions, bonuses and all other offers in the PROMO section. You can open it via the menu item of the same name. On the promo page, it is worth selecting the promotions section, where it is easy to find an offer with freespins for losing Formula 1 bets.

The race bonus plate itself can be found in the PROMO section's Promotions category

By clicking on it or specifically on the "Learn more" button, the customer will be taken to the promotion page. There you can go to the Formula 1 line via the "Place a bet" button or read the detailed terms and conditions of the promotion.

1xBet F1 bonus promotion terms and conditions

These terms and conditions largely duplicate the general 1xbet betting rules, which we strongly recommend that you study in detail when registering.

1xBet's Race Bonus page succinctly describes its terms and conditions and offers direct access to the formula line via the two yellow buttons

Promotional bets are lost bets of 500 roubles or more with odds of 1.4 or higher, in which there is at least one Formula 1 event. That is, the promotion includes F1 single bets with odds from 1.4 and composite bets with one or more royal-race selections.

Short excerpts of the rules can be limited, there is much repetition in the full version of the terms and conditions with the general rules of the game in this BC

Bonus, advance bets made on promo code points, calculated rebates, are not counted in the promotion.

There is no limit to the number of freespin bonuses available.

1xBet may suspend a customer's participation in the Bonus Programme on suspicion of breaching the rules and for other reasons described in the terms and conditions of play.

1xBet's Formula 1 line with eligible promotional spreads

What is a Freespin in a Formula 1 Virtual Game?

The 1xGames section at the bottom of the page with the Formula one virtual game is also present, as is the top navigation

The offshore bookmaker 1xBet has a casino and various gambling games, including the branded 1xGames. One of them is dedicated to Formula 1. It works on the standard principle of spins, i.e. spins. A freespin, which is given for losing bets on Formula 1, is a free spin on a virtual game, an attempt to play it and win something.

A Formula 1 game can easily be found on the 1xGames list by the picture of the helmeted pilot

Find Formula one games under 1xGames. If you're too lazy to scroll through the entire list of 1xBet branded games, you can use the search term "formula".

Frequently asked questions about 1xBet Race Bonus

Is the 1xBet Formula One bonus only given for losing bets on these races?
Yes. This is a kind of consolation prize and an invitation to play a 1xGames themed game. The lost bet must be for 500 roubles or more and have a coefficient of 1.4 or higher.

For the 1xBet racing bonus, would any event from the Formula 1 line be suitable?
Under the general rules of the promotion, yes, but for safety's sake you can choose from the line and spreads that are opened by the 'Place a bet' button from the promotion page.

Does the 1xBet racing bonus only apply to Formula 1?
Yes. While other racing series are not participating in this promotion. 1xBet sometimes has promotions for other popular races like Nascar or 24 Hours of Le Mans, but these are different bonuses.

Can I get the 1xBet race bonus in the phone app?
Yes. The offer is available in any 1xBet product. The main thing is to follow the simple terms and conditions with the amount and odds of the bet.

How do I win the 1xBet Race Bonus?
This is a freespin in a themed virtual game. It is wagered by scrolling, free participation in the Formula one virtual game.

User comments

Wilber 15/12/2021 01:48
1xBet is trying to draw bettors into gambling with this bonus. Play responsibly!
Aleksandr 10/01/2022 09:03
Not a bad consolation prize for losing Formula bets. Easy to get and win back, not like most 1xBet bonuses.
Mark 05/02/2022 15:54
Instead of playing this one as a regular game, you can bet on the grand prix and, if you're unlucky, spin the reel as a freespin.
Igor 09/03/2022 20:43
As always in the terms and conditions of the promotion there is a heap of nonsense about the bookmaker's rights to refuse for no particular reason.
Patterson 12/04/2022 06:27
An ordinary virtual game, essentially an automaton, should be treated without fanaticism.
Kirill 09/05/2022 16:50
1xBet is full of these games, which differ mainly in design and name.
Jaroslav 11/06/2022 19:48
Betting on F-1 at this bookmaker's is attractive - the keffs are high and the spreads are big. And whatever about the freespins, it's easy to spin quickly and forget.
Kirill 11/07/2022 00:50
Extend this promotion to other races - it's not hard to make similar games of chance!
Garreter 07/08/2022 17:49
This promotion is for stirring up excitement in regular caps. Beneficial to 1xBet itself. Control yourself.

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