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1xBet video broadcasts

Bookmaker 1xBet offers customers free video streaming of many matches. They are available to all authorised players, regardless of account balance. Broadcasts are triggered by clicking on the screen button in the live replays. The video boxes can be moved around the page, placing several video broadcasts on the same screen at the same time.

Video streaming at 1xbet betting company

The matches are shown during the games, so it is easiest to find the available video broadcasts in the LIVE section or in the live showcases on the first screen.

Filter to show video broadcast matches only

In the top left corner of the line-up and the slate showcases, a monitor button is responsible for sifting out matches with no video feeds

The button with the monitor symbol and the word "live" activates the display of live events only, which are available at 1xBet. In these matches you can click on the same button as in the filter, only it will start the display of the selected game itself.

Managing the 1xBet video streaming window

For most cases, the location of the video boxes on the right-hand side is fine, and they can easily be moved to the right-hand side of the screen if desired

By default, the first selected video broadcast is shown in a small box in the right-hand column. If you start another broadcast, it opens below the first one.

By default, the display is shown with the sound switched off. You can switch it on with the volume knob in the bottom left corner of the window, first removing the cross from the loudspeaker symbol.

Sometimes you can tell from one sound what's going on in the game, which can be useful when your eyes are busy choosing your betting options

The original positioning of the broadcast windows has been designed to fit the rosters' screens. The video is positioned just to the right of the main working area, without obstructing the view of the market categories and the header with other important information.

In the spreadsheets, you should first decide on the category of markets, aim for interesting betting options and then stretch the broadcast window over an area with unnecessary marquees

Moving 1xBet's video broadcast windows

You could stretch the video window into the centre, it's worth experimenting with usability to see how comfortable it would be

The button with a cross in the video window activates the ability to move the window around the screen. By clicking on the cross, it becomes possible to drag the window into the video as with normal operating system windows.

For the live-betting screens, the video layout in the bottom right-hand corner is suitable. There you can increase the diagonal size of the broadcast window without covering most of the useful area of the spread.

The bottom right-hand corner is the free space during in-play betting; it appears below the coupon and active betting, to the right of the betting variants list

Increasing and decreasing video streaming windows in 1xbet

Stretching the video streaming window on 1xBet has its limits - they won't let you zoom in to full screen or close to it yet, there has to be space for other information

As with other familiar windows, video windows in KB 1xBet can be stretched by increasing their diagonal size. By hovering the cursor over the edge of the window, the pointer is converted into arrows, which, when clicked and pulled apart, show how big the broadcast window can be made.

Showing multiple video broadcasts at the same time at 1xBet

On the 1xbet website, it is possible to activate several video broadcasts at the same time. By default, only two can be started in the right-hand column. But dragging the video boxes to another location makes it possible to fit more broadcasts on one screen.

Picture-in-picture mode

A large picture-in-picture window and small auxiliary can be a convenient option for watching several broadcasts at the same time

For stretched 1xBet video broadcast windows, the picture-in-picture mode is becoming relevant and can be activated by the button in the top centre of the window. This is particularly useful when it is sufficient to follow one angle of a match, e.g. the scoreboard of a tennis match, and watch the video itself from another broadcast.

Video broadcasts on the Multi-live screen at 1xBet

The bookmaker's multilive has worked on the layout of the modules, which cannot be changed, but why do that when keeping track of a couple of games with two rosters is just as convenient

A special screen designed for simultaneous running of several live matches allows several small video windows to open on the right-hand side. Most of the working area is taken up by the multi-player modules of the two games themselves.

Matching video broadcasts with 1xZone at 1xBet

1xBet's alternative to live video streaming, the actual showing of matches, is called 1xZone, which is a graphically rendered representation of the events taking place. Three-dimensional models are positioned just like the real players, while infographics show what's happening right now in that match.

Sometimes such a graphical representation is even more convenient than video broadcasts when you need to understand as quickly as possible what is going on, for example when tracking many windows at the same time. Often, there is no real video, but rather a substitute three-dimensional graphic.

There is no need to stretch the diagonal of the graphics window, this is shown here for clarity, but in general just to be able to see the lettering and the essence of what is going on

It is possible to combine video and graphics screens together. Screens with 1xZone can be stretched out in a non-proportional way like video - in this case the "extra" parts of the window are sometimes filled with information, or a certain part of the window may be sufficient to receive the required data.

Whereas in tennis the vertically stretched graphics window covers the useless stands, in other disciplines disproportionate 1xZone windows, including horizontally enlarged ones, can come in handy

Live match announcements at 1xBet

Useful in-play betting schedule for the coming days, the only thing missing is a guaranteed announcement of the video feeds for the scheduled in-play matches

The classic 1xBet website has a sub-section of upcoming match announcements in the LIVE section drop-down menu. There you can guess which matches in 1xbet's broadcast tournaments are scheduled for live play today, tomorrow and the following days. The competitions are divided by filter into conditional categories according to tournament level and sport.

Video broadcasts on the new 1xBet website

The new version of the 1xbet bookmaker's page makes it easier to move and stretch the video streaming windows. The optimised space of the revamped site makes it possible to place more small screens with video of the matches going on right now in other areas.

Show live events only - this filter will be the first step to selecting a live match with the option to watch video from there

The filter button for displaying video replays is also designed with a monitor symbol, but without the live inscription, as on the old website.

The same button is used to start the broadcasts, but it is located in the screens of specific game slots or in the screens of full match slots.

If the player's markets are on the right side of the sheet, the left half of the header and the right column with the markets can be left free, while the rest is covered with video windows

Combine real video and 1xZone graphics on the new bookmaker's website too.

1xBet cyber sports video broadcasts

In the CYBERSPORT section, the streaming window is in the most prominent place with no variations to change this. There, the "enable broadcast" button can be used to start a Twitch stream or a third-party showing of a tournament.

1xBet's cybersports screen is similar to popular video hosting sites, it's familiar and convenient to follow a stream, which is not always the case when navigating through the spread

In Classic Line, by selecting cyber sports disciplines via the left-hand navigation column or in the LINE and LIVE sections, streams are started by pressing the same monitor button as in offline sports. The video boxes can also be dragged and dropped. You can also watch several streams at the same time.

Switching from video to match coverage

In 1xBet, you can quickly access the betting options for the match that the player is watching in the video window by clicking on the "go to match" button at the top of the video window. In this way, you can quickly switch between the matches without having to keep them open in other tabs, for example.

Frequently asked questions about video streaming at 1xBet

Is video streaming at 1xBet better to watch on the website or in the app?
The 1xBet app for computers retains the convenience of the full website in terms of video streaming. On a large monitor or TV screen, you can comfortably watch several video streaming windows and use the picture-in-picture option, switching to the spread or the coupon in a second. In mobile apps on a smartphone, the limitations of the interface and the small screen diagonal are imposed. One window on gadgets is not bad to look at.

Can I watch a video broadcast at 1xBet without any money in my account?
Yes. All you need to do is log in to the 1xBet service under your account. Unlogged visitors can only access some broadcasts, usually gambling and amateur leagues.

Which games can I watch on video at 1xBet?
It depends on the specific time. For the most part, the broadcasts cover small tournaments up to medium level. A lot of 1xBet broadcasts are for amateur leagues. However, sometimes you can watch games for free at the betting shop, which you would have to pay to see elsewhere as part of your subscriptions and packages. It should be understood that the broadcasting rights cost a lot of money, it is not cheap or even free for the betting office.

What is 1xZone at 1xBet?
This is a graphically rendered alternative to the video broadcasts. The three-dimensional or two-dimensional graphics show the events taking place in the match, this is accompanied by titles with information and various useful data. It is displayed in the same windows as a real video but they can be stretched out disproportionately if desired and for the sake of optimizing the screen space. For many matches only a graphical rendering is available and there is no real video.

What do I need to watch a video broadcast at 1xBet?
Log in to the 1xBet website or app and click on the in-play button for the selected match. You will first need to register using any of the four methods offered, including the 1-click option. In just a second, you will be able to watch the video broadcasts.

Is video streaming better than 1xZone at 1xBet?
Video broadcasts show a real picture of the match, just like TV broadcasts. 1xZone is a graphical substitute, like in a video game. In general, a real video broadcast is better, but sometimes it is more convenient to follow the concise graphics, which can provide as much information about what is happening as a video, while requiring less attention than a real video broadcast. This comes in handy when live-betting for several games at the same time.

Where can I find video broadcasts at 1xBet?
In the LIVE, CIBERSPORT and top views of live matches on the home screen. You can filter out the rendition of video matches only with the button in the top menu above the line. The video is started with the button with the monitor/television symbol. To watch most of the broadcasts you need to log in, log in to 1xBet.

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Dwayne 12/03/2022 05:39
Watching the 1xBet Bundesliga 5x5 and all sorts of amateur surrogates at 1xBet is a pleasure.
Marat 16/04/2022 20:04
On dual and frustrated monitors, it's great to play live with broadcasts on each screen.
Kamil 11/05/2022 03:37
I watch tennis at 1xBet where there are plenty of tournaments suitable for betting.
Semen 09/06/2022 21:42
Unlogged 1xBet only shows cyber from Twitch and gambling.
Dmitrij 07/07/2022 18:50
There are so many scam videos out there, it's rare to find anything worthwhile.
Demid 06/08/2022 13:02
You can leave the desired part of the coverage for live, and fill in the rest with broadcast windows.
Konstantin 09/09/2022 03:25
Also 1xBet marbles give everyone free to watch the balls roll.
Zahar 12/10/2022 09:31
I was very comfortable tracking the tennis express with three video broadcast windows.
Evgenij 12/11/2022 12:20
I've been lucky at times to see chelangers on 1xBet, which don't get on TV at all.
Maksim 07/12/2022 13:07
Thank you for the no commentary on the video broadcasts.

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