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1xBet mobile version

The mobile version of the 1xBet website is adapted to the performance, screens and controls of smartphones. The gadget-friendly page of 1xBet can be further lightened in the settings, which is controlled by the main menu item of the same name. The option to disable gambling modules also reduces traffic and battery consumption, which the mobile version already saves a lot compared to the full site.

There's a reason why the mobile 1xBet website suggests installing the app on the first screen, it's much better for most occasions, and the mobile page is essentially its web version

However, the 1xBet apps for Android and iOS are better optimised than the mobile browser page. Although all 1xBet products for gadgets are comparable to the full site in terms of functionality, it is the appkas that work most efficiently, and which bypass blocking automatically. The mobile version of the website is a good compromise option in case it is impossible to install the app and for occasional mobile betting. It is also suitable for old, weak laptops, especially when travelling or when the network connection is poor.

1xBet mobile website

The gadget-adapted version of the 1xBet page opens automatically when accessing the betting site in a mobile browser. To access it, you need one of the same blocking circumvention methods as to open the full site of an offshore betting and gambling regulator in countries that regulate the betting and gambling industry. Not every mobile browser supports VPN plug-ins, so mirrors to open the gadget-adapted 1xBet page are becoming more relevant.

Opening the mobile version of 1xBet manually

The mobile page of 1xBet can be forced to start from the bottom navigation item in the second column on the right under the name "Mobile version". This can be useful for laptops with low performance, weak battery, without a Windows operating system version 7 or higher. Opened on such devices and tablets without the option to install an app, the mobile version of 1xBet's website will work better than the 1XWIN app for Windows modern versions, which is similar to the full site.

The option to call up the mobile page is only available on the old 1xBet website, but it has been removed from the navigation of the updated page.

Design and description of 1xBet's mobile page

The updated mobile version of 1xBet's website has become similar to the new gadget apps of this betting company. It has solved problems with colour matching, lack of contrast in working areas and the surrounding interface. Tiles under hot selections in individual matches blend seamlessly with long lines for each event when the screen is horizontal.

The vertical positioning of the gadget with the 1xBet mobile version is better suited to lists and distracted live streaming while watching the broadcast on another screen, while in other cases the horizontal orientation looks practical.

1xBet's main offers slider may seem redundant for a permanent presence in the mobile version, as do the gambling tiles at the bottom of the home screen. The options in the main menu "Lightened version of the site" and "Sports only" will help solve this problem. If you need the 1XGames tiles and casino functionality, you can revert back to the tumbler position or find them in the "Casino" section of the main menu.

The first three points of the main navigation are the sections Line, LIVE and Cyber, familiar from other 1xBet products. Beneath them you'll find a selection of recommended matches and a quick selection of the main outcomes to bet on. At the bottom of the screen, where the betting slip will unfold by default, 1xBet strongly recommends installing a suitable mobile app version. They are better protected, save battery power more efficiently and consume less traffic.

Registering on the 1xBet mobile website

Registration in the mobile version of 1xBet can be completed as quickly and easily as in other services of this betting company. After completing the initial form, the office will offer you to fill in your personal details on the relevant page of your personal account, make your first deposit into your gaming account and receive a welcome bonus.

It is advisable to register via a mirror rather than an IP-changing anonymiser. This will avoid security questions, suspicions and difficulties with verification.

It will be more convenient to recharge on the mobile version of the website if you have wallet apps and intermediaries on your phone

1xBet's mobile site settings

Right-hand menu column

It is also much easier to access results and other secondary sections from this right-hand column

The right-hand settings column of the menu is expanded by a button with three horizontal bars in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It starts with the standard navigation items, and at the bottom there is a settings item. There you can further lighten up the 1xBet mobile page and remove unsportsmanlike functionality, as mentioned above. You can also adjust the language, time zone and odds display format, of which 1xBet has a comparatively large number, to suit all tastes.

A lightweight version of the mobile page without slider and picture tiles looks like an ascetic, minimalist option for constant app replacement on older smartphones

Standing out from the other settings are the items dedicated to the coupon. Its display at the bottom implies a small button with the number of choices added in brackets, which is identical to the pop-up tab from the updated version of the full 1xBet website. This can be switched off, then the coupon will be revealed every time a new market is added.

Quick Coupon is better adapted to the mobile version with its large buttons and simplifications, the regular coupon still has many rare features and everything is shallow

A "Quick Coupon" option is also set up for the coupon, which uses fixed bid amounts when activated.

Left menu column

Once the betting amounts have been set up, this useful option saves a lot of time when placing coupons, which is especially valuable in busy in-play action

The standard bet and other preset betting amounts can also be set up in the general account settings, which can be accessed from the left-hand side of the screen by clicking on the button with the little man symbol, which is responsible for the personal account. The drop-down submenu largely duplicates the profile sections, which are easier to access from there than from the account page.

The left-hand column replaces the navigation of the personal account and other secondary areas, such as gambling and casino, which did not fit on the main screen, while the settings are made under the ACCOUNT SETTINGS tab

The mobile version is particularly useful for setting up the line-up of sports. The full version of the website also has them, but scrolling through the wide variety of disciplines is not as difficult as on smartphones. By eliminating unnecessary and uninteresting sports, you can bring them back if you need to.

Eliminating unnecessary sports can make pages many times lighter, load them faster and save a huge amount of traffic if you access the line and live section regularly

Coupon in the mobile version of 1xBet

The full coupon, without the "quick" add-on, is similar to the ticket form from the full version of the website. It is also divided into a betting screen and a bookmark of active bets that have already been placed. The betting amount can also be changed in intervals, which is a good alternative to predefined denominations from the quick functionality.

A full coupon is fine for pre-match, as well as for keeping track of current active betting in the adjacent tab, and if you need to use the rare features, you can't do without it.

The Automaximum option automatically adjusts the betting amount to the limit available to the customer.

The available advance betting line shows the amount of advance bets that the bookmaker's office provides to each individual player as part of the advance betting promotion.

Below you can set up an automatic reaction to changes in quotes, enter a promo code and confirm your bet.

The save-and-load coupon line is responsible for the ability to send your coupon to another player for a quick download and to make the same bet.


The contrast of the lists is worth working on, as they have fixed it in tiles and placards before, but in general for scrolling through the disciplines it's fine as it is

Clicking on "Line" from the top menu will open the list of sports for which tournaments and individual games are available for pre-match betting. Above the list of disciplines, long-term bets are offered, which offer markets on the outcome of tournaments, and also the item all sports, which will open the most extended page in the full breadth of the 1xBet line.

Many filters are hidden in a special button with a recognisable icon and down arrow - there you can disable the time interval bar and unnecessary market categories

Above the list is a sort line by time and upcoming days, allowing you to show only events that start after a certain time.

The horizontal arrangement of the line makes it similar to the classic from which the name is derived - the top markets of each game go in one line

1xBet's mobile version

When selecting specific tournaments in sports disciplines from the initial list, brief descriptions of the individual matches included in that competition open. These offer the most popular betting options, and the full market overview can be opened by clicking on the match title.

The spreadsheet screen required less adaptation for gadgets than others, everything remained in its familiar form, for betting away from a PC or laptop it suits even fans of the full site

There are many similarities in the pre-match coverage to the full version of the website. The same notification, statistics, market display settings and betting constructors are located above the match header. Underneath it, you can sort the markets by category and use the search bar to quickly find the desired betting option.

1xBet mobile in-play playlist

For mobile betting in parallel to watching the broadcast on TV, the 1xBet gadget version of the spreadsheet is also well suited, similar to the full page version

The live betting differs from the pre-match betting by the possible availability of 1xZone video broadcasts and a graphic representation of the events taking place. The header of the live game features important data like scores, warnings, weather conditions, etc., depending on the sport and the course of the competition.

The graphical display of the game does not particularly require full-screen viewing, but the shape of the window makes it comfortable to do so

The 1xZone screen is easy to expand to full width when the gadget is horizontal. This also applies to widescreen video broadcasts, of which there are an overwhelming majority.

Cyber section

This top menu item opens a section that brings together all cyber sports and games of chance with a cyber sports theme. The section's name has been shortened not only to save space on the mobile screen, but also for that reason. Pre-match and in-play events are adjacent, and the traditional offline discipline can be selected from the list of sports without going to the regular line up or in-play.

Frequently asked questions about 1xBet's mobile site

Is the mobile version of 1xBet better than the gadget app?
For the most part, no, rather the opposite. A mobile-adapted page is good for gadgets on which an app cannot be installed for one reason or another. A mobile site is good for weak computers and laptops, tablets with older operating systems. The mobile version is good when the client mainly uses the full 1XWIN website/application and rarely opens 1xBet on his smartphone.

Is the mobile version of the site less secure than the 1xBet smartphone app?
Yes. You need one of the blocking methods to access it, it doesn't support fingerprint authorisation and generally a regular tab in a mobile browser is less secure than a dedicated bookmaker app, which is as secure as many banks apps.

Do I need a mirror to access the mobile version of 1xBet?
Yes, although another way around blocking is fine, as long as it is available on the client's smartphone. This problem is solved by mobile apps that can automatically bypass blocking.

How can I speed up the mobile version of 1xBet?
Select the light version in the settings menu, activate the option "Sports only", exclude unnecessary sports disciplines from the line and in-play pages, and use the line and spread filters and their display settings, which are available via the button in the top right corner of the spread windows. Closing unnecessary tabs in the mobile browser and minimising unnecessary running applications can also help. Sometimes reloading your smartphone will speed up the browser and the page in it.

Why do we need a mobile version of 1xBet when smartphone apps are so much better?
1xBet apps for Android and iOS have system requirements that not all gadgets, especially older ones, are suitable for. Smartphone performance and memory requirements are constantly increasing due to the evolution of apps. For these reasons, or simply because you don't want to install an app, it is the mobile version of the site that can be an intermediate solution for occasional mobile betting, checking coupons on your smartphone, watching broadcasts or 1xZone on it for customers who prefer the full 1xBet service.

Where is it better to register and verify with 1xBet - full site, mobile or app?
There are no separate sign-up bonuses for the mobile version or apps at 1xBet at the moment. An important issue, however, is the IP address of the player undergoing registration and identity verification. Apps automatically bypass blocking without arousing the suspicions of the bookmaker's security like spoofing ip-address and geolocation traffic mediators, anonymisers. It is therefore better to do important activities in apps, as well as generally to engage in betting.

1xBet's mobile site is slow even on the light version, what can I do?
Use an app for your gadget's operating system. It is better optimised for your smartphone's platform and uses resources and battery power more efficiently. You should also deactivate all unnecessary settings, cancel the loading of unnecessary sports disciplines on the line, and hide the slider and gambling tiles.

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Lewis 15/01/2022 18:38
The mobile version of 1xBet is at the end of its usefulness. You can turn off all sorts of rubbish.
Arsenij 11/02/2022 11:53
I see a bunch of requests for 1xBet mobile mirror. Just open any working mirror on your smartphone and there's a mobile version.
Kirill 10/03/2022 07:46
I don't bet on the mobile site, I just watch the results and keep an eye on the odds. The mobile version is great for that!
Safija 09/04/2022 13:55
I don't like the congestion of 1xBet's mobile site, it's true it's become possible to clean it all up.
Knight-glorestewa 12/05/2022 14:28
They've got rid of the glaringly indistinguishable colours, and the mobile site is now comfortable on all screens.
Aleksej 14/06/2022 15:42
If your phone has normal VPN, you can use the mobile site. Otherwise there is a lot of hassle with mirrors.
Mendoza 12/07/2022 23:24
Can I install the 1xBet droid app on my Honor and Huawei smartphones? Is the mobile version the only option?
Savelij 06/08/2022 13:30
I'm sick of scrolling through 1xBet's promotions in the mobile version, there are so many of them, tons of pictures, why not make it more convenient to sort them and show them...
Emil 05/11/2022 21:46
The video broadcast in the mobile version is small. The unfold button was missing, it's more convenient than the stretch and double tap.
Johnson 24/01/2023 19:08
The cyber sports section of 1xBet's mobile site is littered with all sorts of gambling rubbish.

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